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Ace Bimetallik India Pvt Ltd


Ace Bimetallik India Pvt Ltd

Ace Bimetallik India Pvt Ltd

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Engineering Products - Manufacturer, Trader,
Public. Ltd. Firm Since 0

Ace Bi-Mealliks is a Joint venture of our associate manufacturers & Super Impex to professionally distribute the entire range of electrical fittings and accessories,

The core competence area of Ace bi-metalliks is its high standards in Quality. ACE is backed by strong foundations of ISO 9002 Manufactures & UL approved Products of its parent companies SUPER IMPEX which is UL listed for S.S Grounding Equipment (The safety standards for US and Canada).

The best of these two companies combine to give you unmatched excellence in all its products & services, from manufacturing to delivery of its finished goods. All the products are designed to met international standards, ensuring compliance with the demands of a majority of end users.

ACE Bi-Metaliks welcomes you to discover, for yourselves, the best in the field fo Electrical Fittings and accessories.

Products :

We are manufacturers and traders of the entire range of electrical fittings and accessories. Our products include:- 1)Cable Lugs -Aluminum - Copper Bi - Metal cable lugs / cable terminals -Aluminum - Copper Bi - Metal Connector / Splice -Bi - Metallic Connector -Double Split Bolt Bi - Metal Line Tap 2)Cable Glands -BW Gland - Industrial Gland (2 Part) -BW Gland - Industrial Gland (3 Part) -CW Cable Gland (3 Part) -E1W Brass Gland -A1/A2 Industrial Cable Gland -G Type Gland or Alco Gland -TRS Cable Gland -Wiping Gland -PVC Shroud/Sleeve -Lock Nuts -Earthing Tag -Tinned Brass Line Tap -Brass Neutral Link/Neutral Bar/Connector -Brass Earthing Terminals -Earthing & Lightning protection 3)Copper Bonded Grounding Rods -Mechanically Claded Copper Coated Grounding Rod -Fittings for the Rods -Solid Copper Rod C -Stainless Steel Ground Rod -Stainless Steel Pointed Ground Rod -Copper Bonded Earth Plate -Solid Copper Earth Plate -Earth Plate- Latice Copper -Copper Alloy Clamps(1) -Copper Alloy Clamps(2) -Bonds -Lightening Protection(1) -Lightening Protection(2) -Lightening Protection(3) -Lightening Protection(4) -Lightening Protection(5) -Accessories -Conductors(1) -Conductors(2) -Split Bolt Connectors / Line Tap -Compression Terminals -Fasteners or Fixings(1) -Fasteners or Fixings(2) 4)Cable Terminals -Crimping Type Copper Tubular Cable Terminal Ends -Crimping Type Copper Tubular Cable Terminal Ends - Bell Mouth -Aluminum - Copper BI-Metal Terminals -Aluminum - Copper BI-Metal Connector/Splice -Tinned Copper Tubular Cable Lugs Without Inspection hole -Transformer Copper Terminal Ends -Long Barrel Tinned Copper Cable Terminal Ends -2 Hole extended Palm Lugs without Inspection Hole -Solder Lugs -Tubular Compression Cable Lugs -Tubular Cable Lugs with Insulation -Heavy Duty lugs for Compact XLPE Cable -Copper Connectors with Solid Barrier -Crimping Type Copper Tubular in-line Connectors/Link. (Long Barrel -Connectors/Butt type Connectors/Short Barrel Connectors -Compression Full tension Sleeve -Straight Splice for medium Voltage Cable -Copper End Sealing Ferrules -Tubular Plastic End Sleeves -Soldering Type Copper week back ferrules -Tinned Screw Sleeve -Punched Copper Cable-Lugs Bolted with 4 Screw * -Copper /Tinned 'C' Connectors -Compression Joints -Aluminium Compression Joints -Tinned Aluminium Cable Terminal Ends -Tinned Aluminium Cable Connectors/Links -Aluminium Sleeve for Low/Half Voltage Splicing of Aluminium Cable -Aluminium splice for LV & MV (upto 30 KV), for Similar Cable Cross -Sectional Area -Aluminium splice for LV & MV (upto 30 KV), for Dissimilar Cable Cross Sectional Area -Aluminium Connectors for Termination of 2, 3 and 4 Core sector shaped cable -Straight Terminal/Lugs for Termination 2, 3 and 4Core sector Shaped Cable -Ring Type Tinned Copper Cable Terminal Ends -Ring Type Insulated tinned Copper Terminal Ends -Fork Type Tinned Copper Cable Terminal Ends -Fork type Insulated tinned Copper Cable Terminal Ends -Pin type Tinned Copper Cable Terminal Ends -Pin Type Insulated tinned Copper cable Terminal Ends -Copper Reducer Type Terminal Ends -Receptacles Rolled Type -Receptacles Rolled Type with Tongue -Receptacles Rolled type 90 Degrees -Receptacles Box type -Receptacles Box type with Tongue -Receptacles Box type 90 Degrees -Tabs -Butt Connectors -Receptacles (with Solid Dielectric insulation) -Receptacles Non-Insulated, Brass tinned -Receptacles (DIN 46245) -Receptacle -Standard Connectors Flat Type-Plain /Tinned Copper -Standard Flexible Connectors Crimped & Termination -Conduits & Conduit Accessories -PVC Coated Galvanised Flexible Conduit (as per BS 731 part) -Dark Flexible Conduit System -Liquid Tight Flexible PVC Coated Galvanised Conduit -Flexible Corrugated PVC Conduit -PVC Flexible Corrugated Cable Protection Hose Pipe -Two Pies Adaptor / Connector -One Pies Adaptor / Connector -Connector / Assembly -Iron & Steel Conduit Fittings -Circular Junction Boxes -Looping Box -Covers -Elbow -Bends -Tees -Coupling -Brass Bush -Saddle -Lock Ring -Hexagon Lock Nut -Hook -Crampets -Conduit Unions -Reducers -Adaptors -Cable Trunking -Cable Ducts / PVC Channels / Panel Trunkings -Fasteners -Zinc Plated Fasteners -Strip Polyethylene Connector -Saddle Connectors -Transmission Power line

Contact Info

Ace Bimetallik India Pvt Ltd

612, commerce House ,
Naginndas Master Road
Mumbai - 400 023 (Maharashtra) India

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