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Checkpoint Technologies LLC


Checkpoint Technologies LLC

Checkpoint Technologies LLC

California, , United States

Engineering Products - Manufacturer,
Proprietorship Firm Since 1995

Checkpoint Technologies, founded in 1995, established the goal of providing the world's finest laser scanning tools for the semiconductor marketplace. The achievement of this goal has led Checkpoint to build state-of-the-art laser scanners, electrical source/amplifiers in addition to complete systems. The systems and components that Checkpoint designs and builds are found in hundreds of semiconductor fabs worldwide. Today Checkpoint Technologies is building on its award winning system, InfraScan 200 INV, to provide complete Laser Scanning solutions for the semiconductor market. The InfraScan 200 INV is the first laser-probing tool designed to dock with Automatic Test Equipment (ATE). The InfraScan 200 INV has cut months off of it users development times and has been reported to have returned its investment in a matter weeks. Checkpoint provides both complete tools as well as OEM components. In addition, all major components including Laser Scanning Modules, Source/Amplifiers and Laser Modules are available to our customers.

Products :

Manufacturers of :- InfraScan? 200 INV : Checkpoint?s InfraScan 200 INV is the optimal tool to verify new IC designs. Our built-in interface will give the precise location of speed bottlenecks, isolating the race conditions within high-speed designs for any ATE. For LADA applications it is the ideal tool. The InfraScan 200 INV comes equipped with Checkpoint?s ASP-1000 source amplifier for performing standard scanning laser beam techniques such as TIVA, LIVA, OBIC, OBRCH, SDL. InfraScan? 300 TDE : Checkpoint's InfraScan 300 TDE is the world?s leading laser scanning tool for locating failures in IC devices. Our standard configuration incorporates dual lasers for performing test on your devices. The first laser is 1340 nm and is incorporated into our design to produce local heating without induce photo-generated carriers for techniques such as TIVA, OBIC and SEI. The second laser is 1064 nm and perfectly suited for the LIVA and LADA applications where photo-generated carriers produce the desired effects. ASP-1000 : Checkpoint?s ASP-1000 is the most sensitive source/amplifier designed for Laser Based Defect Localization. The ASP-1000 is controlled via standard RS-232 computer interface. The computer controls include constant current and constant voltage modes, as well as bandwidth filters to optimize your detection parameters. Multiple ASP-1000?s can be used simultaneously giving greater flexibility to your laser-based setup. SLS-1000 Laser Module : Checkpoint?s SLS-1000 Laser Module is designed for Laser Based Defect Localization applications. The SLS-1000 provides a fiber coupled, polarization maintaining laser beam that is easily coupled into a scanning module. The SLS-1000 has single lasers with wavelengths of 1064 nm, 1340 nm and 532 nm with powers up to 1 W, for 1064 and 1340 nm and 100 mW for 532 nm. DLS-1000 Laser Module : Checkpoint?s DLS-1000 Laser Module is designed for Laser Based Defect Localization applications. The DLS-1000 provides a fiber coupled, polarization maintaining laser beam that is easily coupled into a scanning module The DLS-1000 is equipped with both 1064 nm and 1340 nm lasers, with powers up to 1 W.

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Checkpoint Technologies LLC

66 Bonaventura Dr. San Jose
California - 95134 () United States

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