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Jamnagar, Gujarat, India

Engineering Products - Manufacturer, Export / Import,
Proprietorship Firm Since 1980

Products :

1. BRASS FASTENERS AND FIXINGS 1.Brass Anchor Round Stud Anchors Brass Concrete Anchors Brass Wall Anchors Wood Anchors Brass Drop in Anchor Knurling Anchors Pool Anchor Brass Sleeve Anchors Anchor with Expander Slotted AnchorsBrass expansion shield anchors Brass bolt stud anchors Brass bent anchor bolts Brass drive pin anchors Brass chaulk in anchors Brass screw sleeve anchors Brass chemical anchors Brass wall wedge anchors 2.Brass Bolt Brass bucket tooth bolts Brass penta plow bolts Brass cap carriage bolts Brass shaker screen bolts Brass connector coil bolts Brass square head bolts Brass elevator eye bolts Brass structural tap bolts Brass flange hanger bolts Brass tension control bolts Brass heavy hex bolts Brass timber toggle bolts Brass ut plates bolts Brass Hex Head Bolt. Brass Hex Head Bolt with Slot. Brass Square Head Bolt. Brass Square Head Bolt with Slot. Brass Hex Head with Allan Key Slot 3.Brass Nuts Brass Hexagon Nuts, Knurled Nut Brass Wing Nut Brass acme acorn nuts Brass high jam nuts Brass allen cage nuts Brass knurled lock nuts Brass castle clinching nuts Brass machine screw nuts Brass coil coupling nuts Brass pal press nuts Brass disc flange nuts Brass slotted forged nuts Brass heavy hex nuts Brass spring square nuts Brass Hex Full Nuts Brass Hex Rivet Nuts Brass Hex Lock Nuts Brass Square Nuts Brass Knurling Nuts Brass Doom Nut 4.Brass Washer Brass belleville bonded washers Brass hillside lock washers Brass conical fender washers Brass square structural washers Brass high low strength washers Brass Plain Washer Brass Circlips Washers Brass Machined Washers Brass Shims Washers Brass Split Lock Washer Brass Belivelly Spring Washer Brass Teeth Washer Brass Grinding Washers Brass Shake Proof Lock Washers Brass Fan Disc Lock Washers Brass Helical Spring Lock Washers Brass Locking Washers Brass Square Washer 5.Brass insert Brass Tapered Threaded Inserts Brass Chevron Threaded Inserts Brass Headed Chevron Threaded Inserts Brass Symmetrical Threaded Inserts Brass Threaded Press-in Inserts Brass Threaded Expansion Inserts Brass Threaded Studs Insert Brass Mold-in Blind Threaded Inserts Brass Rotational Mold-in Blind Threaded Inserts Brass Threaded Knurled Spacers Insert Brass Compression Limiters Insert Brass Round Knurled Inserts Brass Square Inserts Brass Hexagonal Inserts Brass Insert for Ultrasonic Range Brass Insert for Heatbit Range Brass Press-in Inserts Specials & Custom Designed Parts Brass Plastic & Rubber Moulding Insert 6.Brass screw Brass Screw Cover Cap Brass wood screw Brass coach deck screws Brass machine sems screws Brass drive drywall screws Brass thread cutting screws Brass ferry cap screws Brass thumb wing screws Brass flooring furniture screws Brass wood jack screws Cheese Head Slotted Screw. Counter Sunk Head Slotted Screw. Round Head Slotted Screw. Pan Head Slotted Screw. Raised Head Slotted Screw. Phillips Head Screw. Phillips Combination Head Screw. Phillips Combination with Washer Head Screw. Bindind Head Screw. Screw with washer attached in any of above head. Socked Head Screw. Terminal Screw for Connector Block. Grub Screw.Header Screw Special Head Screw. 