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Essen Aluminium


Essen Aluminium

Essen Aluminium

Belgaum, Karnataka, India

Engineering Products - Export / Import,
Proprietorship Firm Since 1978

We are situated at Belgaum, in the northern part of the Karnataka State, India. We are equidistant from Mumbai and Bangalore. We are non-ferrous founders and in business for the last 27 years. We produce high integrity castings in copper and Aluminium based alloys - by sand, gravity, die, centrifugal and squeeze casting methods. Castings range from fraction of a kilogram to 150 Kgs for copper alloys and upto 100 Kgs for aluminium alloys. Typical products made by Essen Aluminum include plumbing and hardware fixtures, gears, valves, gear housings, cams, and wide range of copper stud connectors and motor terminal lugs.

We have our own in-house chemical laboratory wherin we use gravitimetric, volumetric and spectrophotometric methods which helps us in maintaining a tight control over the chemical composition of metals. Integrally cast test bars are provided where specifically required. Physical test reports can be provided if required. This meticulous involvement in pursuance of quality has helped us in getting some respected names in the industry as our customers.

We have an excellent general purpose workshop with high accuracy lathes, ably supervised by qualified engineers and helped by good metronomic equipment. All our measuring instruments are regularly calibrated at recognised insititutes. Our metallurgical records are maintained carefully so that any casting - raw or machined - can be connected to lab reports (heat numbers, anyalysis etc.) at any future date. This is an ongoing process. Which has helped us in improving qaulity control.

We cater to various industries like mining, shipbuilding, OEM for elevators and escalators, pump and valve industry, power transmission equipment like worm wheels for speed reduction gear boxes and fluid drive couplings.

Products :

Exporters of Castings. Aluminum castings : Aluminium castings can be cast in sand, permanent moulds, or formed under high pressure by way of squeeze Casting. Aluminium alloys can be centrifugal cast. Copper based alloy castings : Castings Include Bushings, Sleeves, Gear blanks, Impellers, Valves etc. Required by pump, mining, and general engineering industry. Castings are also made to withstand pressure. Chemical and physical properties are guaranteed. Centrifugal castings We have been doing centrifugal castings since 1975 and cater to quite a few buyers. Metals poured are Phosphor bronze, Gunmetal and Cupro-nickels. We also specialise in casting gear blanks with cast iron hub in-situ with radiological bonding between the cast iron and bronze interface. Squeeze Castings : Components that can be produced are Gear blanks, Gear blanks with cast iron hub, Bushings, Rods etc. Metals that can be poured are almost all copper based alloys and aluminium alloys.

Contact Info

Essen Aluminium

M42, Industrial Estate, Udyambag,
Belgaum - 590008 (Karnataka) India

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