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Taizhou City Purification Equipment Factory


Taizhou City Purification Equipment Factory

Taizhou City Purification Equipment Factory

Taizhou, Outside India, China

Engineering Products - Manufacturer,
Pvt. Ltd. Firm Since 2000

Taizhou City purification equipment factory in Jiangsu Taizhou white horse town-born Chinese naval base, the company their location in Huning, Ning Tung, Lai, salt and other highway interchanges, environment, traffic is very convenient.

Key professional production of hoisting jack, bearings heaters, traps machines, Lu:youji, Rama, wrenches, wire rope pressure sets plane Diaoju and hydraulic tools, cars and other tools for handling and consumption of imported equipment.

209, 000 strong technical force, production, testing equipment sophisticated perfect product range in recent years with the industrial modernization skill development, according to user requirements, the company technicians in the technical quality of excellence, continuous improvement and innovation, has been throughout the country such as electricity, transportation, railway, metallurgy, mining and chemical industries user trust.

Key to "strive for excellence, credibility supremacy" for the purpose of "honesty" and "credit" for the industry norms, the user is willing to provide quality products, quality services and preferential prices. Our sincere wish for you with the action of the company's trust. A cooperation eternal friends.

Products :

Manufacturers of hoisting jack, bearings heaters, traps machines, Lu:youji, Rama, wrenches, wire rope pressure sets plane Diaoju and hydraulic tools, Traps aircraft, Sets silk aircraft, Hydraulic tools, Fuel pumps, Lifts, Handling machinery, Pipeline maintenance tools, Pipeline maintenance tool-magnetic Block drilling, Construction of the power, Power electronic testing products, Wire rope pressure sets machine, cars and other tools for handling and consumption of imported equipment. Hoisting jack series: Shan moving ceremony Chaobo type hoisting jack, Shan moving ceremony Boxing hoisting jack, Shan role hoisting jack, Shan moving from lock-hoisting jack, Shan role Aluminium & hoisting jack, Separation-type top, Shan moving ceremony large tonnage hoisting jack, Double move type of large tonnage hoisting jack, Separation of the hollow top, Shan moving ceremony hollow Zhuse hoisting jack, Double-moving hollow Zhuse hoisting jack, Knapsack hoisting jack, Chaobo-synchronous hoisting jack, Ultrahigh voltage electrical separation of hoisting jack, Ultrahigh voltage synchronous hoisting jack, Electric-to hoisting jack, And Bridge Shuangzhu electric hoisting jack, Separation of Shuangjie top, Vertical hydraulic hoisting jack Shuangjie hydraulic hoisting jack, All hoisting jack, Multifunctional hoisting jack. Bearings heaters series: Ha series bearings heaters, ZJ20X series bearings heaters, Multifunctional camera, ZJ20K series of rapid camera movement, ZJ20T series of heavy heaters, ZJ20B series Lungu heaters, BGJ-4 series sensory heaters, BGJ-C series demolition device, Dkq-functional digital camera bearings, Eld microcomputer bearings heaters Traps plane / road platoon machine / machine is Pai / accessible machines: Separation of aircraft hydraulic traps, Electric hydraulic traps plane, Manual traps plane, Pai plane bends, It platoon plane, Accessible machines. Lu:youji series: Basy Bankuang-pressurized Lu:youji, BKL (II) - based Bankuang Type Lu:youji, ZKL series vacuum Lu:youji, Zjy Series vacuum tanker, Turbine oil for Lu:youji, Luc Lu:youji, WJ-15 micro-filtration machines. Wrenches series: Hydraulic torque wrenches, Intensified wrenches (moment amplifier), K at hydraulic wrenches, TD-driven hydraulic wrenches, FBE Chuneng impact gas trigger, Special wrenches. Ban pressure pump series: SB manual ban pressure pumps, DSB electric pressure pump test, Shuanggang ban pressure pumps, Portable electrical test pressure pumps, 2, 260 ultrahigh voltage mobile Hydraulic Pump, Horizontal ultrahigh voltage mobile Hydraulic Pump. Rama / and pulls device / Stubbs round device: Hydraulic Rama, Screw Rama, Integrated one Rama, Mobile Rama, Type Rama, Trolleys Type-Rama, Electric hydraulic Rama, TMMP series arc and pulls device standards, Ball bearings and pulls device, TMMR series of two-way arc and pulls device, TMMP series arc and pulls heavy vehicles, Modular hydraulic arc and pulls device TMHP8, Of pull-type bearings and pulls device, Dark bearings Block, and pulls device components TMBP20, Dark bearings Block, and pulls device components TMMD61, DYF-weight round by the overall series, DYF series split Stubbs round device, Manual non-slippery-weight round Device, Hydraulic skid-proof round-weight devices, Stubbs round with hand - A series of weight machines: Separation of weight-bearing devices, QH type bearings without injury from weight machine, QH-type spiral of a weight machine bearings, Separation of non-injury vehicle axle bearings use dumping, Equipped with weight machine bearings, FY-S electrical separation of weight-bearing devices, FY-S Sigang bearings on weight machines, Stubbs played by the whole function bearings. Hydraulic press: Electric duty four-post hydraulic press Handling machinery: Manual handling car fuel, To the dumping of fuel handling car, Magic fuel handling car, Manual hydraulic removal vehicles (truck trailers paper), Electric pallet handling car, Hydraulic loading forklift, The weight-loading forklift wimple-loading forklift, Small hydraulic cranes, Hydraulic-work car Cars, cranes series: Hydraulic landing platform, Aluminum hydraulic landing platform Hop, Electric cable car Wire rope cutting machine, wire rope pressure sets plane inserted sets aircraft series: Wire rope cut by wire rope pressure sets plane, Wire rope inserted sets of machines Diaoju series: Gao Qiang fibre soft hoisting belt, Flat sling Portfolio sling, sling Guarding Kok, Composite wire rope, Repression, no connectors wire rope, Steel wire sling portfolio, Chain sets its Site, Since lifting tongs, Cans, 10th Diaoju, Since lifting Diaoju, Balance suspended Liang, Electrician seat belts. Steam insurance tools: A series of tools to protect gas, Steam Paul tool Series 2, Steam Paul tool Series 3. Railway maintenance machinery: Hydraulic squeeze Kong Airport, Bends orbit plane, Of the Road, The orbit plane, Electric hydraulic push rod, Internal combustion sawn-orbit plane, QG-3 sawn-orbit plane, KDJ series electric sawn-plane.

Contact Info

Taizhou City Purification Equipment Factory

BaiMa Industrial Zone,
TaiZhou - 225325 (Outside India) China

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