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Cleveland, Outside India, United States

Engineering Products - Manufacturer, Export / Import,
Proprietorship Firm Since 1990

Products :

Manufacturers and Exporters of all Personel Safety Equipments and Police Equipments.

  • Stun Guns :-
    Stun Master, Talon Mini Stun Gun, Z-Force Stun Guns, 25,000 Volt Stun Gun, Stun Alarm Flashlights, Cell Phone Stun Gun, Stun Batons.
  • Tasers
  • Peper Spray :-
    Pepper Spray Ring, Pepper Shot, Multi-Pack Sprays, Pepper Spray Book, Pepper Pager, Pepper Pens, WildFire 15% .
  • Mace Spray Defence :-
    Mace Pepper Foam, Mace PepperGard, Mace Batons, Triple Action Sprays, Mace Walking Weights .
  • Animal Repellents
  • Home Safety Equipments :-
    Child Guard Monitor, Dummy Camera, Big Jammer Door Brace, Diversion Safes, Safety Light, Handcuffs, Metal Detectors.
  • Spy and Surviellance Equipments :-
    Spy Glasses, Voice Changers, Keyboard Recorder, Phone Recorders, Digital Spy Camera, Wireless Nanny Cams .
  • Different Kinds Of Knives
  • Martial Arts :-
    Throwing Stars, Ninja Throwing Spikes, Ninja Climbing Gear Kubotans, Tonfa - Police Baton, Self Defense Book, Martial Arts Videos.
  • Weapons :-
    Telescopic Batons, Paintball Gun, Crossbows, Sling Shot, Blowguns, Air Soft Air Guns, SAP Gloves.
  • Alarms :-
    Personal Alarms, Air Pressure Alarm, Driveway Alert Alarm, Wireless Home Alarms, Driver Alarm .

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    2314 Althen Avenue, Ohio
    Cleveland - (Outside India) United States

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