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Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Engineering Products - Manufacturer, Trader, Services, Export / Import,
Proprietorship Firm Since 1975

Respected Sir,

We take this liberty to introduce ourselves as one of the leading manufacturer and suppliers of Fire Extinguishers, Fire Fighting Equipments, Safety Equipments and Personal Protective Equipments & our establishment is over 30 years young.

Ours is an ISO 9001:2000, NSIC & SSI unit registered in Bombay with manufacturing facilities at Vikroli and Taloja, New Bombay. We have complete range of Fire Fighting Equipments, Safety Equipments, High Pressure fittings, Valves, Rubber & Teflon Hoses / Diaphragms / Gaskets / ‘O’ rings / Washers etc. Our organization is considered pioneers in the developing field of Natural Gas in India.

We are on the approved vendor list of the various organizations like Indian Navy, HPCL, BPCL, RELIANCE, KRIBHCO, ONGC, IPCL, RCF & many reputed concerns.

In addition to Sales & Service of Fire Fighting Equipments & Systems, we have in-house facility for refilling of Breathing Air, SCBA Set cylinder upto 300 bars. We have Expert technicians who can take care of any repair work related to SCBA Set / Cylinder / valves etc.

Products :

FIRE EXTINGUISHERS, PPES, SAFETY EQUIPMENTS, NATURAL GAS EQUIPMENTS, 1. FIRE FIGHTING EQUIPMENTS • All types of Portable Fire Extinguishers like DCP, ABC, CO2, Water CO2, Mechanical Foam & FM 200. • New CO2 / N2 gas cartridges and refills. • Water Monitors with different nozzles (Stand post/Trolley/Trailer mounted). • Foam Water Monitor with different types of nozzles (Stand post/Trolley/Trailer mounted). • Jumbo Jet Nozzles. • Aqua Foam Equivalent Nozzles for Water-Foam-DCP/ABC monitors. • Medium Expansion Foam Generators. • High volume Foam Pourers. • High Expansion Foam Flooding Generators. • Foam Maker with Vapour seal chamber. • Mobile Foam Units. • Smoke Exhausters-Electrically / Water turbine operated. • Smoke Generators-Electrically operated (Non-toxic). • Water Curtain & Water Fan Nozzles (Water beater). • MFG 5 & MFG 10. • FB2x, FB5x, FB10x, Inline Inductors with and w/o variable flow control valves. • Portable Ground water monitor. • Halon / ABC Modular type fire extinguishers in M. S. /S. S. • Water Nozzles & Branches like Fog, Refinery Triple purpose, Navy, Revolving, Multipurpose, Diffuser, Oil Fire, Flat spray, London Hand controlled, Elkhart type, Kugelite type etc. • Fireman’s Favorite ‘The Workhorse’ PISTOL GRIP, NO-BACK-PRESSURE NOZZLE. • Gunmetal Couplings, Adopters, Double male / female etc. • Suction Fittings, NRV, and Strainers etc. • Rubber / PVC suction hoses with end couplings. • Water Ejector pumps. • Dry Riser & Air vent valves. • Collecting / Dividing Breechings, Controlled breeching. • Applicators for DCP, CO2 (Twin trolley) and metal fire extinguishers. • Fireman’s Axe (Certified up to 20, 000 volts.) and Firemen Hook with pole, Rescue Tools. • Hydraulic testing machine with adopters for Extinguisher testing. • Hoses, Hose Boxes, Hose Reels, Hose nozzles, Hose Binding Machines, Hose Washing Machines etc. • CO2 / Halon / FM 200 system manifolds, sprayers, nozzles, sprinklers • Fiberglass (FRP) boxes for fire Hose/Fire Extinguisher/B A Set. • Spark Arrestors for all types of vehicles (CCOE Approved). • Corrosion Proof Stainless Steel Fire Extinguishers. • Knapsack Fire Extinguishers made of MS / FRP / Plastic / Brass for forest, bush & grass fires. • UL listed Medium Velocity Spray Nozzles, Deluge Valves & Hose. • Hose Ramps, Fire Tender Wheel Blocks. • Flange x Male/Female instantaneous outlet connections. • Designing & Installation of Sprinkler & Water wall systems. 2. OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH & SAFETY PRODUCTS • Explosion Proof Torches. • Detection Meters and sensing elements. • Explosion meters, Combustible gas, Toxic gas & Oxygen indicators etc. • Half / full mask respirators. • Respirators with Cartridges for different Gases / Fumes / vapours. • Face Masks. • B A Sets and Spares. • Eye/Face Wash Assembly & Showers. • Gloves, Blankets, Fire suits, Goggles etc. • Earplugs, Muffs and Guards. • First Aid kits. • Helmets with & w/o Shields. • Safety belts, Hooks, Harness, Lanyards, Body belts, Carabineers, Rail riders, Lifelines, Ropes, Rope grabs etc. • Elevation Ladders, Portable ladders etc. • Maintenance / Petroleum / Chemical Sorbents (3M-USA make). • Hand / Electrically operated sirens. 3. MAINTENANCE OF FIRE FIGHTING EQUIPMENTS. • Spares for all types of fire fighting equipments and extinguishers. • Rubber parts like ‘O’ rings, Gaskets, Bush, Washers etc • Pressure Testing, Refilling & Maintenance of BA cylinders up to 300-bar pressure. • Annual maintenance of fire extinguishers. • Refilling of CO2 / N2 gas cartridges. • Refilling of all types of Halon replacement mixture GAS. • Refilling of CO2 system Cylinders and repairing of valves. • Hand Grip / Nozzles / Applicators of various types for Higher capacity fire extinguishers like 25 / 50 / 70 kg DCP, 50/150 lit. Mechanical Foam. Any import substitute nozzle as per client specification. • All types Hydrant spares (Any make). 4. NATURAL GAS PRODUCTS • High-pressure CNG Cylinder Cascades. • Installation of Natural Gas Pipelines, Upstream & Downstream. • CNG FILLING STATION INSTALLATION. • High Pressure Hoses with dispensing system for CNG cascade to vehicle. • Refilling Adopters, receptacles and nozzles. • SS 316 Instrumentation tubing and fittings of various sizes. • High Pressure Testing & maintenance of Cascade/ Cylinders • Retrofitting of CNG kits in Gasoline Vehicles. • CNG Vehicle spares like mixtures/ power valves / brackets etc. • Strainers / Filters for CNG / PNG • Ball Valves, Appliance valves, butterfly valves, filters, Lock & Key valves for steam / Natural Gas. • Equipments & Spares for Gas Line installation like Manual & Hydraulic Squeezers, Meters, Regulators, Meter Brackets, Meter Adopters, Nozzle jet, Pipe clamps, Warning tapes, Stickers, Clips etc. • Service Regulators Modules, District Regulating Systems, MRS, FRP Kiosk / box, Copper tubes, couplers, elbows, tee, self-solder fittings, solders, flux, etc

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MUMBAI - 400083 (Maharashtra) India

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