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Oxford, , United States

Engineering Products - Manufacturer, Services,
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Eltro Services, Inc. Uses patented pulsed ion nitriding furnaces to provide superior surface engineering solutions at the lowest possible cost. Our scientists, engineers and patented technologies enable us to ion nitride, nitrocarburize, and steam oxidize the most complex, delicate, and intricate components consistently, reliably, and reproducibly to the most demanding standards. We solve surface engineering problems other companies can't.

Eltro has :-
300 furnaces installed worldwide in 23 countries
6 manufacturing and process facilities in 5 countries
Renowned published scientists
10 masters and PhD degreed engineers
20 years experience

Eltro's patented technology improves :-
Superficial Hardness to RC72
Wear Resistance
Surface Lubricity
Fatigue Strength
Corrosion Resistance in ferrous metals with or without a white layer
It can extend the life of tooling and machinery components used in the metal forming, plastics, forging and die casting industries up to 10 times.

Eltro offers :-
Superior surface hardening and surface engineering steel nitriding solutions at the lowest possible cost.
Eltro specializes in Ion nitriding, plasma nitriding and ferritic nitrocarburizing.
Eltro has patented the Pulsed DC plasma coating technology, which is ideal for stainless steels, maraging steels, tool steels, and sintered steels.
Commercial Heat Treating
Custom manufactured environmentally friendly furnace sales
Precise and independent diffusion zone and white layer control
Increased life to 10 times in metal forming, plastics, molding, forging, and die casting tooling
Advantages over gas nitriding and salt bath nitriding
Minimal to no core and dimensional changes

Eltro is the Cutting Edge Expert in :-
Superior performance auto parts. Excellent for gears, camshafts, crankshafts, valve springs, steering racks, fuel injectors, cam followers and ball joints.

Products :

We provide superior surface engineering solutions at the lowest possible cost. Our scientists, engineers and patented technologies enable us to ion nitride, nitrocarburize, and steam oxidize the most complex, delicate, and intricate components consistently, reliably, and reproducibly to the most demanding standards. Solutions :- Your Problem :- Stainless steel Titanium Gears Intricate Components Maraging Steel Valve Train Components Crank Shafts Sintered Steel Aerospace Motorsports Dies and Molds Furnaces Sales and Installation Commercial Ion Nitriding Services Fully Automated Production Systems Case Studies :- Case Study One : Automobile Gears : Material SAE M1010, C10 High speed gears require high root and flank stiffness to prevent bending fatigue, and a high surface hardness with a low coefficient of friction to resist abrasive and adhesive wear. Quiet running requires a surface hardening heat treatment that precludes dimensional distortion and loss of surface finish. The ELTROPULS plasma nitriding process, compared to salt bath nitriding, produces a more uniform compound zone with less dimensional distortion for improved resistance to wear and for silent running. Pretreatment: No heat treatment Previous Treatment: Nitrided in a salt bath (18 microns +/- 4) Present Treatment: ELTROPULS plasma nitriding Treatment Parameters: T = 1070 F/ p = 3 mbar / t = 8 h The following benefits can be obtained by selecting the ELTROPULS process :- A compound zone thickness of 18 microns +/- 1 micron, with this uniformity extending over the entire gear profile. A surface hardness between 720 - 750 HV.05, measured both on the gear flank and at the root. No dimensional change or distortion of the gear profile from the heat treatment The elimination of salt deposits from the gear surface and, therefore, the elimination o environmentally sensitive cleaning operations after the nitriding step. Case Study Two : Extrusion Dies : Material: AISI H13 Hot Work Steel, X40CrMoV51 Extrusion dies must operate under a large amount of thermal stress and mechanical pressure. They require high surface hardness in their bearing area to prevent loss of dimensional tolerances from erosive wear while pressing thin sectioned aluminum shapes. ELTROPULS plasma nitriding permits the selection of the more ductile gamma prime compound zone and a diffusion zone for longer die life and increased extrusion speeds in most applications. Pretreatment: Hardening and tempering to 36-38 HRc Previous Treatment: Salt bath nitriding Present Treatment: ELTROPULS plasma nitriding Treatment Parameters: Temperature 1005 F, Time 9 hours The following benefits are available with the introduction of the ELTROPULS process :- Extrusion die life has been increased by 80%, often with higher extrusion speeds. Complex profiles, with a narrow openings to bearing surfaces, can be reliably nitrided. A uniform compound zone can be produced on all surfaces. Die surfaces can be effectively protected from both the abrasive and adhesive wear of aluminum extrusion. Molten salt can be eliminated from the heat treating operation and dies will require no cleaning inside narrow profiles after completion of the nitriding operation. Eltropuls Ion Nitriding Advantages At A Glance :- Excellent quality at an affordable price Uniform metallurgical results because of the ELTROPULS pulsed plasma technology Metallurgical results can be readily programmed to meet specified application requirements Processing is reproducible No distortion of the parts Mechanical masking permits selective hardening A uniform temperature on thick and thin sections Shortest heat up and treatment times Limited factory floor space requirements Can be directly integrated with the existing parts manufacturing line Designed for fully automatic operation Highest environmental compatibility, no toxic or hazardous materials are involved No toxic waste management expense Minimum set up and operating labor costs High up time and equipment availability and a long operating lifetime Low servicing time because of modular designs. Applications :- No restrictions, nitriding iron based alloys ranging from mild steel to stainless steel and highly beneficial compound and diffusion zones for titanium and titanium alloys. Abrasion resistant hard coatings Both thermo-chemical and overlay coatings, produced during one combined heat treatment Optimal Fatigue Strength :- Compound Layer Free : Low Temperature treatment without loss of corrosion resistance for high chromium alloyed steels. Timing Gears Plate Springs Valve Springs Drills Super Hardness :- Compound Layer Free Plus PACVD : Cutting Tools Forging Dies Ductile and Wear Resistant :- Crankshafts Driving Mills Extrusion Worms Forging Tools Plastic Moulds Gears Aluminum Die Casting Wear and Corrosion Resistant :- Automatic Gear Box Parts Piston Rods Camshafts Gas Spring Tubes Connecting Rods Optimal Corrosion Resistance, Decorative :- Bushings Cylinders Piston Rods Industries Served :- Surface hardening in all sectors of the metal industry Not Everything that hardens is good Plasma nitriding—a ray of hope ELTROPULS plasma nitriding process offers new possibilities A wide range of permissible heat treating parameters reduces capital equipment costs Advantages for your product Examples of successful applications of the ELTROPULS process Components of the ELTROPULS unit Programming the ELTROPULS Microprocessor Operation of an ELTROPULS unit

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3570 Thomas rd.
Oxford - MI 48371 () United States

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