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Taizhou City Quanli Sling Knit Factory


Taizhou City Quanli Sling Knit Factory

Taizhou City Quanli Sling Knit Factory

Taizhou, Outside India, China

Engineering Products - Manufacturer, Trader,
Public. Ltd. Firm Since 1998

Our company is that the jack-up hangs the rigging in the professional factory designed, produced, sold. The chemical fibre that can nearly offer all specifications hoists the rigging, the domestic sales volume has held a safe lead for six years in succession.

Products :

The hanging strip of the chemical fibre- acidproof hanging strip, pickle and hoist bringing, an alkali-resisting hanging strip, flexible hanging strip, annular jack-up hoist and mount is taken, the hanging strip of the jack-up with all strength, the polyester hoists bringing, lift sling, the sling with all strength; Nylon jack-up sling, the chemical fibre hoists the rigging Nylon hoists the rope -- Annular jack-up hoist and mount rope, pair spike and hang the rope, the chemical fibre hoists the rope, hoisting the rope with all strength, many forks hang the rope, pickle and hoist the rope, have not connected and hoisted the rope The complex steel wire rope hoists the rigging --Taking one set of steel wire ropes, the steel wire rope of the jack-up with all strength, has not connected the steel wire rope, complex steel wire rope, press the glue steel wire rope, an annular steel wire rope- Truss up bringing -- Fasten and take, the trussing up device, the straining device, tighten up and take with all strength, tie the thing group, the bolt is taken closely Nylon cargo net -- The chemical fibre hoists the network, the hoist and mount network of the jack- up with all strength, nylon hoists the network Nylon rope ladder -- The rope ladder of the chemical fibre, the rope ladder with all strength, the rope ladder of steel wire rope, nylon rope For over 20 years rope ladder, the series of the brand hang the rigging and already exhibit ones skill in the trades, such as steel, Shi Hua, electricity, machine-building, Aero-Space, construction work, port quay. With all strength. We will continue Insist continuously that " the service, speciality are absorbed with all strength " the service theory is both at home and abroad as before Users offer high-quality brand with all strength service. Hearty old and new customers who welcome both at home and abroad, selling Trader, incoming telegram of foreign trade enterprise, writing to us, negotiate cooperation, win together mutual benefit! Strip

Contact Info

Taizhou City Quanli Sling Knit Factory

Yongan Town, Taizhou City Jiangsu,
TaiZhou - 225327 (Outside India) China

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