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Shivas Projects India Pvt Ltd


Shivas Projects India Pvt Ltd

Shivas Projects India Pvt Ltd

Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh, India

Engineering Products - Manufacturer, Trader, Services, Export / Import,
Pvt. Ltd. Firm Since 1994

Thorough and exhaustive designing with an eye over all cost, stringent Quality control at manufacturing stage, ensuring technical superiority of the products and prompt service back-up are the benchmarks about which our commitment to customers revolves. Ghaziabad (INDIA) based Shivas Projects (India) Pvt. Ltd. , An award winning organization , is managed by two qualifies experienced engineers Sanjay Katyal and Pawan Kohli . We manufacture PP/PVC/PVDF FRP/GRP Chemical Processing Equipment and Air Pollution Control Systems AND Inline Pickling Equipment for applications in a wide range of Industrial activities.

We started our operations, in 1991 in a rented shed in Bulundshahar Road Industrial area in Ghaziabad. In the first year of operation itself receive an order for installing FUME SCRUBBING SYSTEM for a leading cold rolled steel strip mill in northern India. Since then we have installed more than 350 Fume/Gas/Dust extraction systems and more than 320 different types of scrubbers or other mass transfer equipment (such as Sieve Tray or Plate Scrubbers, Packed Columns, Venturi Scrubber, Falling Film Columns, Cyclones and Bag Houses etc.) involving a variety of streams such as HCI, H2SO4, CI2, HF, Nox, SO2 and other Fumes or Gases. In 1995, Shivas Projects moved into its own 15000 sq. Ft. Premises.

Shivas Projects has, for the first time in India, developed a Fume-Free Acid Pickling Line & Electro Pickling , Zincing , Galvanizing Lines for the wire drawing industry using continuous pickling (in-line) process. It is designed to offer enhance productivity, better pickling quality, lower power consumption, better speed of pickling and negligible acid losses as the acid fumes are condensed and recycled. This fume-free pickling line obviates the need for a fume scrubber. The unit is compact, with built in rinsing sections. Absence of high rise hoods means free overhead material movement. The line provides an absolutely clean surrounding for better safety. Today more than 80 Fume-Less Lines are operating in all major wire drawing industries in India.

Other than Fume free lines, Shivas Projects has also installed equipment for conventional metal Pickling and Rinsing Tanks and Trays made out of Engineering plastics such as PP/PVC/PVDF GRP or FRP. These are used in both batch as well as continuous pickling operations for CR strips, Cable tapes, Wire drawing and other acid and chemical handling applications.

The company has proven expertise in Fumes/Dust Extraction and Ventilation Systems for efficient removal of polluting fumes, gases, smoke, mist, dust laden air from the working area. Compact and mobile units are offered for handling light loads such as welding fumes matching centers chemical loading and unloading station etc. Custom designed hoods & Ductwork has more often then not resulted in substantial substantial energy savings for the client.

Shivas Projects advance Fume/Gas Scrubber needs special mention. It offers high efficiency tray type scrubber for chemical reactor of gases/acid fumes or cases where dust-laden air with corrosive gases is to be treated. Designing for intimate gas liquid contact with non-clogging type construction and fabricated out of totally corrosion-proof material needs practically no maintenance. This low cost unit requires very low liquid flow rate resulting in less effluent to treat. In certain cases recovery of expensive material is also possible.

For air movement and ventilation requirements, we manufacture Centrifugal Fans or Blowers in single width, single inlet type construction. Our range of Air Handling wheels is offered in both GRP/FRP/PP/PVC/PVDF and metallic construction. Vinyl Ester resin is used in these blowers to offer best of mechanical and corrosion resistance properties.

Process equipment like Reaction Vessels, Storage Tanks, Pipelines, Agitators etc are few examples of our product range. Kindly look into our product range listing for more details.

Products :

Fume Less Pickling Line : For better pickling quality in Fume Free atmosphere. Wire Electro Pickling, Galvanizing Line for wire: We offer Latest technology in Electrolytic process for Wire Pickling for Inline pickling of copper coating line, Galvanizing , Zincing. Air Pollution Control Systems: This state of art technology offer numerous advantages over conventional processes like Zinc Coating Controls, higher DV for Inline Process. Lines are supplied with inbuilt high efficiency fume exhaust system. Wet Scrubbers/Gas Absorbers/Adsorbers Shop Floor Exhausts, Duct-Work, Packed Columns, Venturi Scrubbers , Bag Houses, Cyclone, Pulse Jet Bag House Dust Collectors/Filters, Centrifugal Blowers/Fans, Beach washer Hoods: Hoods and Covers. Company specializes in large size Hoods construction for Pulp Bleach washers, RGP Bleach, Brown Stock Washer Lines Fume/Gas/Dust Extraction System, With High Collection efficiency suction hoods, Sieve Tray Scrubbers, Bubble Cap Scrubbers Storage Tanks for Acids & Chemicals, Reaction Vessels & Acid Oil Tanks, Pickling Rinsing Tanks & Trays, Chlorination Towers/Hypo Reactors, Graphite Tube Heat Exchangers, Static Mixtures , Chlorine Di Oxide Plant and Equipments, Nutsche Filters, Electric Motors Covers. Agitators, Pipelines & Pipe Fittings, Protective Coatings, Butterfly Type Dampers, Spray Headers, Chemical Wash Stations, Electroplating Tanks, Pulp Washers, PP- H Pickling Tanks Equipment for Water & Sewerage Treatment Plants, Vibration Isolators for Ducts, Special Fabricated Equipment, Acid Heating, Wiping Devices, Mist Separators/Demistors, Charge/Metering Tanks. PP- H Pickling Trays

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Shivas Projects India Pvt Ltd

C-71/7 BS ROAD INDL AREA SITE-1 Near Loha Mandi
GHAZIABAD - 201009 (Uttar Pradesh) India

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