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Bombay Tools Supplying Agency


Bombay Tools Supplying Agency

Bombay Tools Supplying Agency

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Engineering Products - Manufacturer, Export / Import,
Pvt. Ltd. Firm Since 0

BOMBAY TOOLS SUPPLYING AGENCY is a pioneer in the field of metrology and inspection gauges. Established, over half a century, in 1942, Bombay Tools Supplying Agency has dedicated its growth to precision and quality.

Today, the company manufactures, markets, imports and exports a wide range of measuring instruments of world-renowned brands.

Recognized and respected the world over, Bombay Tools and Supplying Agency, has over the years dynamically adapted and absorbed technological growth and created world class products under its flagship brand JAFUJI.

With manufacturing units at Bangalore and Hyderabad and offices and representatives at Calcutta, Madras, Pune, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Delhi and Surat, Bombay Tools Supplying Agency is well networked to deliver the finest products at the best possible prices, always on time.

Apart from manufacturing, the company also provides specialized calibration and repair services at Hyderabad.

With an uncompromising commitment to quality, precision, accuracy and consistency, Bombay Tools Supplying Agency is well geared to leap into the new millennium.

Bombay tools in its determination to provide world class products has tied up with world class brands and then brought them to India. Bombay Tools is proud to be the agents of Elektrophysik, Wyler, Sylvac and Kroeplin. The quality and development of their products has been greatly innovative.

Today, BombayTools is the largest authorised distrubutor od Mitutoyo in India. BombayTools offers sales and support to make your enquiry as fast and efficient as possible. Bombay tools markets the total range of Mitutoyo products from micrometers, digital calipers to profile projectors. We offer applications support, product support, product information and service for all Mitutoyo products.

Products :

Manufacturers & Exporters of measuring instruments of world-renowned brands. Surface Plate: - Cast Iron Surface Plate - Granite Surface Plate Bench centre: - MBC 2010 - 3010 - 3030 - MYKROKATOR STAND Indicator & Comparater: - 1180 Dial Gauge Stand - 1190 Dial Comparator Stand - 1150 Dial Comparator Stand - 1160 Dial Comparator Stand - 1060 Dial Watch Maker's Mini Dial Indicator Stand - 1070 Dial Watch Maker's Mini Dial Indicator Stand - 1090 Mykrokator Stand - 1100 Dial Gauge Stand - 1120 Transfer Stand - 1440 Universal Dial Indicator Stand - 1450 Universal Dial Indicator Stand - 1000 Mini Indicator Stand (Carbide Anvil) - 1010 Mini Dial Indicator Stand - 1040 Upright Dial Gauge Stand - 1210 Granite Dial Gauge Stand - 1230 Granite Dial Gauge Stand - 1260 Granite Dial Gauge Stand - 1220 Maxi Dial Indicator Stand - 1240 Large Maxi Dial Indicator Stand - 1020 Maxi Dial Indicator Stand - 1030 Large Maxi Dial Indicator Stand - Mykrokator Stand (CEJ Type) Magnetic base stand: V- Block:

Product Catalog

Finely finished Micrometer stand can be adjusted to any position. The micrometer stand has a necessary clamping device which is meant for usage, when more precise measure....

Ideal & economical gear test attachment for checking of gear pitch diameters. Designed for easy mounting with bench centre. Mass: 12 kgs.....

Code No. 1310 Clamping Stem Diameter 15mm Maxi Working Height - Fine Adjusting Range - Mass (kg) 6 ....

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Contact Info

Bombay Tools Supplying Agency

T.G. Shah Building,
Pydhonie Jn.,
Post Box No. 3334,
Mumbai - 400003 (Maharashtra) India

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