7.Brass Pin Brass clevis coil pins Brass locating lynch pins Brass cotter dowel pins Brass safety snapper pins Brass groove taper pins Brass split spring pins Brass hair hitch clips Brass standard duty coiled pins Brass tab lock taper pins 8.Brass Rivet screw Tubular Rivets Blind Rivets Solid Rivets Drive Rivets Split Rivets Book, File Screw Rivets snap rivet rivet fastener Threaded Inserts Rivets Captive Fasteners 9. Brass Stud Brass Solid Stud Brass Threaded Stud 2. Electrical Accessories 1. Brass Cable Gland Accessories 1. P. G. Type Cable Gland 2. Double Compression Type Cable Gland 3. Flang Type Cable Gland 4. BW 2 Part Brass Cable Gland 5. CW 4 Part Brass Cable Gland Outdoor 6. BWL 3 Part Brass Cable Gland Indoor 7. A1/A2 Brass Cable Gland 8. Alco Type Cable Gland 10. T.R.S. Stuffing Cable Gland 11. Wiping Cable Gland 12. Cable Glands Kit E1W Type Cable Gland E1FW Type Cable Glands IP 68 Cable Glands Marine & JIS Type Cable Gland PG Cable Glands with IP-65 Protection Brass Locknuts (PGm Metric & NPT ) 2. P. G. Clamp 1. P. G. Clamp 2. Line Tape 3. Staright Cable Terminals 3. Brass Earthing Accessories 1. Earth Rod 2. 'A' Clamp - Small 3. 'A' Clamp - Big 4. 'B' Clamp 5. 'U' Clamp 6. Special Type Clamp 7. Split Clamp 8. Saddle Light 9. Saddle Heavy 10. Brass Coupler 11. Cross Saddle 12. Test Bond 4. Gun Metal Lighting Protection & Earthing 5. Brass Conduit Fitting 1. Male Female Adaptor 2. Male Adaptor - For PVC Coated Flexible Pipe 3. Male Female Bush 6. Brass Neutral Links & Terminal Blocks Brass Neutral Links Brass Neutral Bars Brass Earth Neutral Bars Brass Neutral Link 4 Way onwards 7.Brass Contect Pin Industrial Male Contact Pin. Industrial Female (Socket) Contact Pin. 5 AMP, 10 AMP, 13 AMP and 15 AMP Plug Pin. Solid, Hollow, Knurled, Crimped etc. Plug Pin. 7. Brass PCB Terminal Block Insert Brass Terminal Inserts (Pin Type) for PCB Terminal Block Brass Terminal Inserts (Box Type) for Terminal Block PCB CARD EDGE CONNECTORS Brass Terminal for MCB Switch Brass Terminal for Electric Connector 8. Brass Plug Pins & Sockets, Brass Connector 9. Brass Switchgear Parts Brass Electrical Switchgear Terminal. Brass Electrical Switchgear Rivets. Brass HRC Fuse Components. 10. Brass Transformer Parts(Metal Parts) 11. Brass Switch Part Toggle Switch Brass Parts Brass Toggle Switch Part i.E. Toggle Lever, Battery Cut-Off Switch Brass Parts Battery Disconnect Switch Brass Parts Brake Light Switch Brass Parts Light Switch Brass Parts Push Pull Switch Brass Parts Starter Switch Brass Parts Toggle Bush as per customer specification Moving Contact Rest Thermal Sensor Body Brass Holder Magnet 12. Brass Energy Meter Parts Terminals Sealing Screw Brass Screw Links 13. Brass Electrical Sensore Pressure Parts 14. Brass Swivels-Cable Gripper 15. Brass Lighting Components 3. Brass Fitting 1. Sterling Pipe Bracket 2. Flare Fitting 3. Compression Fitting 4. Heavy Duty Compression Fitting 5. Pipe Fitting 6. Barstock Pipe Fitting 7. Hose Barb Fitting 8. Garden Hose Spray Fitting 9. Braided Hose Fitting 10. Brass Insert for PPR & CPVC, UPVC Pipe Fitting 11. Brass Valve and PEX Fitting 12. Brass and Bronze Fitting 13. Sanitary Fitting 14. Flexible Hose Pipe Fitting 15. Brass Impeller for pump fittings 16. Brass One Touch Fitting Parts 17. Pneumatic Fitting Parts 18. Hydraulic Fittings Parts 19. Brass Agriculture Fitting Parts 20. Brass Geaser Fitting Parts 21. Brass Water Tank Connector Fitting 22. Brass Water Meter Fitting 23. Brass Sprinkler Parts 24. Brass Gas Connection Fitting Gas Stoves parts Gas Heaters Parts Gas Lantern Parts 25. BULK LPG PARTS FITTINGS NON RETURN VALVES FOR LPG MANIFOLDS NEEDLE CONTROL VALVES 26. Brass BURNERS Fitting ADOPTORS, COUPLINGS, INLET NOZZLES Brass Parts TORCH TYPE BURNER Brass Parts, RING TYPE BURNER Brass Parts, TORCH TYPE BURNER Brass Parts, RING TYPE BURNER Brass Parts, PENCIL TYPE RIBBON BURNER Brass Parts, HAND TORCHES BURNER Brass Parts, SIEVERT BURNER, SIEVERT TORCH, TABLE TERMINALS Brass Parts 27. Fire Extinguishers Brass Parts 28. Brass pressure gauges Fitting 4. Auto Products 1. Brass Battery Terminal Angle-bosch-type-terminal Post-type-battery-terminals Angle-bosch-type Post-type-HD-terminal Brass-solder-type-machined Post-type-medium-terminal Cable-lugs-brass Seiver-crimp-type Crimp-clip-type-terminal Seiwa-crimp-type-terminal Easy-fixing-type-terminal Side-double-fixing-type-terminal Forged-battery-terminals Side-single-fixing-type-terminal Hex-head-bolt-type-battery-terminals Solder-crimp-type-heavy Knock-out-type-terminal Solder-less-screw-type-battery-terminals Machine-made-battery-terminals Solder-less-screw-type-terminal Solder-type-terminal USA-car-type 2. Forged Battery Terminal 3. Battery Charging Clip 4. 