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Goodwill enterprises


Goodwill enterprises

Goodwill enterprises

Latur, Maharashtra, India

Engineering Products - Manufacturer, Trader, Export / Import,
Proprietorship Firm Since 2000

Welcome to Goodwill Enterprises on line, where you can find and purchase all types of Drilling, Mining, Hydraulic, Pneumatic and Rig spares.Our organization is manufacturer, retailer and exporter of all kind Drilling, Mining, Hydraulic and Pneumatic spares suitable for all kinds of drilling and mining rigs that is DTH (down the hole) Hammers and Bits, DHD Hammers and Bits, Drilling Rods, Button Bits, Cross Bits, Pumps, Valves, Motors, Seal Kits and Rig spares suitable for all types of Rigs.

Under one roof we are fully equipped with all types of drilling spares required for drilling rigs.On the other hand we can supply all types of Hammers and Bits suitable for all types of Drilling application as per International standard.

Since 2000 Goodwill has been serving a broad array of businesses such as supply of spares on time, servicing and repairs of rig machines as well as giving services to industrial sector.

Our goods are manufactured under strict quality control and proper inspection of material, forging and heat treatment is made always.Our quality engineers puts a strong eye on manufacturing process. We are using world class steel for our manufacturing process.Our QC department rejects the finished goods which are not as per standard.0.We are always trying to give more satisfaction to our custmers both in quality and service.

We are maintaining such an quality that we are saying our products are ?Another name of quality?.

Our products are used in a multiple of end use application from mobile equipments used in the Agriculture, Construction, Drilling, Mining and Blasting Industry.

Products :

1}Dth hammers {Drill Master Series} Drillmaster series hammers are suitable for all types of formation but especially dedicated to break the toughest rocks. It has got a special design heavy duty piston which provides less wear and tear ensures long life with at par penetration performance. It is a valve less hammer with less number of components which eliminate operational problem and gives hassle free drilling all the times. SPECIAL CHARACTERSTICIS OF DRILLMASTER SERIES Heavy duty piston High penetration with low air consumption. Hassle free drilling. Less number of components. Low maintenance cost. Suitable for all types of formation. Reversible barrel which ensures at par penetration. Works properly both in water and dry formation. Less number of operational problems GENERAL GUIDELINES OF USE It is advisable to use 100 degree rock oil only. Clean all the components of hammer and Drop sufficient oil before use and keep hammer clean with oil when it is not in use. This will safeguard the hammer from Rust. Flush the hammer for 30 seconds with air and water before starting drilling. Maintain and check the oil level of lubrication tank always. 2}Dth bits DTH BITS Goodwill Enterprises manufactures a wide range of drilling bits that is DTH bits, Tricon bits, Drag bits, Hole opener bits suitable for all kind of drilling application. We covers almost all field of drilling, mining, blasting, water well and quarrying industry. We manufacture drilling bits suitable for all types of hammers available in the international market. On the other hand we can also supply drilling bits as per specified design provided by consumers. Our goods are manufactured as per international standard and under strict quality control .We are using world class buttons available in the international market. TYPES OF BITS: DTH Bits Tricon bits Drag bits Hole opener bits O-Dex bits DTH BITS: We offer DTH bits of different facing according to requirement and suitablity that is convex, flat and concave. 1)Convex facing : The convex face is especially dedicated for hard abrasive rocks. 2)Flat facing : The flat face is suitable for all types of formation and especially dedicated to changing formation. 3)Concave facing : The concave facing is especially dedicated for deep depth (hole) drilling. Table for DTH Bits Particulars Measurement S4 S6 S8 HP SERIES Good drill /Drillmaster Good drill / Drillmaster Good drill / Drillmaster Sizes available for drilling MM 115-140 115-140 152-190 202-335 Sizes available for casing drilling MM 152-190 152-190 222-255 304-355 3}Drilling acessories: Drilling Accessories Drilling rods: Goodwill Enterprises offers a variety of drilling rods for different types of drilling & mining applications. We are manufacturing drilling rods in different lengths and in different thickness according to suitability in different types of drilling application. We are using good class of steel for bulk head ends (adaptors) and adequate heat treatment is given to them. They are specially designed to suit the international specification. On the other hand we can also supply drilling rods as per specified design provided by our customers. Rig spares: Our firm is a leading manufacturer and exporters of all types of rig spares suitable for all types of drilling and mining rigs that is Hydraulic Pump, Valves, Motors, Hoses and Cylinders, Rotary head (RH) assemblies, Transfer gearbox (TG) assemblies, Rotary head spindle, Gear box shafts, Rod carrier, Rod spanner, Rod guide, Break out wench spanner, Pullies, Shafts, Oil seals, Seal kits, bearing etc. UPVC casing pipes: Goodwill also offers UPVC casing pipes from 5" to 20" in different length basically 6 meters long. These products are manufactured with special PVC compound with extra toughness. They are light in weight with anti corrosive chemicals which safeguard the casing pipe from various inserts found in soil and water. All casing pipes bear ISI mark on their sleeve. We are providing suitable threads with a collar which provides easy connectivity and avoids welding works. On the other hand we can also supply all types of casing pipe as per customer requirement.

Contact Info

Goodwill enterprises

Pinate complex,Basweshwar circle
Latur - 413512 (Maharashtra) India

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