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Rascal Cams


Rascal Cams

Rascal Cams

Cumberland, , United States

Engineering Products - Manufacturer, Trader,
Proprietorship Firm Since 0

During the next few weeks, we will be loading the complete store and finishing touches to our website. In the meantime, please browse the site and feel free to contact us at any time. Most importantly, thanks to all of our loyal customers. We couldn't have done it without you!

From "weekend warriors" to professional race teams, Rascal Cams will treat your power needs as an ENGINE PROGRAM, not as a simple parts purchase, from camshafts to complete engines. Not only can we get any race/performance part at a reasonable price, we will offer direction to their use in dynamic function as a whole. Rascal Cams also carries the most trusted, top quality parts available in the industry so you can be assured you are getting the most for your hard-earned money. Take the guesswork out of Mopar performance and browse our website. We have specs, technical information, and tons of articles to help you understand each aspect of your engine, and your purchase. Read our "About Us" page to find out what's behind Rascal Cams.

Some high performance/racing manufacturers have been responsible enough to provide a "color by numbers" approach to aid customers in selecting a combination of parts. Usually RPM "range" (and brand X) based. While this method offers a reasonable foundation on which to build, far too little detail is available when it comes to possible power production and/or performance estimates. At best it helps novice enthusiasts avoid major mistakes.

Experienced engine builders typically take things a step further and base their efforts on established combinations. This approach is usually backed by known performance characteristics and dyno proven results, can offer potential customers a more confidant package, but many engine builders become mired in their experience and have difficulty with anything outside their established combinations. Further misdirected by dyno fever, many can be found down the road far beyond the point of diminishing returns.

Good engineers should/can often offer detailed information, such as RPM and output figures, for parts/systems within their specific area of expertise, but they often have difficulty tying the advantages of "their" parts to the advantages of "other's" parts.

We have found that while some aspects of engine design can be more effective than others, this is usually from being misused in the first place. In truth no single part or system is more important than any other aspect of an engine, and that it is each and every part within an engine as a whole, that is the key to effective power. One cannot change one part without altering the effectiveness of every other part in use.

In short no part is more important than any other in an engine, with one exception, the camshaft. This is not necessarily because the camshaft profile is more effective that any other part within an engine, but because the camshaft and resulting valve action is what ties so many misapplied aspects or "systems" within an engine or driveline together. This is the reason we have chosen to be first and foremost, a camshaft company! Fortunately for the world of Mopar racers and enthusiasts, Rascal Cams has maintained a continuous R&D program, and reading between the lines of most public and many private programs for many, many years. We know how each and every part within an engine effects the others and can produce the most effective combination thereof, without compromise.

For these reasons, Rascal Cams ensures our customers have their own individual engine program. Each and every camshaft we sell is custom ground, we do not sell any "off-the-shelf" grinds. Stop making power "one spec at a time" and treat your camshaft purchase as an engine program.

We would also like to thank our loyal customers, and wish everyone a successful racing season. THE FOLKS AT RASCAL CAMS

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Manufacturer & Traders Of Mopar performance and racing engines, as well as custom ground camshafts and engine programs.

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Rascal Cams

16 Remington Rd
Cumberland - 23040 () United States

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