7 Pin PVC/Metal Plug & Socicet Switches 5. Tyre - Tube Valve & Accessories 6. Grease Nipples & Fittings 7. Auto Lock Unlock Parts 8. Auto Mobile Parts , Mobile Antenna parts 9. Sintered Gear Part, Sintered Self Lubricating Bush, Metal Structural Part, Sintered Gerotor, 9. BRASS RADIATOR OIL COOLER(Spesialist) Brass drain cock, Radiator Valve , 10.Air Conditioner Part 11.Brass Fasteners, Brass Nut, Brass Bolt, Brass Screw, Brass Washer, Brass Insert, Brass Stud, Brass Pin, Brass Clamp 5. Electronic Connectors 1. Between Series Adaptors 2. UHF-Mini UHF & DIN Connectors 3. Cable Assemblies & CATV Accessories 4. PAL Connectors 5. F Connectors 6. TNC Connectors 7. BNC Connectors 8. Binding Posts and Audio Connectors 9. N Connectors 10. SMA & SMB Connectors 6. Builders Hardware Fitting 1. Hinges and Door, Windows Fittings 2. Brass Fancy Knobs 3. Brass Decorative Parts 4. Fancy Handles Parts 5. Door Locks Tubular Knobset Parts 6. Brass Glass Fitting 7. Brass Tower Bolt 8. BRASS PARTS FOR CURTAIN / UPHOLSTERY 7. Metal Turned Parts 1. Brass Metal Turned Parts 2. Brass Components 5. Highly Precision Components 6. Pen and Pen Parts 7. Die Casting Parts 8. Pressure gauge's components 8. Brass Sheet Metal Parts Sheet Metal Component for Automobile Sector. Sheet Metal Component for Electrical Sector. Sheet Metal Component for Electronic Sector. Sheet Metal Component for Tele Communication Sector. Sheet Metal Component for Instrumentation Sector. Sheet Metal Component for Sensor Industries. 9. Brass Precision Turned Components. 1.Brass turned components 2.Brass machine components 10. Pressure Cooker Brass Parts 1. Brass Whistle 2. Brass Safety Valve 3. Brass Vent tube 4. Brass Vent tube nuts 5. Spring 6. Vent seal and 7. 14. Diamond & Goldsmith Parts Diamond Eye Loupes 15. Brass Imitation Jewellery, Kurta Buttons, FASHION JEWELLERY COMPONENTS 17. Brass Razor Parts, Hammer 18. Fire Extinguisher Valves 1. Fire Extinguisher Accessories 19. Other Brass Products 1. Stove/Oven Parts 2. Brass Oxygen Cylinder parts 3. Surgical & Medical instrument parts 4. Brass Decorative Parts 5. Lighter & smoking Brass parts 22. Brass LPG Stove Valve Jet L/H 52 Brass LPG Stove Valve Jet L/H 72 Brass LPG Stove Valve Jet L/H 58 Brass LPG Stove Valve Jet L/H 77 Brass LPG Stove Valve Jet L/H 65 Brass LPG Stove Valve Jet L/H 85 Brass LPG Stove Valve Jet L/H 45 Brass LPG Stove Valve Jet L/H 55 Brass LPG Stove Valve Jet L/H 60 Brass LPG Stove Valve Jet L/H 70 Brass LPG Stove Valve Jet L/H 78 Brass LPG Stove Valve Jet L/H 80 Brass LPG Stove Valve Jet L/H 57 Brass LPG Stove Valve Jet L/H 90 Brass LPG Stove Valve Jet L/H 110 Brass LPG Stove Valve Jet L/H 120 Brass LPG Stove Valve Jet L/H 130 Brass LPG Stove Valve Jet L/H 140 Brass LPG Stove Valve Jet L/H 150 Brass LPG Stove Valve Jet L/H 160 Brass LPG Stove Valve Jet L/H 180 Brass LPG Stove Valve Jet L/H 210 Brass LPG Stove Valve Jet L/H 250 Brass LPG Stove Valve Jet L/H 285 Geyser Parts Safety Devices Inlet/Outlet Fittings Fusible Nozzle Other parts for Geysers Parts for Geyser Apparatus Assembly

Contact Info


C-2/327, G.I.D.C., Shanker Tekri Udyognagar, Jamnagar - 361004, Guajrat
Tale Fax#: (0288) 2561855, Mobile #: 99251 22062

Jamnagar - 361004 (Gujarat) India

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