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Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Engineering Products - Export / Import, Manufacturer,
Proprietorship Firm Since 1979

Products :

We are manufacturers of Hydraulic Brake Fluids, Radiator Car Coolants. We offer from our manufacturing range a host of raw materials for various industries viz: Automobiles, Paints, Paper, Leather and Oil industries. Our range includes For Automobile Industries: Hydraulic Brake Fluids [DOT-3 & DOT-4], Radiator Car Coolants, Lubricants, For Paints, Varnish and Ink Industries: Ethyl Glycol [Ezysolve E], Butyl Glysol [Ezysolve B], Butyl Di Glycol [ClaritolB], Acetates of Glcyol Ethers, For Dyes and Dyestuff Industries: Ethyl Glycol, Methyl Glycol, For Paper Industries: Poly Ethylene Glycol, For Leather Industries: Ethyl Glycol, Acetates of Glycol Ethers, For Oil Industries: Diethylene Glycol Mono Ethyl Ether, TriEthylene Glycol Mono Ethyl Ether, Poly Ethylene Glycol, Engine Oils: PCMO [Passenger Car Motor Oil]:- *High Performance Motor Oil 20W50 API SG/CD [Premium Crankcase Lubricant], DEO [Diesel Engine Oil]:- *Super Multigrade 20W40 API CD/SF [Automotive Crankcase Lubricants], *Super 20W40 API CD/SF [Automotive Crankcase Lubricants], *Super Monograde API CD/SF [Automotive Crankcase Lubricants], *Super LCV Oil API CD/SF [Automotive Crankcase Lubricants-Long drain], *HDDO[CF-4]-15W40 API CF-4/SG [Premium Diesel engine Lubricant], ENGINE OIL [2-Stroke Engine]:- Super 2T API TC-JASO FC [Two stroke Engine Oil], Automative Gear Oil: Gear Oil 90 [SAE90] API GL-4 [Automotive Transmission Oils], Gear Oil 140 [SAE 140] API GL-4 [Automotive Transmission Oil], EP-90 API GL-5 [Extreme-Pressure Automotive Transmission Oil], ATF [Automatic Transmission Fluid]: Auto-Trans GM TASA [Automatic Transmission Fluid], Hydraulic Oil: Hydraulic Oil 32 / 46 / 68 ISO HM / IS :10522 [Hydraulic oil], Hydraulic Oil ISO HM / IS :10522 [Hydraulic oil], All Purpose Grease: MP3 Grease IS : 12203-1987 [Lithium Base Greases], Agricultural Pump Set Oil: Pump-Set Oil [Diesel Pump-Set Engine Oil], IGO [Industrial Gear Oil]: Industrial Gear Oils[Premium Industrial Gear Oil], Automative Grease: Chassis Grease[Calcium Soap Greases], Wheel bearing greases [WB][Sodium Soap Greases], Automative Hydraulic Oil: HLPZ[HLP Type hydraulic oil], Industrial cutting Fluid: Cutting Oil [M S E][Soluble Cutting Oil], Chemical Additive: VM 5230, 3064 A Multifunctional Crankcase Oil Additive, 3061 [Dispersant], 3064 [Detergent Dispersant].

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Ethyl Glycol
Used For Dyes and Dyestuff Industries. Other Product. Methyl Glycol ....

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9 & 10, Divya Commercial Complex, 2nd Floor,, Road no.17, Chembur,
Mumbai - 400071 (Maharashtra) India

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