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Used Heat Exchanger


Used Heat Exchanger

Used Heat Exchanger

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Heat Exchangers-
Heat Exchanger. We offer virtually every sanitary heat exchanger option that you can imagine. A partial listing of these heat exchangers includes shell and tube heat exchangers, plate heat exchangers, tube in tube heat exchangers, triple tube heat exchangers, surface scrape heat exchangers and spiral heat exchangers. If you are looking for a sanitary heat exchanger, we have many ways of satisfying your needs with quality used equipment.

Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger consists of a bundle of parallel sanitary tubes with the ends expanded in tube sheets. The bundle is contained in a cylindrical shell. Connections are such that the tubes can contain either the product or the media, depending upon the application. The major limitation is that they cannot be used to regenerate, but they can transfer lots of heat due to the surface area.

Tube in Tube Heat Exchanger is often called a double tube heat exchanger is an all welded heat exchanger. The process fluid passes through the inner tube, while the heating or cooling media goes through the outer tube. Because of the large size of the product tube, these heat exchangers have the ability to process very large particulates. They can handle high pulp products, create low product shear, have a low initial cost, can handle high pressure, and can CIP at the same flow rate as the process piping.

Triple Tube Heat Exchanger is designed with three concentrically mounted tubes. For heat transfer applications, the heating or cooling medium flows through the space between the inside and outside tubes while product travels in the opposite direction through the middle tube.

Plate Heat Exchanger consists of a number of very thin corrugated stainless steel heat transfer plates clamped together in a frame. Every second channel is open to the same fluid. Between each pair of plates there is a rubber gasket, which prevents the fluids from mixing and from leaking to the surroundings. Heat is thus transferred from the warm fluid to the colder fluid via the thin stainless steel plate. The corrugations support the plates against differential pressure and create a turbulent flow in the channels. In turn, the turbulent flow provides high heat transfer efficiency, making the plate heat exchanger very compact compared with the traditional shell-and-tube heat exchanger. In most cases the plate type heat exchanger is the most efficient heat exchanger. Generally it offers the best solution to heating and cooling applications since it can better handle the widest pressur e and temperature limits.

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Used Heat Exchanger

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