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Meena Overseas Engineers


Meena Overseas Engineers

Meena Overseas Engineers

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Engineering Products - Manufacturer, Trader, Export / Import,
Proprietorship Firm Since 0

1. The process time is reduced from 72 hours to just 4-8 hours for the batch volume of 250/500/750/1000/1500/2000/2500 kgs of slurry, depending on the model of mill.

2. The power costs to run the Pearl Grinder Mill is just 10 % to 15 % of Ball Milling.

3. The drastically reduced waiting period to get the milled slurry in compounding of Latex, helps to plan faster the production.

4. 10 to 20 % of ball milling space is required for pearl milling job.

5. The ease of processing volume between the 25 kgs to 500 / 1000 kgs batch size makes the mill very popular with the milling / compounding section personnel?s.

6. The fall out of chemical?s being almost to ZERO VALUE , the losses of chemicals from latex is very low , thus all valuable chemicals added to improve the quality is ensured to be present in the latex . Further loss of Down Time to clean the lines due to fall out is also reduced a lot , thus saving to the cost of running the dip lines.

7. Compact mill with much lighter weight.

8. Very low moving load ( between 20 to 80 kgs ) / inertia , while mill is in use, makes lot of power saving possible.

9. Possible to run the mill with slurry input of 10 to 25/30 microns to get below one - two micron average particle size , at the same time the slurry inputs may go to higher value of 100 to 250 microns , still the machine giving same below one micron average particle size , amazing task , impossible for the other type of dispersions mills.

10. The products like Sulfur / TiO2 / ZnO / Antioxidants / Accelerators etc . Are having similar milling time or similar processing capability . ( which is not the case with
other type of mills ).

11. The chemicals can be individually milled or mixed and milled giving the similar best results in same time , is the uniqueness of pearl grinder mill , highly appreciated by the user of mill.

12. The noise / vibration levels are very low , making lot of saving of power bills.

13. The mills are provided generally with spares good to run the mill trouble free for 2 year?s time (this feature is not provided by other dispersion mill supplier).

14. Tools & Accessories are provided to run the mill , very smoothly , very easy for production & engineering team to handle the mill.

15. Built in safety features / electric interlocks to prevent misuse / damages.

16. Very easy to run the mill / maintenance free machine . Long time between the mean frequency of breakdown , makes the user of mill , greatly comfortable, when the mill is installed to take care of critical dispersion duty.

17. The average costs of maintenance of the mill , is very low , as the spares are priced at very reasonable price . ( The generally yearly expenses for mills is between US $ 400 to 1200 , depending on the model of machine & total time the mill is used ) , the figure of such maintenance costs if worked on the basis of ton of slurry processed , turns to be very very small amount. (almost negligible i.E. US $ 2 to 5 / 1000 Kgs. Of slurry milled).

18. The layout / arrangement provided are , made user friendly to ensure the mill can be operated & maintained by normally intelligent work force , avoiding higher wage expenses of user to have highly technically skilled workforce.

19. Free Services of Senior Engineer provided to commission the mill at site of customer.

20. Last , but not the least , the payback period is generally less than 12 months , had made the Pearl Grinder Mill , very much popular, with the users of mill.

Products :

Dispersions / Grinding Mill for Agro Chemicals to be Dispersed in Water Based Emulsions , Flowable AgroChemicals , Suspension Concentrates . Envoirenmental Friendly Agro Chemicals . Modern Mills giving performance to any best mills in the world. Our Product Range : Pearl Grinder Mills , for Super Dispersion Of Latex Chemicals / Curatives for Gloves (Latex / Examinations / Surgicals / Nitrile / Clean Room / Electronic), Condoms, Finger Cots, Balloons, Foam Products Now Available From India , Land Of Technology, Engineering, Rubber Plantations . The Mills are installed in India, USA, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Mexico, China, Ecuador and other countries The Ball Mill / Attritor / Vybro-Vibro Mill users have found the New Generation Technology so much useful, user friendly, That they have sent the old dispersion machines to scrap yard.

Contact Info

Meena Overseas Engineers

1st Flr ,Madhuban, 641 , Kharpali Road,
(P. D. Hinduja Marg), Khar
Mumbai - 400052 (Maharashtra) India

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