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Roop Telsonic Ultrasonix Ltd


Roop Telsonic Ultrasonix Ltd

Roop Telsonic Ultrasonix Ltd

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Engineering Products - Manufacturer, Services,
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ROOP TELSONIC ULTRASONIX LTD (RTUL) is a joint venture with a well-known ultrasonic machine manufacturer M/s TELSONIC AG, Switzerland, who is world leader in ultrasonic technology.

RTUL is a leader in design, development, manufacture and marketing of a wide range of ultrasonic machines for welding, cleaning, sieving, non-destructive testing, sonochemistry and specialized applications. The Company has established itself as a high-tech firm, specializing in production, research and developments in the area of ultrasonics. It has the most modern manufacturing facilities at Gandhinagar (Gujarat) and Mumbai, with a well equipped application lab, tool room and machine shop, sophisticated testing and design center and a high-tech laboratory with sophisticated measuring instruments.

The Company is one of the largest and most trusted supplier of advance technology ultrasonic instruments and application support in the industry. The Company has more than 15 sales and service offices all over India and a well spread network in the South East Asia. The Company's emphasis is always on delivering the latest in Ultrasonics to the industry. The Company also has an advanced research center for upgradation of instruments which keep pace with modern times. RTUL manufactures all its products with exceptional quality and value. The Company's commitment to providing the very best customer service is evident from its continuing investment in manufacturing technology and productivity enhancing capital equipment. The Company has an efficient day and night in-house service section for providing after sales support. The Company is also investing heavily in software development for its wide range of machines.

Products :

Manufacturers and marketing of a wide range of ultrasonic machines for welding, cleaning, sieving, non-destructive testing, sonochemistry, PRODUCT rANGE : Cleaning Welding Sieving NDT Others 1.Cleaning :General idea about Cleaning. -Table Top .TEC Series :Economy Series with specifications. .TPC Series :Standard Series with specifications. .TMC Series :Micro Computer Controlled ultrasonic cleaning with specifications. -Tubular Resonator : .Tubular Resonator :Tubular Resonator with specifications. .Comparision :Tubular Resonator Vs Bonded Transducer. .Tube Resonator Installations :Cleaning Tank using tubular resonator with technical specifications. .Tube Resonator Components :Microprocessor Controlled Ultrasonic Cleaning with specifications. Custom Built :Custom Built Cleaning options. Multi Chamber :Custom Built Cleaning process. Vapour degreasing :High performance Vapour Degreasing System with specifications. Wire cleaning :High Efficiency Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaning of Wires and Strips. Others :Other Specialized Cleaning Systems. 2.Welding :Welding - Metal and Plastic. -Metal Welding :General idea about Metal Welding. .Techniques :Technical Specifications. .Advantages :Advantages of Metal Welding. .Applications :Where and how to apply. .Continous Welding :Continous Welding Machine for Solar Thermal System. .Linear Ultrasonic Welding :Application of Linear Ultrasonic Welding process. .Torsional Welding :Ultrasonic Torsional Welding process. .Ring Welding :Applications and Advantages of Ring Welding. -Plastic Welding :General idea about Plastic Welding. .Principles :Principles of Plastic Welding. .Advantages :Advantages of Plastic Welding. .Applications :Where and how to apply. .Ultrasonic Machine Components :Pnuematic press / SG-22 1000W generator 20KHz / MPS-3 Microprossor Controller / Convertor-Booster-Horn assembly. .Features :Special features of Plastic Welding. .Models :Different models with specifications. .Others :Other Welding Systems. .Tube Sealing :Microprocessor Controlled cold welding technique. Overview :Microprocessor Controlled consistant & reliable sealing. Features :Features of System TS-1000W. Technical Specification :Tube sealing with Technical Specification. .Textile Cutting :Textile Cutting Series TCG-50-30 - Advantages and Technical Specifications. -Sieving :Welding - Metal and Plastic. .Sonoscreen Sieving :The proven Screening Technology with sonoscreen. .Advantages :Advantages and Applications of Sonoscreen. .Installation :Installation and Equipment of Sonoscreen. -NDT :General idea about Non Destructive Testing Equipment. .Flaw Detector Flaw Detector :Portable Ultrasonic Flaw Detectors which save resources. Features :Special features of Model 4400 M. Techniques :Technical specifications. Flaw 4400 :Flaw Detectors - 4400 A & 4400 M. .Pulse Reciever : HF 400 :Technical specifications of High Frequency 400. HE 900 :Technical specifications of High Energy 900. DW 1000 :Technical specifications of Delay Window Module 1000. .Accessories :Reference & Calibration Blocks / MICRODOT-LEMO-UHF-BNC. .Custom Built Systems .Thickness Guage :Non Destructive Method of measuring. .Concrete Tester :Strength measuring equipment for concrete. .Hardness Tester :Hardness Tester Model No. 4800 with technical specifications. .Transducers :Different Types of Transducers. -High Efficiency Straight Contact Transducers :W, P, K Series with Technical Specifications. -Replaceable Face straight Contact Transducers :P, K Series with Technical Specifications. -Anglebeam and Shearwave Transducers :P, K Series with Technical Specifications. -Miniature Transducers :W, P, K Series with Technical Specifications. -Delay Line Transducers :Delay Line Transducers with Technical Specifications. -Dual Element Transducers :T, R transducers with Technical Specifications. -High Efficiency Immersion Transducers :W, P, K Series with Technical Specifications. -Very High Frequency Immersion & Wide Beam Transducers :M & Mx Series with Technical Specifications. -Zero Degree Shearwaves Transducers :Zero Degree Shearwaves Transducers with Technical Specifications. -High Temperature Transducers :High Temperature Transducers with Technical Specifications. -Dry Coupling Transducers :Dry Coupling Transducers with Technical Specifications. -Other Custom Built Transducers :Custom Built Transducers with Technical Specifications.

Contact Info

Roop Telsonic Ultrasonix Ltd

A/41 Nandkishore Industrial Estate,
Off Mahakali Caves Road,
Andheri (E),

Mumbai - 400093 (Maharashtra) India

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