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Secunderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India

Engineering Products - Trader,
Proprietorship Firm Since 2004

Rockwell Technocrats, One of the distributors of Non Destructive Testing (NDT) Equipments, Metrology Instruments & Pneumatic material handling equipments (Air Bearings).

Products :

Traders of Non Descritive Testing Equipments Equipment Description Model Make HARDNESS TESTERS Protable digital hardness testers Hartip- 1500 SADT-CHINA Protable digital hardness testers Hartip- 3000 Protabal Hardness tester TH- 140 TIME-CHINA Protabal Hardness tester TH-150 Protabal Hardness tester TH-160 Protabal Hardness Tester- shore TH-200 Protabal Hardness tester- shore TH-210 Protabal hardness tester TH-310 Rockwell hardness tester- mechanical TH-301 Rockwell hardness tester- mechanical TH-320 ROUGHNESS TESTERS Roughness tester TR-100 TIME-CHINA Roughness tester TR-110 Roughness tester TR-150 Roughness tester TR-200 MICROSCOPES Metallurgical microscope SM-500 SDAT-CHINA STRESS TESTRES Protabel Residual stress Tester SADT-CHINA VIBRATATION TESTERS Protable vibratation tester EMT220 SADT-CHINA Protable vibration tester TV 100 TIME-CHINA Protable vibration tester TV 200 Protable vibration tester TV 300 COATING THICKNESS GAUGES Coating thickness gauges- posi pen-A DEFLSKO-USA Coating thickness gauges- posi pen-B Coating thickness gauges- posi test Coating thickness gauges- FS-1 Coating thickness gauges- FS-2 Coating thickness gauges- FS-3 Coating thickness gauges- FNS-1 Coating thickness gauges- FNS-2 Coating thickness gauges- FNS-3 Coating thickness gauges- FNRS1 Coating thickness gauges- FNRS2 Coating thickness gauges- FNRS3 Coating thickness gauge TT 220-F TIME-CHINA Coating thickness gauge TT230-N Coating thickness gauge TT 260-F1 Coating thickness gauge TT 260-N1 Probes F 45 S DEFLSKO-USA Probes N 45 S Probes F 90 S Probes N90 S DEW POINT METERS Dew pioint meter-positector DEFLSKO-USA ADHESION TESTERS Pull off adhesion tester-positest- AT-C DEFLSKO-USA Pull off adhesion tester-positest- AT-P Pull off adhesion tester-positest- AT-M Pull off adhesion tester-positest- AT-CM Dolly-20mm ( 10 nos) Dolly-20mm ( 4 nos) Adhesive set ULTRASONIC THICKNESS GAUGES Ultrasonic thickness gauge- positector UTG DEFLSKO-USA Ultrssonic thickness gauge SA 40 SADT-CHINA Ultrssonic thickness gauge TT 300 TIME-CHINA Ultrssonic thickness gauge TT 310 Ultrssonic thickness gauge TT 320 Ultrssonic thickness gauge TT 340 COATING THICKNESS GAUGES-multiple layers Coating thickness gauge 100 B DEFLSKO-USA Coating thickness gauge 100 BM Coating thickness gauge 100 C Coating thickness gauge 100 CM ULTRASONIC FLAW DETECTORS Flaw detector - DFX series DAKOTA-USA Digital flaw detectors-SONA TEST SONA TEST-UK Site scan 140 Site scan 240 Rail scan- 125LCD Power scan 400 Site scan 120 Ultrasonic flaw detectors TUD 200 TIME-CHINA MAGNETIC PARTICLE TESTING Magnetic particle inspection Tiede-germany Crack detecation Test Liquids EDDY CURRENT TESTERS Eddy current tester-MIZ17ET ( Manual ) ZETEC-USA 2496942 Eddy current tester-MIZ17ET ( Manual ) ZETEC-USA Eddy current tester-MIZ27ET ( AUTO) ZETEC-USA VISUAL INSPECTION EQUIPMENTS Regid bore scopes ITI- USA Micro boro scopes Fibro scopes Video scopes LEAK DETECTION Leak and flow testers Differential Pressure testers Bench top leak testers Flexible high performance leak testers AC / DC POTENTIAL METERS Crack growth moniters Metelect-UK ACOUSTIC EMMISSION High speed Acoustic Emmission system Vallen-Germany Acoustic signal conditioner Leak sound moniter Pre amplifiers FIELD GRADIENT IMAGING Electronic Defect detection NEWT-UK Corrosion mapping Rail inspection system PHASED ARRAY Phased Array systems HARFANG-USA INSPECTION SYSTEMS Grinding Robots Inspector systems-Germany Milling Robots Video Inspection robots SCANNERS Turbine and generator scanners Phoenix-UK UV LAMPS Uv Lamps Labino-Sweden White Lamps Non Contact Portable INFRA RED THERMO METERS Infra red thermo metre TI110 TIME-CHINA Infra red thermo metre TI110L Infra red thermo metre TI120L Infra red thermo metre TI110E Infra red thermo metre TI120E Infra red thermo metre TI110EL Infra red thermo metre TI120EL Infra red thermo metre TI213L Infra red thermo metre TI213EL Infra red thermo metre TI315 Infra red thermo metre TI315E Metrology Instruments TESA-SWISS Calipers TESA-Swiss External Micro metre Internal Micro metre Electronic Level Indicators Comparitive measuring Instruments Surface roughness testing Height Gauges Optical Measurement Coordinate Measuring machines MAHR-GERMANY Calipers Mahr-Germany Height Measuring Instruments Micrometers Test Indicators / 3D Touch Probes Digital / Dial Indicators Digital / Dial comparators Electrical Length Measuring Instruments / Air Gaging Indicator Stands, Comparator Stands Indicating Measuring Instruments Universal Measuring Instruments Interfaces, Data Processing Measuring and Inspection Equipment Standards, Gages and Gage Blocks Portable Surface Roughness Gage Pneumatic Material Handling System (Air Bearing) Air Besrings Hovair -USA Air Pallets Turn Tables Calibraion standards Ultrasonic Test Blocks PH-Tools-USA Ultrasonic Calibration Blocks and standards Ultrasonic Reference standards(Pipe) Ultrasonic Reference standards(Tube) Ultrasonic Reference standards(Bar) Non Metalic Ultrasonic standards Eddy current calibration standards Magnetic particle standards Liquid Penetrant standards Computer tomography standards Precision dimensional gauges

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#123 /A , Chenoy Trade Centre Park Lane,

Secunderabad - 500003 (Andhra Pradesh) India

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