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Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Engineering Products - Trader,
Proprietorship Firm Since 0

More than three decades to the service of Fire Protection and Safety Industry, the company managed by technical qualified professionals with vast experience in business of manufacturing and supplying the complete range of Fire Protection & Safety Equipments
As we have been regularly supplying Fire Protection & Safety Equipment to various industries like Chemical, Fertilizer, Pesticide, Refineries, Petroleum, Pharmaceutical, Construction, Cement, Mining, Food, Rubber, Paper, Electronics, Engineering, Textile, Thermal Power Stations and Government Dept, etc.
Please let us know the products of your requirements with details that would enable us to give you best reasonable prices.

Products :

Supplying of- Fire Protection & Safety Equipment to various industries like Chemical Fertilizer Pesticide Refineries Petroleum Pharmaceutical Construction Cement Mining Food Rubber Paper Electronics Engineering Textile Thermal Power Stations and Government Dept, etc. Fire Fighting Equipments Fire Extinguishers :- Water Co2 Type Fire Extinguishers Mechanical Foam (Afff) Fire Extinguishers DRY CHEMICAL POWDER FIRE EXINGUISHERS "ABC" Store Pressure Type Dry Chemical Powder Fire Extinguishers Co2 Fire Extinguishers Co2 GAS CARTRIDGES Hose Reels Hose Box- Hose Boxes fabricated from M.S./ S.S./ FRP for storage of Fire Hoses and Nozzles. Fire Hoses - Type A Controlled Percolating Hose- All Synthetic fibre, circular woven jacketed, controlled percolating fire hose R R L Non-Percolating Hose Externally Elastomeric coated all synthetic jacketed, rubberised fabric reinforced rubber lined (R R L), non percolating flexible fire fighting delivery hose, resistant to liquids, chemicals, abrasion & heat Type B Non-Percolating HoseNon percolating flexible fire fighting delivery hose, three layered synthetic jacketed, with elastomeric outer covering, resistant to liquids, chemicals, acids, alkalies, solvents, abrasion & heat Couplings- Branch Pipe & Nozzles Hydrant Valves 1. Oblique Type Hydrant Valves 2. Right Angle Type Hydrant Valves 3. Double Control Type Hydrant Valves Breeching & Adaptors- 1. Fittings & Adaptors - Collecting Breeches 2. Dividing Breeches 3. Male/Female Adaptors Blank Caps- Male and Female Instantenous as well as threaded Blank Caps available for use with Hydrant valves, and other Fire fighting purposes. Portable Foam Equipments (Lx, Mx Foam- Branches, Pourers, Generators, Inline Inductors, Mechanical Foam Generators, Mobile Foam Trolleys) Monitors 1. Monitors - Loop Type Monitors 2. Portable Monitors Exceptional performance Easy, conventional detachable mechanism 3. High Volume Monitors Monitors Nozzles- 1. Monitor Nozzles - Foam Barrels 2. Monitor Nozzles - Super Stream Nozzles 3. Monitor Nozzles - Jet/Spray Nozzles Sprinklers 1. SPRINKLERS UL/FM/LPCB APPROVED CENTRAL SPRAYSAFE (TYCO) SPRINKLERS 2. Medium Velocity Water Spray Nozzle 3. Window / Water Curtain Nozzle 4. High Velocity Water Spray Nozzle 5. Reverse Action MV Water Spray Nozzle 6. Foam Water Sprinkler 7. Revolving Nozzle Fire Man Axe Stand Pipes & Posts 1. Standpipes 2. Stand Posts 1.Suction Couplings - Collecting Heads 2. Suction Couplings - Strainers 3.Pumping In Breech 4. Air Release Valve Stand Pipes & Posts 1. Standpipes 2. Stand Posts Allied Products (Collecting Heads, Strainers, Pumping in Breech, Air