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Joinville, , Brazil

Engineering Products - Manufacturer,
Proprietorship Firm Since 0

CISER was founded in 1959 to serve the customers of "Casa do A?o", a hardware store that the Schneider family had been running since 1881. The shop was on Rua do Principe, where, today, the "Shopping da F?brica" is located.
By harmoniously combining austerity, patrimonial care, productivity and respect for the individual and the client, we have made CISER exert a powerful impact on the fastening market.
Using our own resources, as we always have since the beginning, we intend to continue sowing and reaping riches, growth and development.
We are also creating more jobs and improving our work conditions, participating, therefore, in what we believe to be an important effort to gain social justice and peace.
We are doing this because we believe in the future of Brazil and in the premise that our population will have a good standard of living as long as we have strong companies, rich cities and a well administered country.
Therefore, we will be able to continue being recognized as a reliable company, run by professionals who do their best to offer quality products and services.
Building a trustworthy name : CISER has implanted modern methods of manufacturing and management, seeking to consolidate the principles of quality and reliability within the company.
Growth ? determined to succeed : By reinvesting the profits, CISER has been expanding non-stop, incorporating new equipment and technology, in an effort to always meet the needs of its market. Maintaining dependable stocks has been a constant concern.
Concern with technology and quality : In the industrial design department, experienced engineers and technicians develop the tools used in production and study numerous supply consultations for special fastening innovations.
Physical and chemical tests are carried out in the quality control laboratory in the quest to strengthen the reliability of the CISER name.
Support and assistance to meet the customers? needs
The doors of CISER?s offices are always open to friends, customers, suppliers and any new ideas capable of making progress.
The sales department, supported by its branches, telephone sales, salespeople and representatives covering the entire national territory, always endeavors to improve customer service as a way of strengthening trust in both the company and its name.
Appreciating the individual : Those who come to join us are always welcome, as each new staff member is part of our growth.
As well as supplying suitable instruction to new employees, the human resource department runs permanent courses in professional updating and development for all departments.
CISER continuously strives to increase the social aid it provides to its staff, appreciating the person while attempting to make the company an extension of his/her home.

Products :

We are Manufacturers of Following Products. Our Products are : -Carriage - Bolt with Hex Nut -Hex Cap Screw -Grade 5 Hex Cap Screw -Hex Nut ASTM A 563 -Plain Washer - ASTM F-436 -Hex Head Screw -Hex Head Flange Screw -Slotted Mushroom Head Cap Screw -Lag Bolt for Cement Asbestos Tile -Lag Bolt Conjunt for Cement Asbestos Tile -Threaded Stud -Hinge Pins / Bush -Thread Rod -10.9 Hex Cap Screw With Hex Nut and Lock Washer -Bolt for Car Battery Cable With Hex Nut -Self Head Self Tapping and Plain Washer -Hex High Head Screw -Hex Head Screw with Cone Point -Hex Head Cap Screw with Long Chanfer -Round Flat Head Bolt for Pneumatic Suspensor -Drum Ring Hex Flange Bolt -Hex Lag Screw -8.8 Carriage Bolt -Hex Head Bolt -Set for Tractor Wheel Rim -Head Plow Bolt -Grade 5 Hex Flange Bolt for Silo -8.8 Hex Head Flange Bolt for Silo -Flat Head Bolt for Conneyor Belt Thread with Nut -Flat Head Machine Screen -Oval Head Machine Screen -Slotted Machine Screw Round Head -Slotted Machine Screw Flat Head -Slotted Machine Screw Lentel Head -Slotted Machine Screw Metric Cilinder Head -Slotted Machine Screw Metric Flat Head -Plast Screw Pan Head -Plast Screw Flange Head -Plast Screw Flat Head -Phillips Machine Screw Metric Pan Head -Phillips Machine Screw Metric Flat Head -Self Tapping Screw Pan Head -Self Tapping Screw Flat Head -Self Tapping Screw Oval Head -Dry Wall Screw -Self Tapping Screw Slotted Pan Head -Self Tapping Screw Slotted Flat Head -Self Tapping Screw Slotted -Self Tapping Screw for Aluminium Fittings -Wood Screw Flat Head -Phillips Chipboard Screw Flat Head -Phillips Chipboard Screw Pan Head -Phillips Chipboard Screw Oval Head -Phillips Chipboard Screw Flange Head -Pozidriv Chipboard Screw Pan Head -Pozidriv Chipboard Screw Flat Head -Bit Pozidriv - Phillips -Phillips Screw -Phillips Screw -Bolts for Drawer Handles -Bolts for Drawer Handles -Tee Nut -Bored Bed Bolt with Washer and Nut -Slotted Mushroom Head Screw with Square Nut -Socket Screw with Special Wood Thread for Furniture -Socket Flat Countersunk Screw with Special Wood Thread for Furniture -Furniture Screw -Socket Screw for Furniture -Slotted Screw for Furniture -Hexagonal Keys -Zeta 1 "L" -Blind Rivets -Handplier - Type CIS 101 -Hex Nut -Nylon Insert Locknut -Wing Nut -Hex Thick Nut -Hex Slotted Nut -Grade 5 Hex Nut -Class 8 Hex Nut -Class 8 Hex Nut - Pitch 1, 25 mm -Metric Square Nut -Square Nut -Wheel Lug Nut -Set of Axis/Nuts/Hub Cone Washers for Bicycle -Bicycle Hex Nut -Bicycle Axis -Hub Cone -Space Ring -Bike Bolt with Nut Full Thread -Bike Bolt with Nut -Bike Bolt with Nut Partial Thread -Lock Washer -Plain Washer -PVC Sealing Plain Washers -PVC Sealing Plain Washers to Nail -Brass Carriage Bolt with Hex Nut -Brass Plain Washer -Brass Hex Cap Screw -Brass Hex Nut -Brass Slotted Machine Screw Round Head -Brass Slotted Machine Screw Flat Head -Brass Wood Screw Flat Head -Stainless Steel Hex Cap Screw -Stainless Steel Hex Cap Screw -Stainless Steel Hex Nut -Stainless Lock Washer -Stainless Plain Washer -Stainless Slotted Self Tapping Screw Flat Head -Stainless Slotted Self Tapping Screw Oval Head -Stainless Steel Threaded Rod -Stainless Hex Lag Screw

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Rua Cachoeira, 70,

Joinville - 89205-070 () Brazil

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