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Portfolio Sourcing India


Portfolio Sourcing India

Portfolio Sourcing India

New delhi, Delhi, India

Engineering Products - Manufacturer,
Proprietorship Firm Since 0

Not so long ago, Sourcing India was just an idea, which was conceived by three young dynamic people. The concept then took its roots, became firm and has grown into a strong organization, called "PORTFOLIO Sourcing India". With a sound base, adequate infrastructure and a wide spread network, the Company offers its clients a comprehensive and satisfying relationship right from the word 'go'. Our Company's focus is on meeting our client's requirements by offering competitive prices for our products, ensuring excellent quality and adhering to stipulated shipment deadlines. We at PORTFOLIO Sourcing India look forward to having you as our esteemed business partner.

Products :

Manufacturers of Agricultural Tools, Pliers, Automobile Tools, Gardening Tools, Leather Products, Spanners, Plumbing Tools, Striking Tools, Vices, Wood Working Tools. Our Products :- Agricultural Tools :- -Digger -Curved Digger -Coffee Digger -Bark Scraper -Bark Scraper Flat -Bark Scraper Long Neck -Forged Hoe Raised Eye -Forged Hoe Triangular -Forged Hoe Square Eye -Forged Hoe Hammer Head -Forged Hoe Straight Blade -Forged Fork Hoe -Garden Fork Hoe 3 Prong -Garden Fork Hoe 2 Prong -Garden Fork Hoe Point -Pick Oval Eye -Clay Pick -Pick Oval Eye -Pick Mattock 1 -Pick Mattock 2 -Cutter Mattock 1 -Cutter Mattock 2 -Curved Rake -Straight Rake -Heavy Bow Rake Pliers :- -Combination Plier -Linesman Plier -Combination Plier Heavy Duty -Shearing Plier Fit Type -Locking Plier -Fence Plier -Side Cutting Plier -Diagonal Cutting Plier -Long Nose Plier 1 -Long Nose Plier 2 -Bent Nose Plier -Flat Nose Plier -Round Nose Plier -Cobbler/Carpenter Pincer -Tower Pincer -Top Cutter -Tin Cutter -Tin Cutter Spanish Model -Circlip Plier -Miniature Plier -Water Pump Plier Slip -Water Pump Plier Groove -Water Pump Plier Groove -Water Pump Plier Box -Slip Joint Plier Automobile Tools :- -Oil Can -Oil Can Perfetto Type -Oil Can Pistol Type -Grease Gun Push Type -Grease Gun Lever Type -Cross Rim Wrench -Box Wrench -Oil Filter Wrench Light -Oil Filter Wrench Heavy -Bearing Puller Gardening Tools :- -Shovel 1 -Shovel 2 -Digging Fork 1 -Digging Fork 2 -Border Fork 1 -Border Fork 2 -Border Spade 1 -Border Spade 2 -Digging Spade 1 -Digging Spade 2 -Garden Pruning Shear 1 -Garden Pruning Shear 2 -Lady Pruning Shear -Special Shear Plumbing Tools :- -Pipe Wrench Stillson -Pipe Wrench Spanish -Pipe Wrench Heavy Duty -Pipe Vice Self Locking -Chain Pipe Vice -Ratchet Pipe Die Set -Chain Pipe Wrench -Pipe Die Set -Pipe Vice Self Locking -Pipe Cutter -Tube Cutter Striking Tools :- -Ball Pein/Cross Pein Hammer -Claw Hammer -Club Hammer -Sledge Hammer -Machinist Hammer -Chisel Flat/Pointed -Mason's Peg -Nail Puller -Brick Bolster -Wrecking Bar -Utility Bar Leather Products :- -Leather Tool Apron 1 -Leather Tool Apron 2 -Leather Tool Apron 3 -Leather Tool Apron 4 -Leather Nail Pouch -Leather Cordless Drill Holster -Leather Hammer Holder Swivel -Leather Hammer Holder Fixed -Leather Knee Pads Spanners :- -Double Open Ended Spanners -Combination Spanners -Bihexagonal Ring Spanners -Gas Spanner 1 -Gas Spanner 2 Vices :- -Bench Vice Fixed Base -Bench Vice Swivel Base -All Steel Bench Vice Fixed Base -All Steel Bench Vice Swivel Base -All Steel Vice -All Steel Offset Vice -Unigrip Vice -Drill Press Vice -Drill Press Vice Heavy -Clamp Baby Vice Fixed Base -Clamp Baby Vice Swivel Base -Baby Vice Bench Model Wood Working Tools :- -C-G Clamps -Mini C-G Clamps -Hacksaw Frame -Junior Hacksaw Frame -Iron Jack Plane

Contact Info

Portfolio Sourcing India

107, Hemkunt Chambers,
89 Nehru Place,

New Delhi - 1100 19 (Delhi) India

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