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Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Engineering Products - Manufacturer, Trader, Export / Import,
Proprietorship Firm Since 1999

Products :

Manufacturer and exporter of laboratory chemicals and laboratory equipments.
Chemicals: solvents lr/ar, stains indicator [powder solution], r & d chemicals, speciality chemicals, agricultural chemicals, diagnostic reagents, pathology reagents, normal solutions, standard solutions, metallic powder & granulars, metallic salts.
Laboratory equipments : Microscopes, electric equipments like Autoclave, Centrifuge Machine, Distillation Apparatus, Hot plate, Hot Air Oven, Incubators, Baby Incubators & Water Bath, FILTER PAPERS & PH Papers, GLASSWARES like Aspirator Bottles, Bell Jars, Beakers, Bottles, Burettes, Condensors, Desiccators, Dropping Bottles, Flasks, Funnels, Gas Jars, Measuring Cylinder, Petri Dishes, Pipettes, Test Tube, Troghs, Watch Glasses, METALWARES like Burette Clamp, Boss Head, Blowpipe, Cork Borers, Gas Burners, Gas Taps, Pinch Clip, Retort Ring, Retort Stand, Spatulla, Spirit Lamps, Tripod Stands, Tongs, Test Tube Holder, Wire Gauge, Water Taps, PLASTIC WARES like Beaker, Burette & Clamp Holder, Centrifuge Tube, Desiccator [Plain/Vaccum], Dropping Bottle, Flasks,Funnels, Funnel holder, Kipps Apparatus, Measuring Cylinder & Jar, Micro pipettes, Petri Dishes, Pipettes Stand, Retort Stand, Reagent Bottles, Separating Funnel, Separating Funnel Holder, Scoop, Specimen Tube, Syphon, Test Tube Stand, Test Tube Racks, T & Y Connectors, Tiles for Titration, Trays, Wash Bottles, PLATINUMWARES like Crucible, Crucible Lids, Basin, Platinum Wire in Test Tubes, PORCELAI N WARES like Clay pipe Triangles, Crucibles, Evaporating Dishes, Mortar & Pestals, RUBBERWARES like Aprons, Hand Gloves, Rubber Cork, Rubber Tubing, Safety Equipments, TEFLON like Beaker, Beaker's Lid, Centrifuge Tube, Crucible, Blad for Stirrer, Bottles, Expansion Below, Hexagonal Stopper, Tap Roll, Biot's Apparatus, Ebonite Road, Goldleaf Electroscope, Flannel Pieces, Daniel' cell, Leclanche's Cell, Porous Pot, Copper Plate, Zinc Rod ,Battery Charger: Battery Charger, Battery Clip, Crocodile Clip,Battery Eliminator: 12 Volts, 1 Amp, 2 Amp, 5 Amp , Lead Accumulators: Acid Accumulators, 2 Volts, - 20, 40, 45, 50 AH, 6 Volts- 4 AH, 15 AH, 20 AH ,METERS like Ammeters, Galvanometers, Multimeters, Voltmeters, Dyanamo, Electric Motor Models, Induction Coils, Oscilloscope, Potentiometer, Post Office Boxes, Power Supplies, Resistance Coils, Resistance Boxes [Dial Type / Plug Type ], Rheostat, Wheatstone Bridge, Copper Calorimeter, Conductivity Apparatus, Gas Engine, Petrol Engine, Steam Engine, Hygrometer, Hypsometer, Linear Expansion, Pullinger App. Ring & Ball, Thermometers, Thermocouple, Victor Mayers Apparatus, Epidiascope, Filmstrip Projector, Glass Slabs, Glass Prisms, Glass Mirror and Lense [ Concave / convex], Magnifier, Newtons Colour Disc, Optical Bench, Overhead Projector, Polarimeter, Photometer, Sextant, Slide - Projector, Spectometer, Travelling Microscope, Telescopes, Drawing Boards, Gear Models, Hooks Law Apparatus, Inclined Plane, Inertia Apparatus.

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3/37, Sujal Mansion,, Kalbadevi
Mumbai - 40002 (Maharashtra) India

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