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Sajjan Castings Limited


Sajjan Castings Limited

Sajjan Castings Limited

Ludhiana, Punjab, India

Engineering Products - Manufacturer, Services, Export / Import,
Pvt. Ltd. Firm Since 1935

Sajjan Castings Limited that is fully certified organization. Here, you can find specialized services in the field of the heat treatment fixtures, cement industry, food technology, Galvanizing Lines and many others.
We are proud to say that we are an ISO 9001:2008 / IS014001:2004 / OHS18001:2007 Certified Organisation. We are Priviledged supplier to around 400 customers located in 23 countries with cast components in more than 90 material compositions. We have tooling and pattern storage of around 8000 patterns which are kept in safe environment to be available in good condition all the time.

Products :

Heat treatment fixtures, radiant tubes & rollers galvanizing lines We produce Static castings from 0.5kg to 1200kg and Centrifugally cast tubes from 10kg to 1200kg. At the moment the tubes can be casted upto 460mm Diameter and 4 metre length with various wall thickness combinations. Heat Treatment Fixtures:- Normalizing Trays Charge Baskets and Carriers Gear Links, Bridging Arms and loading roads CGC Base Trays Shaker Hearth Plates Cast Belt Conveyor Driving Roller for cast Belt Furnace Fixtures for Pit Type Gas Carburizing Furnace Heat Treat Furnace Rails and Rollers Heat Treatment Furnace Door and Supports Job Pedestals Spares for Walking Beam Furnace Charge and Discharge end Rollers Radiant Tubes & Rollers:- W Type Radiant Tubes U Type Radiant Tubes Statistically Cast Bends Straight Radiant Tubes Deflection Rollers Annealing Furnace Rollers Oil Fired and Electrical RTA Cracking Retort Galvanizing Lines:- Stabliser Rolls Canalloy Bushes Sink Rolls Cobalt Alloy Sleeves Sink Roll Arms Cement Industry:- Cooler Grate Plates Drag Chain Links Kiln Outlets Sector Immersion Tubes for Pre Heater Dipping Tube Assemblies Pumps and Impellors:- Bowl Suction Guide for Feed Pump Diffusers Pumps Impellers Seat Rings Control Cages Ring Joint Gaskets Sponge Iron Industry:- Air Injection Tubes Feed Tubes Coal Throw Pipes Thermowells Swirlers Food Technology:- Mixing Blades Mincer Machine Body Lobe type Pumps PD Pump Cover Mixing Impellors Positive Displacement Pumps Petrochemical:- Tube Support Tube Sheet Tube Hangers Tube sheet Holders Radiant Tubes Tube Sheet Brackets Cast Tube Supports Petrochemical Elbows

Product Catalog

heat treatment fixtures
Our company is the highly specialized in the category of the Stainless steel castings for food industry along with the highly advanced products that will surely provides ....

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Contact Info

Sajjan Castings Limited

404, Gill Road, Miller Ganj,
Ludhiana - 141003 (Punjab) India

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