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Frigmaires International


Frigmaires International

Frigmaires International

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Engineering Products - Manufacturer, Export / Import,
Pvt. Ltd. Firm Since 1961

Frigmaires incorporated in 1961 as a partnership firm primarily manufacturers of process plants and machinery required by the Chemical, Paint, Inks Pharmaceuticals, Minerals, Food and related Industries.

Over the years as the country was aiming towards self reliance and industrialisation, our firm jointly with our clients took up the challenge in finding solutions and developing cost effective equipment's & process for meeting their stringent requirements. Along with the growth of our clients grew our reputation, experience and knowledge of the manufacturing process and technologies which we wish to pass on to industrialists & entrepreneurs desirous of setting up new industries, expanding or diversifying, their present range of activity.

Today we manufacture a wide range of Mixers, Grinders, Dispersers, Milling, Drying and Seperating equipment. We have been working closely with our clients to tailor machines to their requirements. We offer trial runs on lab machines to get the manufacturing process right the first time.

Our manufacturing facilities are equipped with sufficient machinery and fabrication equipment. Over 90% of our jobs are carried out in house with a team of skilled work force and qualified engineers. Each stage of manufacture is closely inspected for quality and workmanship.

Plants and Machines manufactured by us are based on proven technologies presently operating successfully in India and Overseas. Therefore there is no delay in commissioning of plants & machinery manufactured by us. We guarantee 100% Hassel Free production from day one of commissioning. Due to our sound knowledge and working methods our client is kept well informed of all the hurdles he may face before and after commissioning of the Plant. This we do in direct consultation with actual manufacturers in our country and with our highly experienced associates. Lastly the plants supplied by us are cost effective, utilising low labour and keeps the clients best interest in mind. Spares are readily available.

Today our exports reach out to Nigeria, UAE, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, America, Indonesia, Chile, Bahrain, Israel, U.K., Malaysia, Kenya, Nepal, Oman, Mauritius, Mexico, Vietnam, Switzerland, Cyprus and Egypt.

Products :

