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California, Outside India, United States

Engineering Products - Export / Import, Manufacturer, Services,
Pvt. Ltd. Firm Since 1987

Products :

Our service range includes shipyards, manufacturing plants, mills and telecomunications providers to networking companies. We specialize in efficient procurement services for diverse defense and industrial parts, spares and supplies. We can supply a wide range of parts spares and supplies such as Shipyards : Electrical Power Supplies, Cable, Marine Accessories & Hardware, Crane Parts, Forklift Parts, ASTM Structural Steel [Plates & others, US rolled], Metals, Welding Equipment & Supplies, Welding Wire Alloys, Bearings, Air Conditioning/Refrigeration Equipment, Marine Radars and Parts, Lighting, Tall Ship Sails, Defense Related : Radar Parts, Coaxial RF Cable, Aircraft [Fixed & Rotary wing], Communications, Avionics, Missile Spares, Amplifiers, COMINT, ELINT, ESM, ECM, ECCM, Link 11/14 Tadil, Personal Armor [Vests], Mitary Tents, Mil-Specs. We also supply Radar Systems & Parts. We expertise for complete Commercial and Military Radar Systems for Airborne, Ground & Shipboard. We also specialize in Brand-Name and Compatible Parts Procurement of : Pulse Forming Networks, Pulse Transformers, Charging Reactors, Power Transformers, Pulse Capacitors, High Voltage Power Supplies, Pulse Systems, Microwave Tubes, Pulse Modulators, Transmitters, Receivers, Magnetrons, Klystrons, Local Oscillators, Thyratron, Delay Lines, Waveguides, Servos, Antennas, Airborne Radar Warning Receivers, Electronic Combat Systems, Electronic Surveillance Systems, Missile Warning Systems, Electronic Warfare Mission Analyses, Electronic Environment Simulators, Systems Integration. We can also offer services through our partners as Designer, Developer, Mfr. & Systems Integrator Of Electronics/Software Systems & Sub-Systems For Industrial, Marine & Military Applications such as For Industrial applications: Closed Loop Control Systems, Motion Control Devices, Linear Position/Velocity Controllers, For Marine Applications: Radar Systems, Beacons/Transponders, Datalinks, Remote Displays For Navigation Devices, For Military Applications: Digital/IF, RF Target & Environmental Simulators, Radar Navigation, Tracking & Weapon Systems. Technologies Include Analog, Digital, Microprocessor, RF/Microwave, DSP, Firmware, Software Development.

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92 Corporate Park Drive,, Suite C-806, Irvine,
California - 92606 (Outside India) United States

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