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Fritsch GmbH


Fritsch GmbH

Fritsch GmbH

Idar-oberstein, , Germany

Engineering Products - Manufacturer, Export / Import,
Proprietorship Firm Since 1920

Idar-Oberstein is where our business was founded and where our company headquarters is based. It is internationally famous as the ?German centre for Precious Jewellery? and so it was no surprise that in 1920 when the company started up it was involved in gem stone engineering. At that time semi precious-stones were used in a variety of technical applications such as agate guides used in the textile industry and bearings for laboratory balances and weighing machines as well as agate mortars and pestles which were used extensively in pharmacies and chemical laboratories for grinding and mixing powders.

Development :
In the 1960s FRITSCH began to develop their reputation as a specialist supplier of sample preparation equipment for chemical analysis and particle sizing instruments by taking out world wide patents on two instruments, namely, the planetary ball mill and gravity air classifier (after Professor Rumpf). This was followed in 1985 by the first convergent laser beam particle-sizer and in 1996 by the electromagnetic sieving/screening machine with its own reproducible vibration control system. At the same time they introduced the first single station planetary ball mill.
In 1972 FRITSCH established their own manufacturing facility on the Weierbach Industrial Zone on the outskirts of Idar-Oberstein and by 1994 installed a quality management system which conformed to ISO 9001 standard. This was followed by T?V Cert in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001:2000 after a three day certification programme when zero deviation was recorded!!!

Fritsch today :
FRITSCH employ 70 highly qualified staff in production and sales support providing a high level of expertise in all aspects of the product range which is manufactured here in Idar-Oberstein. FRITSCH offer comprehensive assistance in several languages to meet the needs of distributors and end users of FRITSCH equipment in 136 countries world wide.
Bearing in mind that 85% of the ? 10 million sales turnover is generated from abroad through an effective network of distributors providing constructive and effective product support serving thousands of end-users with the same level of dedication and consideration as anyone dealing directly with FRITSCH in terms of applications, installation and technical service. Along with IT-partners for Internet (VMB), CRM/ERP software (Pro-Alpha) and CAD (Pro-Engineer, FRITSCH are able to provide a communication system which is constantly updated to the latest level of technology.

Mission Statement :
Being an independent family company we know the benefit of a non-hierarchical structure of management and ensure we have as much personal contact with our business partners as possible. Quality for us means satisfying our customers? needs by supplying innovative and durable products which represent good value for money. To ensure this we implement our own quality standards and develop/manufacture everything possible in ? house. We have a very stable workforce which we have trained ourselves and who we have encouraged to seek higher qualifications so that they are able to meet the challenges of change in the work place and the demands of the international market place. We are convinced that the basis of our competence and our reputation lies in the production of instrumentation for sample preparation and particle size analysis and we should focus completely on this concept for the benefit of our customers.

Products :

Fritsch is a leading manufacturer worldwide of laboratory instruments. Our Product Range : * Survey : Laboratory Instruments for sample preparation and particle size analysis. 1 Milling Instruments Pulverisette ? laboratory instruments for the preparation of sample for analysis - crushing, micro-milling, mixing, homogenizing - hard-brittle, fibrous, elastic, soft materials (irrespective of moisture content) - dry or in suspension Pulverisette (mills) 2 Particle Sizing Instruments Analysette ? instruments for particle size analysis - Sieving and micro sieving - Laser diffraction Analysette (sieve shakers and particle sizing instruments) 3 Sample dividers and vibratory feeders Laborette ? laboratory instruments for analytical sample preparation - representative sample division of dry powders or suspensions - controlled sample feeding - ultrasonic cleaning and fine powder dispersion Laborette (sample dividers, feeders, ultrasonic baths)) * Milling : FRITSCH instruments for milling Instrument selection - Vibratory Micro Mill pulverisette 0 - Laboratory Jaw Crusher pulverisette 1, Model I - Mortar Grinder pulverisette 2 - Vario-Planetary Mill pulverisette 4 - Planetary Mill pulverisette 5 with 4 bowl fasteners - Planetary Mono Mill pulverisette 6 - Laboratory Vibrating Cup Mill pulverisette 9 - Laboratory Disk Mill pulverisette 13 - Variable Speed Rotor Mill pulverisette 14 - Cutting Mill pulverisette 15 - Cross Beater Mill pulverisette 16 (Grind.Ass.Steel cast) - Universal Cutting Mill pulverisette 19 - Mini-Mill pulverisette 23 - Power Cutting Mill pulverisette 25 - Cutting Mill Combination pulverisette 25/pulverisette 19 * Particle sizing : -FRITSCH instruments for particle sizing Vibratory Sieve Shaker analysette 3, Model PRO Vibratory Sieve Shaker analysette 3, Model SPARTAN Heavy Duty Sieve Shaker analysette 18 Laser-Particle-Sizer analysette 22 NanoTec - combination instrument Laser-Particle-Sizer analysette 22 NanoTec, instrument for wet measurement Laser-Particle-Sizer analysette 22 COMPACT, instrument for dry measurement Laser-Particle-Sizer analysette 22 MicroTec, instrument for wet measurement * Dividing and feeding : FRITSCH instruments for dividing, feeding, and cleaning - Ultrasonic cleaner laborette 17, Size I - Vibratory Feeder laborette 24 with wide channel - Vibratory Feeder laborette 24 with V-shaped channel - Rotary Cone Sample Divider laborette 27 * Shopping cart

Contact Info

Fritsch GmbH

Industriestrasse 8
D-55743 Idar-Oberstein

Idar-Oberstein - 55743 () Germany

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