Release Valve) 1.Suction Couplings - Collecting Heads 2. Suction Couplings - Strainers 3.Pumping In Breech 4. Air Release Valve Safety Equipments:- Body Protection= PVC SUIT ASBESTOS SUIT ALUMINISED GLASS FIBRE SUITS APRONS Reflective Vest These Aprons are available in : 1. Drill Canvas 11/14 ounce material 2. Hospital Sheeting Rubber 3. Fabric lined PVC (Rexine) 4. Laminated 0.2mm PVC (Superior) 5. Split Chrome Leather 6. Asbestos - Regular/Hindustan Composite's AMC-41/ AMC-45. Face Protection- FACE SHIELD 'A TYPE' FACESHIELD FIBRE GLASS FACE SHIELD WELDING SHIELD : Head and Hand Eye Protection - Jaguar Concord Coverall VIP Model "N" Ear Protection Ear muff with Steel Head Band 1. High performance hearing protection for - any noise problem. 2. Scientifically designed for maximum comfort, easily adjustable. 3. Exceptionally Light, efficient, attractive, durable and economic. PVC Plugs Ear plugs made of soft PVC to reduce noise level provided with Nylon thread and finnel cleaner. Sponge Plugs Head Protection Helmet Hdpe Helmet with faceshield Helmet with earmuff Industrial/Miners Helmets Industrial helmets Fibre Glass Helmets and Hoods Respiratory Protection METTI CLOTH MASK PVC DUST MASK FUME MASK PLEATED GAS/VAPOUR/ODOUR PROTECTION MASK RESUSCITATOR CANNISTER GAS MASK Safety Showers & Eye Wash Fountain - Shower Eye Wash / Pedal operated Single Decontamination Stall Drench Shower EMERGENCY EYE WASH BOWL SPRAY COATING VALVE ESSENTIAL SPARE PARTS Shower Head Eye Wash Head Assembly Eye wash Head Cover Eye Wash Bowl Push Handle Fire Suits & Blanket Fire Proximity Suit Safety Belts 1. GENERAL SAFETY BELT 2. FULL BODY HARNESS Road Safety Equipments High Visibility Vest LED Batons Speed Retarder Road Stud Safety Rope Ladder Road Safety Equipments List of Products in alphabetical orderList of Products in alphabetical orderAllied Products (Safety Torch, Nylon Safety Net, Barricading Tape, Welding Glass) 1. Safety Torch 2. Nylon Safety Net 3. Barricading Tapes 3. Welding Glass List of Products in alphabetical order- ABC F/Ex Fireman Axe Nozzles Accessories First Aid Box Personal Protective Equipments Adaptors Flame Proof Pill Box AFFF Foam Chamber Posters Alarm Panels Foam Compound Powder Alarm Systems Foam Generator Protective Clothing Aluminized Fire Suit Foam Maker PVC Suit Apron/List of Products in alphabetical order Foam Making Branch Refilling of all types of Ex. Beater Foam Monitors Reflective Tape Belt Gas Detectors Respirator Blanket Blanket Gloves Resuscitator Branch Pipe Goggle Road Safety Device Breathing Apparatus Grip Rope Ladder Breeching Gum boot Safety Belt Bucket Stand Gun Metal Fittings Safety Torch Canister Gas Mask Heat Detectors Shower & Fountain Cap Helmet Sign, Notice & Labels Cartridges Hook Siren CO2 F/Ex Hooter Smoke Detection Co2 System Horn Spares DCP F/Ex Hose Box Spark Arrester Detectors Hose Coupling Spindle Ear Muff Hose Reel Sprinkler Ear Plug Hoses Stickers Mergency Kit Hydrant System Stretcher Extinguisher Box Hydrant Valve Suit Face Shield Inline Foam Inductor System Fire Beater Ladders Trolley Fire Bell Link Chain Trolley F/Ex Fire Bucket Lug Valve Fire Chemicals Mask Washer Fire Extinguishers Mechanical Foam F/Ex Water Co2 F/Ex Fire Hook Monitors Water Foam Monitors Fire Hose Net Wind Sock

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Office No. 8,Krishna Kunj,144/145,M. G. Road, Rajawadi, Ghatkopar (E),
Mumbai - 400077 (Maharashtra) India

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