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Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Engineering Products - Manufacturer,
Proprietorship Firm Since 0

We are one of the leading manufacturers of "Fire Extinguishers & Entire Range of Fire Fighting Equipments" with our own name i.E. ?Mahavir? brand with ISI mark in India. We are into this business since 15 years. Now, we are looking forward to expand our business by innovation of new products in the market.
We are manufacturing and supplying the ISI mark products like Fire Extinguisher, Hose Reel, Hose Box, Fire Hose Pipe, G.M.Coupling, G.M.Branch Pipe, Water Monitor, Mechanical Foam Compound, Dry Chemical Powder. We are specialists in ?Mahavir? Brand items like Hose Box, Hose Reel, ABC Store Pressure type Fire Extinguishers IS:13849 & Water Store Pressure type Fire Extinguishers IS: 6234 and Dry Chemical Powder ( DCP ) IS : 2171 & Water CO2 ( CO2 Gas Cartridge Type) IS :940. We are having BIS approved license.
We market our products almost all over India. We have many dealers in Southern & Northern parts of India. Our Customers consists of reputed companies like ONGC, RCF, Nulear Industries, Waste Treatment Plants, Laboratories, Airports, Diffrent State Fire Stations, Pharmaceuticals & Gas Industries throughout the industrial belt of Delhi, Ludhiyana, Coimbatore, Cochin, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Madurai, Ahmedabad, Calcutta, Trichy, Faridabad, Solapur, Kolapur, Sangli, Satara, Goa, Pune etc.
We also under take maintenance and service contract too. We offer Guarantee in our Product. We Provide quality products at reasonable prices and minimum delivery lead time. The Company ensures products of best quality from raw material stage, manufacturing assembling, finishing, testing, and do care in packing. All Engineers, Staff, and Workers are fully motivated in maintaining very stringent quality standard for life long service of the equipment.

Products :

Manufacturers of - "Fire Extinguishers & Entire Range of Fire Fighting Equipments" with our own name i.e. ?Mahavir? brand with ISI mark in India. ABC TYPE FIRE EXTINGUISHER Store Pressure ( Multipurpose Fire Extinguisher ) "MAHAVIR BRAND" BIS APPROVED ISI MARK ABC TYPE FIRE EXTINGUISHER COVERS A,B,C CLASS OF FIRES WHICH INCLUDE PAPERS, WOOD, CLOTH RUBBER, PLASTIC & INFLAMMABLE LIQUID LIKE OIL, PETROL, PAINTS, PETROCHEMICAL PRODUCT, RESINS, GASES IN THE COMPRESSED FROM ACETYLENES, LPG & CNG, ELECTRICAL & SOPHISTICATED ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT. WATER CO2 TYPE FIRE EXTINGUISHER FOR "A" CLASS OF FIRE "MAHAVIR BRAND" BIS APPROVED ISI MARK ABC TYPE FIRE EXTINGUISHER & WATER STORE PRESSURE TYPE PROVIDES SAFETY AGAINST "A" CLASS OF THE FIRE WHICH INVOLVES MATERIAL LIKE WOOD, PAPER, CLOTH, PLASTICS & FIBER, RUBBER ETC. DRY CHEMICAL POWDER TYPE FIRE EXTINGUISHER FOR "B" & "C" CLASS OF FIRE "MAHAVIR BRAND" BIS APPROVED ISI MARK DRY CHEMICAL FIRE EXTINGUISHER CONTROL B & C CLASS OF FIRE LIKE OIL, PETROL AND PETROLEUM PRODUCT, SOLVENT, PAINTS, VARNISHES, CHEMICAL LIQUIDS, ALL FLAMMABLE LIQUIDS & ELECTRICAL FIRE & GAS FIRE, ETC. CARBON DIOXIDE TYPE FIRE EXTINGUISHER FOR "B" & "C" CLASS OF FIRE "MAHAVIR BRAND" CARBON DIOXIDE TYPE FIRE EXTINGUISHER ARE SUITABLE FOR B & C CLASS OF FIRES INVOLVING ALL FLAMMABLE LIQUIDS, GASES, LIVE & DELICATE, MACHINERY FIRES, ELECTRICAL & SOPHISTICATED ELECTRONIC EQUIPMENTS FIRES TRASNFORMER & SWITCH GEAR FIRE. THIS EXTINGUISHER IS APPROVED BY EXPLOSIVE DEPARTMENT, GOVT. OF INDIA, NAGPUR MECHANICAL FOAM (AFFF) FIRE EXTINGUISHER FOR "A" & "B" CLASS OF FIRE "MAHAVIR BRAND" MECANICAL FOAM TYPE FIRE EXTINGUISHER IS DESIGNED TO EXTINGUISH A & B CLASS OF FIRE INVOLVING WOOD, PAPER, CLOTH, TEXTILE, STATIONERY & VERY SPECIAL BLANKET EFFECT ON FLAMMABLE & VOLATILE LIQUIDS LIKE OIL, PETROL, KEROSENE, SOLVENT & CHEMICAL, WAX, RESINS ETC. AUTOMATIC MODULAR FIRE EXTINGUISHER A B C E CLASS OF FIRE Contents : Automatic ABC Dry Power, Dry Chemical Powder, FM-200 etc. Operation : When heat from an uncontrolled fire increases to a pre-set temperature of the unit, the fusible link releases discharging the extiinguishing agent. The releases temperature of the extinguisher (fusible link) can be preset at works ranging from 570c/680c/790c/930c/1400c and so on. They require no external source of energy and it can be operated electrically, manually or mechanically for their operation. (Optionally). Applicability for General Occupancies & Storage Areas like : Storage of Flammabble & Combustible Liquids & Gases, Chemicals, Grain Mill Products, Solids Fuels, Records, Libraries, Museums, Showrooms, Shops, Offices, Residential premises, Workshop, Garages, Paint Booths, Theatre, Radio Rooms TV Stations etc. HOSE BOX M.S. Fire Hose Cabinet made from thick plate and having inside arrangement to fix two length or one length of fire hose pipe and one clamp for fixing copper branch pipe complete with door of glass frame and door front lock, key box and side ventilation. HOSE REEL M.S. Fire Hose reel wall mounting swinging pattern having constructed From M.S. thick plate and water ways and moving part are made from non-corrosive metal complete with G.M. Valve and chromium plated shut-off nozzle available in " DUNLOP" or best Indian make rubber hose pipe, 3/4" Dia or 1" to accommodate length of hose 80Ft., 120 Ft. and 150Ft. & by Special Sizes on Request. HYDRANT SYSTEM ACCESSORIES- Hose Box Hose Reel Fire Man Axe Fire Hook Stand Post with Hydrant Valve Hydrant Valve Double Outlet With Double Head Coupling Screwed Coupling Shutt Off Nozzle London Hand Controlled Nozzle Tripple Purpose Nozzle Fog Nozzle Revolving Nozzle Foam Making Nozzle Monitor Branch Pipe

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Unit No. 30, Anandraj Industrial Estate, B/H Asian Paints,
Sonapur Lane, Bhandup (W),
Mumbai - 400 078 (Maharashtra) India

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