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Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India

Engineering Products - Manufacturer, Export / Import,
Proprietorship Firm Since 1990

AGOFA GROUP is the brain-child of a professional Mr. K.K. Kapadia. Came into existence more than a decade ago. Today, the Group consists of Agofa Labs, Agofa Pharmaceauticals, Agofa Impex, Agofa Infosys & Agofa Rubbers.The Group with an enviable reutation. The Group you can rely on confidently for quality without compromises, durability, commitments, timely deliveries, and what not.
The Group is gradually emerging as a force to reckon with. Each Company of the Group is a separate entity and is managed by a team of young, blue-blood ed professionals who cannot put off their belly-fires. Each of the professional is backed by years of experience in his or her own field with excellent track record. But team-spirit is the essence of Group's continuing success.
The Group's manufacturing units are fully equipped with the state-of-the-art technology and most sophisticated machinery. Take a peep into the group's companies. Engaged in Manufacturing and Marketing of disposable surgical Medical devices. Engaged in Marketing of Indian Harmless Pharmaceautical Formulation.
Engaged in Export - Import Activities of Group's Products and a wide range of other Items to different destinations across the globe. Engaged in Web Development, Web sapce, Web designing, Hosting & Software Development. Engaged in Manufacturing and Marketing of disposable surgical rubber products.

Products :

** Manufacturer and Exporters of Medical Disposable and Related Products:
**Our Products List :
Infusion/Transfusion Therapy: I.V. Set, Paediatric Set, Measured Volume Set, Scalp Vein Set.
For blood transfusion: Blood Transfusion set, Peritoneal Dialysis set .
Gastroenterology : Ryle's Tube, Infant Feeding Tube, Levin's Tube and Stomach Tube.
Urology: Urethral Catheter, Nelaton catheter, Urine Collection Bag, Peaediatric Urine Collection Bag, T.U.R. Set, Urine Culture Bottle.
Anaesthesia: Suction Catheter, Nasal Oxygen Catheter, Oxygen Mask, Nasal Oxygen Cannula.
Surgery: Thoracic Catheter, Wound Drainage System.
Disposable Syringe
Miscellaneous: IV Cannula, Karman Cannula, Infant Mucus Extractor, Umbilical Catheter, Corrugated Drainage Sheet, Umbilical Cord Clamp, Rectal Tube, Boold Donor Set.
Raw Material: Non-toxic Medical Grade PVC compound for Injection Moulding | Extrusion and Various Specialised Applications for Medical Devices.
Components: Spike - Venter, Non-vented, Drip Chambers, Fluid Filter, PVC Tubing, Flow Regulator, Injection Site Tube Latex | Bulb Latex], Male Fitting Adaptor, Luer Lock, Connector, Needle with Protector.

Product Catalog

Umbilical Cord Clamp
Finger grip to ensure safe and convenient handling, particularly for wet gloves. Clamp arms inclined at a suitable angle for easy movement for clamping. Designed for ....

Corrugated Drainage Sheet
Designed for efficient multi-channel wound drainage. Manufactured from extra soft implantation-tested, non-toxic, non-irritant medical grade PVC. Multi-channel draina....

Umbilical Catheter
Size (FG): 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10 Open distal end without lateral eyes to eliminate chance of clot forming in the blind spaces. Designed for intermittent or continuous acc....

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23, Sitaram Estate,, Near Mony Hotel, Isanpur Highway
Ahmedabad - 382243 (Gujarat) India

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