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MEDIEAST Instruments


MEDIEAST Instruments

MEDIEAST Instruments

Sialkot, , Pakistan

Engineering Products - Manufacturer, Export / Import,
Proprietorship Firm Since 0

Welcome to MEDIEAST INSTRUMENTS, the Pioneers of surgical manufacturing industry in Sialkot, Pakistan.
For your information "MEDIEAST INSTRUMENTS" is a company that has been working in the field of Surgical Instruments for all type i.E Manicure, Dental, Hollowware and Veterinary Instruments in Sialkot, Pakistan for over 30 years. This gives us the experience and "know-how" that can be gained only through time out and we are still considered to be one of leader in the field of Surgical Instruments. Our craftsmanship and other staff are permanently working to keep "MEDIEAST INSTRUMENTS" producing newer, safer and more modern techniques and methods of surgical instruments. This is what keep us ahead in this field.

The management and staff at MEDIEAST INSTRUMENTS would like to thank you for visiting our site

Products :

Manufacturers & Exporters of High Quality Instruments Surgical Instruments : ? Scissors ? Retractor ? Forceps ? Suction Tubes ? Needle Holder ? Gynecology's Dental Instruments : Extracting Forceps No. 16 Extracting Forceps No. 17 Extracting Forceps No. 18L Extracting Forceps No. 151 Extracting Forceps No. 23 Extracting Forceps No. 24 Extracting Forceps No. 62 Extracting Forceps No. 65 Extracting Forceps No. 88 L Extracting Forceps No. MD 3 Pedo Extracting Forceps No. 150 S Pedo Extracting Forceps No. 151 S Manicure Instruments : ? Thinning Barber Scissors ? Barber Scissors ? Tweezers ? Embroidery Scissors ? Cuticle Scissors ? Nail Cutters & Nippers ? Manicure Instruments ? Tailor & Utility Scissors Veterinary Instruments : APical Elevators Ferguson Forceps Frank Emasculator Gouge Elevators Hughes Hoof Groover Lichty Teat Knife Obstetrical Saw Wire Plain Emasculator Roaching Shears Snook Ovariectomy Hook Udall Teat Bistoury White Emasculator White Nail Clippers Titanium Instruments : Hooks, Spoons & Manipulators : Iris Hook & Lens Fenzl Lens Manipulator Tying Forceps / 90 Tooth Tip Forceps ( 1 x 2 teeth) : Tying forceps Tying forceps McPherson Tying forceps McPherson Tying forceps McPherson Toothed forceps Collbri Conjunctive forceps Capsulorhexis Forceps : Capsulorhexis forceps Capsulorhexis forceps Capsulorhexis forceps Capsulorhexis forceps Capsulorhexis forceps Capsulorhexis forceps Corneal Suturing Forceps / IOL Forceps : Hofmann-Polack Corneal Suturing Polack Corneal Suturing Kelman-McPherson Kelman-McPherson Clayman Type IOL IOL forceps Notched Tip Forceps ( 1 x 1 teeth ) / Akahoshi Pre-chopper Forceps : Notched Forceps Notched Forceps Notched Forceps Pierse-Colibri Corneal Forceps Special Forceps / Capsulotomy Scissors : Kansas Nucleus Removel Forceps Nucleus Bisector Vannas Capsulotomy Scissors Nucleus Bisector Fechtner Conjunctive Forceps Vannas Capsulotomy Scissors Conjunctival Scissors : McPherson-Westcott Conjunctival Scissors Corneal Section Scissors : Castroviejo Corneoscleral Scissors Castroviejo Corneoscleral Scissors Other Scissors : Phaco Claw Chopper NichaPin Phaco Triple Chopper Speculum & Iasik Instruments : Lieberman LASIK Solid Speculum Machat LASIK Adjustable wire Speculum Wire Speculum Adusable Wire Speculum Needle Holders : Needle Holder Needle Holder Eye Instruments : Tweezers Scissors Needle Holders

Contact Info

MEDIEAST Instruments

P.O.Box Nawan Pind Araian,Aiman Abad Road, Sialkot Pakistan
Sialkot - 51310 () Pakistan

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