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Sialkot, , Pakistan

Engineering Products - Manufacturer,
Partnership Firm Since 1993

Introduction: With a warm welcome to the respectable companies and individuals, we describe a short briefing on the profile about our company ?Quality Dent Surgico? and products in which we are working since 1993.

Products: We are manufacturers of Dental instruments, Surgical instruments, TC instruments and Scissors, exporting mainly to Asia, Europe, Australia, Canada, Mid East and Saudi Arabia.

Specialty: As our Specialty is in Dental and Surgical instruments, we are particularly working on the items of these categories. For a complete view and further details about our products you are requested to please visit our web site www.Qdsurgico.Com and feed back us about your interest at info@qdsurgico.Com or qdsurgico@cyber.Net.Pk

Our Reps: As we are already working for European, Canadian, Australian, Saudi Arabian and Mid East markets, we have our permanent marketing representatives there in the same countries. You may directly contact them for having straight and direct communication to track your shipments and to discuss other relevant matters.

General Words: For a complete view and detailed information of our products you may visit our website www.Qdsurgico.Com , please do not hesitate to demand us for the samples (Only on Demand / Order) of your interested items and their prices along with our latest CD catalog for your kind evaluation and approval. We assure you of our better service with competitive prices and would highly appreciate your respected quires / feed back at info@qdsurgico.Com or qdsurgico@cyber.Net.Pk

We are available to answer your queries week days by phone from 9.00 AM to 5.00 PM and 24 hours by E-mail.

Products :

Conservative Instruments, Amalgam, Burnishers, Cement Spatulas, Rubber Dam Clamps, Excavators, Matrix Retainers, Plastic Filling Instruments, Rubber Dam Forceps, Wax & Porcelain Carvers, Scalars, Scalars for Periodontosis & Pyorrhea, Periodontia Instruments, Chisels and Enamel Cleavers, Cutting Instruments, Nerve Instruments, Instruments for Amalgam, Gutta-Percha & Cement, Diagnostics, Explorers, Probes Mirror, Handles, Tweezers, Dental Surgery, Bone File, Mouth Gags, Retractors, Scalpel Handles, Scissors, Tissue Forceps, Splinter Forceps, Needle Holders, Tongue Depressors, Tongue Holding Forceps, Gauze Packers, Periodontology, Bone Chisels, Bone Curettes, Curettes, Forceps, Laboratory Instruments, Crown Removers, Crown Scissors, Impression Trays, Pliers, Wax Instruments, Articulators, Tooth Extraction, Elevators, Extracting Forceps, Extracting Forceps - American Pattern, Extracting Forceps - English Pattern, Extracting Forceps for Children - English Pattern, Root Fragment Forceps, Diagnostics Set & Instruments, Diagnostic Sets, Blood Lancets, Chest Pieces, Frames & Pinard, Stethoscopes, Percussion Hammers, Anesthesia, Inhalers, Airways, Catheter Introducing Forceps, Laryngoscopes, Puncture, Trocars Abdominal, Trocars Abdominal and Aspiration, General Instruments, B. P. Handles & Scalpels, Scalpels, Knives, Dissecting Sets, Operating Scissors, Operating, Plastic Surgery, Neuro, Tonsil Scissors, Tonsil, Nazzal, Ligature Scissors, Ligature & Wire, Episitomy, Umbilical Scissors, Dissecting, Uterine, Fistula Scissors, Eye, Tenotomy, Dental Scissors, Dressing and Tissue Forceps, Dressing and Tissue, Splinter Forceps, Splinter, Haemostatic Forceps, Haemostatic Forceps, Haemostatic and Gall Duct Forceps, Gall Duct, Kidney Pedical Forceps, Gall Duct, Peritoneal Forceps, Towel Clamps Forceps, Sinus Dressing Forceps, Dressing Forceps, Dressing and Sponge Forceps, Retractors, Probes, Director, Safety Pin, Spatula, Needles, Dissectors, Applicators, Suture, Needle Holders, Needles, Suture Forceps, Plaster, Plaster, Shears Scissors, Shear, Saw, Knife, Ring Cutter, Cast Breaker, Spreader, Bone Surgery, Bone Saws, Bone Chisels and Gouges, Bone Mallets, Bone Spoons, Raspatories, Elevators Instruments, Levers and Bone Holding Forceps, Bone Holding Forceps, Retractor, Bone Rongeur, Bone Rongeur and Bone Cutting Forceps, Lung Surgery, Rib Shears and Spreader, Cardiovascular, Bronchus and Anastomosis Forceps, Lung Grasping, Neuro Surgery, Brain Clamps, Suction Cannula, Herve Hook and Laminectomy Rongeurs, Ophthalmology, Eye Specula, Scalpels, Knives, Knives, Needles, Cyst tomes, Hook, Scoops, Spoons, Retractors, Hook, Scoop, Spatulas, Curettes, Chisel, Foreign Body, Dilators, Probes, Dissector and Spatulas, Iris Forceps, Iris, Capsular, Fixation Forceps, Suture and Chalazian Forceps, Entropium Forceps, Iris and Tenotomy Scissors, Otology, Ear Specula, Pimeory Syringe, Catheters, Perforators Curettes, Polypus Snares, Ear Dressing Forceps, Polypus & Foreign Body Forceps, Ear Forceps, Rhinology, Nazal Specula, Nazal Snare, Nazal Dressing Forceps and Cutting Forceps, Nazal Cutting Forceps, Septum Forceps, Knives, Curettes, Elevators, Gouges Chisels, Sinus Cannula, Antrum Cannula, Adenoid Curette and Saw, Oral Instruments, Mouth Gags, Tongue Depressors, Tonsil, Knives, Needles, Dissectors and Tonsil Forceps, Snares, Punch Forceps, Guillotines, Esophagoscopy, Laryngeal Forceps and Handles, Tracheotomy, Tracheal Hook and Tubes Dilating Forceps, Goitre, Goitre, Tissue Forceps, Enaculators, Extractors, Hooks, Intestines and Stomach, Inestinal Forceps, Inestinal and Stomach Clamps, Rectum, Rectal Specula, Biopsy Forceps, Pile Forceps Cotton Carrier, Gall Bladder, Dilators, Gall Stone Forceps, Kidney Forceps, Probe, Catheters, Urology, Catheter Urethral Bougies, Directors, Lithotomy Forceps, Retractors, Suction Tube, Prostatectomy Forceps, Uretheral Foreign Body Forceps, Gynecology Instruments, Vaginal Specula, Uterine Dilators, Tenaculum Forceps, Vullsellum Forceps, Vullsellum Forceps and Hysterectomy Forceps, Polypus, Elevating Forceps and Biopsy, Uterine Biopsy Forceps, Uterine Curettes, Uterine Curettes and Screw, Obstetrics, Obstetrical Forceps, Cranioclast, Perforators, Hooks, Pelvimeters, Pelvimeters, Umbilical Clamp, Placenta Forceps, Ovum Forceps, Placenta and Haemostatic Forceps, Catheters and Tubes, Sterilizing Forceps, Orthopedic, Bone Screw and Plate Holding Forceps, Tungsten Carbide Tipped Instruments (TC Instruments), Mayo Scissors , Metzenbaum ? Nelson, Adson Forceps, Dressing Forceps, Iris Scissors, Dressing Scissors, Goldman Fox Scissors, Metzenbaum (Tonsil) Scissors, La Grange Scissor, Operating Scissors, TC Instruments and Scissors

Contact Info


P.O. Box No. 1124, Roras Road, Sialkot
Sialkot - 51310 () Pakistan

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