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Amar Group


Amar Group

Amar Group

Pune, Maharashtra, India

Engineering Products - Manufacturer, Services, Export / Import,
Organization Firm Since 1978

The Amar Group began 30 years ago, as a small rubber moulding and engineering unit servicing various industries. The erstwhile Amar Polymers was the brainchild of Mr. A.M.Sekar. A true visionary who in a sense could 'predict' the future purely based on the simplicity of his convictions - to create a business that provides solutions and touches lives. With its roots as a manufacturer of engineering components, the group made its foray into: precision engineering components, developing import substitutes, and value engineering. Amar Group has its head quarters at Chennai and has established offices at Bangalore, Pune and its international operations in Singapore.

Soon, for the Amar Group, ?business-as-usual? meant the introduction of another division called VR Associates to meet the demand for total electrical solutions. VR Associates provides designs and complete solutions for electrical & electronic gadgets.

Amar?s homegrown expertise spawned its venture into storage solutions. Amarsons works on a turnkey basis to provide complete solutions for storage systems, storage for industries as well as for retail. We are one of the leading customized manufacturers of storage racks. Also customized work benches are produced.

Amarsons Pte. Ltd., House of International Trade was started recently with the primary aim of importing and exporting of Industrial products ? computer and electronic ? metals & minerals ? business products ? home products etc. Joint ventures are being formed to serve specific markets and clients.

Our Products & Services

Amar Polymer is an ISO Certified precision engineering company. It has established a name in the indigenous manufacture of complex imported components. We are the sole supplier of pitch assemblies, nose cone ceilings, nacelle etc., to the wind energy companies in India.
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VR Associates provides complete solutions for electrical and electronic panel boards, bus ducts, cable ducts and street light poles.
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Amarsons is a total solutions provider for industrial storage, shop floor solutions, and retail/commercial storage solutions. Amarsons has an excellent team for services in architecture & interior design.
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Amarsons Pte Ltd, focus on import and export of industrial products, business products, metals & minerals, computer & electronics and intellectual properties.

Products :

Amar Polymers www.Amarpolymers.Com Amar Polymers has established a name in the indigenous manufacture of complex imported components. We are the sole supplier of pitch assemblies, nose cone ceilings, nacelle etc., to the wind energy companies in India. We are experts in value engineering. We manufacture imported engineering substitutes with accurate specification. Thus, Amar Polymers takes advantage of this favorable business environment to grow and become an icon for quality indigenization of complex imported components. The ability to design any type of engineering assembly based on the specifications has earned the reputation of being able to consistently deliver quality products within the agreed time frames. ? Our products and services o Precision Engineering Components o Wind Mill Spares o Pitch Mechanisms o Nose Cone Sealing o Flexible Couplings o Anti Vibration Mountings o Rubber Moulded Products o Complete Range of Mechanical and Hydraulic Products o Airport Baggage Handling System ? Our Clientele: o Vestas RRB o NEG-Micon o NEPC India o Southern Wind Farm Ltd., o Singapore Airlines Ltd, (Go top...) VR Associates www.Vrassociates.Org We provide complete solutions for electrical panel boards, power distribution boards; change over panels, bus ducts, control panels, phase segregate MCB distribution boards, cable ducts and street light poles. We have successfully executed many works within contracted time frames for hospital, hotels, Central Government Depts., Public Sector Depts., and many commercial firms. VR Associates offers complete electrical consultation, design, installation and project management services. Our focus is on retail/commercial outlets, offices, hospitals, hotels, public buildings & residential projects. ? Our Products and Value Engineering Services o Consultation Design Installation & Execution of all Electrical Works o Electrical Panel Boards o PLC Based Panel Boards o Bus Ducts o Cable Trays & Switch-Boards o Distribution Boards & MS Switch Boxes o Street Light Poles o Design of Products involving Electrical, Mechanical and Hydraulic Engineering o Trade & Supply o Electronic Based Controller for any Liquid ? Our Clientele: o Retail/commercial outlets o Central Government Departments o Private Offices o Hospitals o Hotels o Public Buildings o Residential Projects. (Go top...) Amarsons www.Amarsons.Org We often work on a turnkey basis and provide complete solution for storage systems, both for industries as well as for retail sectors. We are one of the leading customized manufacturers of racks in India. For industry we manufacture storage systems like heavy duty, light duty rack, high bay, pallet rack etc., on shop floor solution like standard work bench & customized work bench and also we supply tool trolley, CNC tool trolley, Die Storage Trolley and other customized items. For commercial/retail firms we provide complete and organized storage solutions. We also produce single and double sided gondolas, wall mounted and free standing gondolas. Amarsons also offers full architecture & interior design services usually focusing on retail/ commercial outlets, offices, public buildings & residential projects. ? Our products and varied services ? Industrial ? Storage System o Heavy Duty Rack, High Bay Rack, Light Duty Rack, Line Supply Rack, Drum Rack, Bale Rack, Mobile Compactors, Cantilever Rack, Hub Rack, Die Rack, FIFO Rack, Bin Storage Rack. ? Shop Floor Solutions o Standard/Customized Work Bench ? Cabinets and Tool Trolleys o Tool Trolley, CNC Tool Trolley, Die Rack Cabinet, Personal Locker, Die Storage Trolley, Drawing Cabinets. ? Commercial/Retail o Accessories and Fixtures, Product Display Counters, Storage Solutions ? Design & Service o Architecture and Interior Design o Product creation. ? Joint venture ? Turnkey manufacturing ? Our Clientele: o BMW o Carborandum Universal o Ashok Leyland o Melss Automation o Health&Glow o Food World o Trinethra o Nuts & Spices o Santosh Supermarket o Fashion Today (Go top...) Amarsons Pte Ltd Amarsons Pte Ltd is the Singapore based international division of Amar Group. We provide the following services and solutions. ? Import / Export / Manufacturing o Industrial products o Business Products o Metals & Minerals o Computers & Electronics o Joint venture opportunities o Contract manufacturing

Contact Info

Amar Group

206, Gera Garden,
Koregoan park,
Pune - 411001
Pune - 411001 (Maharashtra) India

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