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Kolkata, West Bengal, India

Engineering Products - Manufacturer, Export / Import,
Partnership Firm Since 2003

Metalink is a leading manufacturer and exporter of fabricated
steel products located in Kolkata, India. We manufacture a
range of pressed steel components, steel fittings which are hot
dipped galvanized, zinc plated or powder coated. The product
line consists of Chain Link Fence Components, Construction
Hardware, Hollow Ware, Ladder Clamps, Pole Line Hardware,
Pipe Support Systems, Shelving Support Systems and Ornamental

The company's product range includes:

Construction Hardware: eye bolt, foundation bolt, foundation
anchor bolt, fully threaded rods, washers, panel loops,
galvanized rods, lifting hooks, tie rods, galvanized rounds,
galvanized rebars, galvanized square bars, galvanized flats,
galvanized channels, bolts, bolts and nuts, anchor bolts, l bolts,
j bolts, anchorage components, hooks, anchorage accessories,
loops, lifting loops, studs, u bolts, clamps, pipe fittings and

Pole Line Hardware: cross arms, v cross arms, stay rods, floor
flanges, base plates, flange plates, ground rods, copper ground
rods, earth rods and more.

Pipe Support Systems: end rail clamp, line rail clamp, clamps,
brace band, tension band, u bolts, pipe clamps, pipe fittings,
bolts, bolts and nuts and more.

Shelving Support Systems: wall brackets, brackets for single
slotted upright, brackets for double slotted upright, single
slotted upright, double slotted upright, shelving brackets,
channels, wall channels, wall uprights, shelves and more.

Ladder Clamps: ladder clamps, vehicle roof rack clamps and

Ornamental Iron: paper weight, card holder, napkin ring, napkin
holder, candle stand, wall decoration candle stand, antique
table, ornamental table, decorative garlands and more.

Chain Link Fence Components: barb wire arms, barb wire v
arms, barb wire 45 degree arm, barb wire vertical arm, barb wire
extension arms, barb arms, u bolts, pipe clamps, cane rods,
drop rods, bend rods, gate rods, tension bars, truss rods,
threaded truss rods, truss rod tightener, upright arms, straight
arm, vertical arm, flange plate, brace band, tension band and

Hollow Ware: bin box, coal hod, dustpan, mop bucket, plain
buckets, tar bucket, scraper mats and more.

Products :

Pole Line Hardware, Construction Hardware, U Bolts, Galvanized Angles, Galvanized Flats, Galvanized Rods, Tie Rods, Galvanized Rebars, Cross Arms, Fully Threaded Rods, Eye Bolts, Foundation Bolts, Ground Rods, Galvanized Bars, Pipe Support Systems, Pipe Clamps, Pipe Fittings, Earth Rods, Galvanized Steel Fittings, Stay Rods, Pressed Steel Components, Channels, Wall Brackets, Telecom Hardware, Anchor Bolts, Galvanized Channels, Shelving Support Systems, Chain Link Fence

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105 Park Street, Kohinoor Building, 3rd Floor, Flat No: 16
Kolkata - 700016 (West Bengal) India

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