India's leading Manufacturers of Mixing, Grinding, Crushing Machines. Our Product Range : * CRUSHING AND PULVERISING Impact Pulveriser Micro Pulveriser without Screw Feeder Micro Pulveriser with Screw Feeder Pin Mills Disintegrator Jaw Crushers Hammer Mills Ball Mills Jar Mills Multi Mills Roll Crusher Ultra Fine Mills Oscillating Granulator Air Classifying Mill * DISPERSING AND MILLING Colloid Mill Toothed Colloid Mill Milling System Disperser Sand Mill Twin Sand Mill Beed Mill Horizontal Mills / Super Mills Attritor Three Roll Mill Two Roll Mills Stirrer High Speed Emulsifier Pipe Line De Lumpers Basket Mill * DRYING AND FILTERING Deck Type Shifter Gyro Shifter Vibro Shifter Centrifugal Shifter Centrifuge Filter Press Horizontal Plate Filter Fluid Bed Dryer Tray Dryers Drum Dryers / Flaker Double Cone Vacuum Dryer Agitated Nutshe Filter Vibratory Bed Dryer Flash Dryer Spray Dryer Coating Pan * MIXING WET AND DRY Sigma Kneader Ribbon Blender / Powder Mixer Double Cone Blender Y Blender Shear Plough Mixer Twin Shaft / Paste Planetory Mixers Drum Mixer Edge Runner / Mixer Muller Frigma Mixer Rapid Mixer Granulators Fulidized Zone Mixer Starch Paste kettle Planetary Mixer Gyroshaker * CONSTRUCTION CHEMICALS Variable Speed Disperser Powder Mixer Shear Plough Mixer Sigma Mixer Edge Runner * FOOD / FLAVOURS / COLOR INDUSTRY Planetary Mixer Micro Pulverizer Powder Mixer Stirrers Ball Mill Edge Runner Shear Plough Mixer * INJECTABLE SECTION Distill Water Plant Distill Water Storage Tank Pressure Vessel Filling Vessel Membrane Filter Holder Sterility Test Apparatus Compelete Liquid & Powder Filling Sealing & Stoppering Line. Multi Column Distillation Plant Pure Steam Generator Dry Heat Sterilizer Autoclave. (Steam Sterilizer) Rubber Bung Processor Automatic Lablelling Machine Vial Blister Packing Machines Laminar Flow Systems * INK INDUSTRY Sigma Mixer Attritor Super Mills Three Roll Mills Sand Mills Variable Speed Disperser High Speed Emulsifier Stirrers * LEATHER CHEMICALS / EMULSIONS INDUSTRY Colloid Mill High Speed Emulsifier * LIGHTING INDUSTRY Sigma Mixer Planetory Mixer Ball Mill Jar Mill Porcelain Jars * LIQUID SECTION Filter Press Bottle Washing Machine Volumetric Liquid Filling Machine PP Cap Sealing Machine Batch Printing Machine Lable Gumming Machine D. M. Water Plant Storage Tanks / Distill Water Storage Tank / MixingVessels / Homogenizers / Stirrers / Etc. Packing Conveyor Belt Bottle Dryer Mono Block Type Liquid Filling Machine * MINERAL INDUSTRY Ball Mill Impact Pulverizer Vibro Shifter Disintegrator Jaw Crusher Conveyor Powder Mixer Flash Dryers * OINTMENT PLANT Ointment Plants Planatary mixers VJHSE types Wax & Water Vessels Triple Roller Mill Colloid Mill Tube Filling, Sealing Batch Pronting Machines Compelete tooth paste, Cream, Cosmetics Manufacturing Plants. * PAINTS / PRIMERS / PUTTIES / POWDER COATING INDUSTRY Ball Mill Jar Mill Sigma Mixer Sand Mill Attritor Variable Speed Disperser Slow Speed Stirrer High Speed Emulsifier EOC Mill / Twin Sand Mill Edge Runner Conical Blender Pug Mixer Gyroshaker * PHARMACEUTICAL MACHINERY Fluid Bed Dryer Tray Dryer Coating Pan Frigma Mixer Multi Mill Granulator Rapid Mixer Cum granulator Powder mixer Micro Pulverizer Vibro Shifter Jar Mill Colloid Mill Double Cone Blender 'Y' Blender Paste Mixer * PIGMENT / DYESTUFF & COATING INDUSTRY Sigma Kneader Ball Mill Tray Dryer Powder Mixer Impact Pulverizer Three Roll Mill Super Mill Sand Mill Attritor Frigma Mixer * PLANTS AND PROJECTS Grease Plant Mineral Processing Plant Spice Processing Plant Toilet Soap Finish Line Detergent Bar Soap Manufacturing Plant Coconut Shell Powder Plant Activated Carbon Plant Welding Electrode Plant Complete Feed Plant * SAUCE INDUSTRY Colloid Mill Toothed Colloid Mill High Speed Emulsifier Slow Speed Stirrer Boiling Pans * SPICES / MASALA GRINDING INDUSTRY Micro Pulverizer Hammer Mill Pulverizer Impact Pulverizer Pin Mill Vibro Shifter Powder Mixer * TABLET SECTION Fluid Bed Dryer Tray Dryer Coating Pan Minicota Mass Mixer Rapid Mixer Granulator Oscillating Granulator Colloid Mill MultiMill / Communiting Mill Mechanical Shifter / Vibro Shifter / Tubro Shifter Polishing Pan Tabletting Machines Blister Packing Machines Auto Coater Ribbon Blenders Planatary Mixers Double Cone Blenders Ocatgonal Blenders / "V" Blenders Etc. DE Dusters / Dust Extractors * TEA / COFFEE INDUSTRY Micro Pulverizer Vibro Shifter Ball Mill Powder Mixer

Contact Info

Frigmaires International

P.O Box 16353, Janata Industrial Estate,
Unit No. 8, Senapati Bapat Marg, Opp. Pheonix Mill
Lower Parel
Mumbai - 400013 (Maharashtra) India

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