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Cadtrium Engineering Solutions Private Limited


Cadtrium Engineering Solutions Private Limited

Cadtrium Engineering Solutions Private Limited

New delhi, Delhi, India

Engineering Products - Services, Export / Import,
Pvt. Ltd. Firm Since 2003

Cadtrium Engineering Solutions Private Limited was established on 20th May 2003 to serve as Design and Engineering support-centre for some of the leading European companies engaged in manufacturing and supply of wide ranging Industrial & Transportation Equipment. Starting with Design of Vacuum based Sanitary Systems for High-speed Trains in Europe, we have moved on to become a leading Engineering service providers to many overseas companies dealing in diverse areas like Off-shore engineering, Wind Energy Generation, Oil, Gas & Refinery equipment, Engineering of Ship-loaders, Steel Plant, Sugar Plant and Food- processing equipment.

Products :

Cadtrium and its designers/engineers have been involved in a large number of Design & Engineering projects which may broadly be classified as follows. 1) Off-shore Equipment A) Blow-out Preventors B) BOP Stacks C) BOP Platfroms D) Cellar Decks E) Drilling Platforms F) Oil-rigs G) Barge 2) Oil, Gas and Refineries A) Tanks B) Tank Supports C) Platform Structures D) Gangways E) Stairs F) Spiral Stair Case G) Pipe Structure H) Pipe Supports I) Monkey Stairs J) Hand Rails K) Heavy Engineering Structure 3) Wind Power Generation A) Wind Turbine Gear Test Benches B) Wind Turbine Generator Test Benches C) Cranes D) Clamping Device E) Drive Units F) Brakes & Couplings G) Thermal Insulation Chambers H) Acoustic Insulation Chambers I) Oil Trays J) Hydraulic Cylinder Operated Booms 4) Steel Plant Equipment A) Continuous Casting Roller Tables B) Mould Oscillators C) Moulds D) Withdrawal Straightening Units E) Chain & Sprocket Drive Units F) Tundish Transfer Cars G) Tundish H) Transfer Cars I) Ladle and Transfer Cars J) Turnover Cooling Beds K) Dummy Bars L) Dummy Bar Storage M) Cross Transfer N) Foot Roller Units O) Benders P) Segments Q) Testing & Maintenance Stands R) Measuring Rulers S) Vacuum Degassing Equipment T) Selection of Geared Motors U) Selection of Roller, Ball and Spherical Bearings V) Selection of Hydraulic & Pneumatic Cylinders W) Environment & Pollution Control Systems for Steel Industries 5) Food Processing Plant & Equipment A) Roller Graders B) Blanchers C) Blow Air Separator D) Elevators E) Raw Material Washing Machines F) Chillers G) Packaging Units H) Process Tables 6) Material Handling Equipment A) Silos B) Chutes C) Hoppers D) Belt & Roller Conveyors 7) Sugar Industries A) Vertical Super-heated Steam Dryer (12t/hr)‏ B) Carousels C) Screens D) Heat-exchangers E) Tube Bank F) Plenum Chambers G) Discharge Chutes H) Drive Units I) Impeller Inlet Cone J) Plant Layout K) Distilleries 8) Ships and Marines A) Rescue Boats B) Feeders C) Derricks D) Cabin & Engine Modules E) Adjustable Bridge F) Stair Tower G) Gangways 9) Vacuum Sanitary Systems for High-speed European Trains A) Sanitary Cabins B) Waste Tanks C) Water Tanks D) Control Discharge System E) Vacuum Toilets F) Rotary Valves G) Water Pressurizer H) Sliding Valves I) Ejectors 10) Aviation Components A) Fin Tips B) Rudder Tips C) Fuselage Parts

Contact Info

Cadtrium Engineering Solutions Private Limited

146, Pocket-2, Sector-1, Dwarka
New Delhi - 110075 (Delhi) India

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