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Cochin, Kerala, India

Engineering Products - Trader, Export / Import, Manufacturer,
Pvt. Ltd. Firm Since 1980

Products :

Leading Indian Manufacturers, Exporters, Importers for following products :
Microscopes, Projectors, Optical Instruments, Microtomes, Educational Laboratory Equipments like Current Electricity and Vacuum Apparatus, Ammeter, Lode stone, Bar magnets, Horse Shoe magnets, Alnico permanent magnets, Plotting compasses, Pocket compasses, Deflection and vibration magnetometers, Dip needles, Dip circles, Electromagnetic solenoids, Magnetising and Demagnetising solenoids, Tangent galvanometers, Galvanoscopes, Induction apparatus, Barlowheels, Electroscopes, Spherical, Conical and Cylindrical Conductors, Proof planes, Dischargers, Leyden jar, Electrophorous, Apinus condenser, Wimshurst machine, Ebonite rods, Glass rods, Rubbing cloth, Mounted Diode and Triode valves, Characteristic curves apparatus, Audio frequency generators, Oscilloscopes, Power supplies, Demountable transformers, Battery eliminators, Battery Chargers, Analog and Digital multimeters, Optical Benches, Optical Discs, Light Boxes, Lens holders, Mirrors, Slabs, Diffraction gratings, Biprisms, Spectrometers, Vernier Microscopes, Telescopes, Direct-vision Spectroscopes, Slits, Biprism assembly, Periscopes, Telescopes and Compound Microscopes, Lift pump, Force pump, Hydrostatic press, Hydrostatic balances, Displacement vessels, Bucket and Cylinder, Spouting cylinders, Communicating vessels, Water turbines, Manometers, Pascals law app., Air pumps, Vacuum plates, Bell jars, Magdeburg's Hemispheres, Meter scales, Measuring tapes, Vernier Calipers, Micrometers, Spherometers, Sets of Cubes, Cylinders, Bobs, Masses, Slotted masses, Balances, Spring Balances, Dynamometers in : Grams, Newtons and dual scales, Dual type Spring Balances and Lever Balances, Air track, Inclined plane, Apparatus and accessories for experiments on friction, Dynamic trolleys, Projectile apparatus, Collisions apparatus, Parallelogram of forces, Center of gravity apparatus, Pendulums, Inertia apparatus, Fly-wheels, Hooks Law apparatus, Youngs modulus apparatus, Centrifugal and Centripetal force apparatus, Sonometers, Tuning forks, Resonance Apparatus, Resonance boxes, Striking hammers, Wave propagation apparatus [Rippler tank, Slinky Helical springs and Wave Motion app.] Organ pipes, Melde apparatus, Rain gauges, Maximum-Minimum thermometers, Dry and wet hygrometers, Wind wanes, Anemometers, Sun-Shine recorders, Altimeters, Barometers [Aneroid and Fortin's] Sieves, Shakers, Geological hammers, Magnifiers, Soil Samplers, Chisels, Sighting Compasses, Inclinometers, Map-measurers, Rock collections and Soil Thermometers, Magnifiers, Dissection equipments and accessories, Storage boxes and cabinets for slides, Animal cages, Aquaria, Various nets, Kymographs, Clinical and research Microscopes, Incubators, Plant-Physiology apparatus and Garden Tools, Balances, Burners, Moulded glass-wares, Table blown glass-ware, plastic ware, Centrifuges, Calorimeters, Heating mantles, Ovens, Incubators, Heating baths, Hot plates etc..

Product Catalog

A portable and precise automatic Microtome knife sharpening equipment for fine sharpening of all Microtome knives upto 140 mm in length. Sharpening duration can be adjust....

Meteorological and Geological Sciences:-
Rain gauges, Maximum-Minimum thermometers, Dry and wet hygrometers, Wind wanes, Anemometers, Sun-Shine recorders, Altimeters, ....

Model RMT-10
This is a sturdy and well designed microtome (Cambridge type) which can cut sections of tissues from 2-24 microns in steps of 2 microns each. It is highly....

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Banerji Road, Ernakulam North,,
Cochin - 682018 (Kerala) India

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