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Caltech Engineering Services


Caltech Engineering Services

Caltech Engineering Services

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Engineering Products - Manufacturer, Export / Import,
Proprietorship Firm Since 0

Caltech Engineering Services, Mumbai is reputed leading distributor in India represents companies like Girard Industries, Defelsko, MTI Instruments, Paint Test Equipments Ltd., Diverse Technologies and Superb Engineers.

We provide one stop solutions for equipment and supplies such as Pipeline Pigs, Cups, Discs, Spheres, Detectors, Launcher & Receivers, Pipeline / Cables Locators, Detectors, Tracer, Indicators, Paintings, Coatings, Non Destructive Testing (NDT), Corrosion Testing, Cathodic Protection, Inspection, Prevention & Monitoring. Products are manufactured to meet or exceed NACE, ASTM, SSPC, ISO, SIS, IS, BS, DIN and industry standards. Full ranges are useful for Tank Farms/ Pipeline Engineering, Pipelines Renovation, Pipelines Locating / Detection and Pipeline Testing Equipments. We provide services to Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Refinery, Fertilizer, Onshore, Marine, Offshore Upstream and Downstream, Cross Country Pipelines, Process Plants, General Engineering, Water, Nuclear, Civil and Automobile Sectors of Industries.

Girard Industries, USA
Unmatched performance and proven results, that?s what you get from Girard since 1968, Girard Industries manufactures full line of Pipeline Pigs. First to manufacture Polly-Pig, industry's first rotating pipeline pig. Polly-Pigs are bullet shaped with a sealed concave base. Available for pipe diameters from less than 2" to 144", these pigs are made of high quality open-cell polyurethane foam. They have a tough polyurethane elastomer coating and are available in a variety of patterns and abrasives to suit every need.

A comprehensive line of pipeline cleaning products include steel mandrel pigs with replaceable cups, discs and brushes; highly flexible, all-urethane, single-piece Turbo? Series pipeline pigs; inflatable spheres; replacement cups and discs; Hi-T Pigalerts? pig and scraper passage detectors; Argus pig valves for launching and receiving pigs, and Spy Pig Tracker, an electronic pig tracking system.

Paint Test Equipment Ltd, UK
A leading company manufactures / supply large numbers of quality products for Paint, Coating Testing & Inspection equipments. Products include Coating Thickness Measurement Holiday / Pinhole Testing Electrostatic, Spray Gun Testing Blast Surface Profile Testing, Coating Thickness Meters, Destructive Testing Method Paint Evaluation Tool (PET), Wet Film Gauges Tricomb Stainless Steel, Tricomb Plastic, Calibration Foil Standards, Holitech Holiday Testers, Holitech Accessories, Extension Rods, Circular Brushes, Rolling Springs, Broad Brushes, Conductive Rubber Probe, Multi-Voltage Wet Sponge Tester, Pintech, Pintech Accessories, Circular Sponges, Electrostatic Gun Voltmeter, Powdatest, Testex Tape, Testex Snap Gauge, Testex Kit, Digital Surface Profile Gauge, Analogue Surface Profile Gauge, I.S.O Surface Roughness Comparator, Adhesion Testers, Cross Hatch Cutter, Cross Hatch Cutter Accessories, Hydraulic Adhesion Tester, Paint Test & Inspection Kits, Inspection Accessories- Temperature, RH%, Dew point, Fe Salt & Chloride Testing, Paint Inspectors Kit, Paint Test Kit Inspection Manual, ISO8501-1, SIS 055900 Standard, Infrared Thermometer, Magnetic Thermometer, RH%- Dew point Meter, Whirling Hygrometer, Universal Dew Point, RH% Slide Calculator, Chloride Test Kit, Fe Salt Test Kit, Potassium Ferricyanide Test Kit, Bresle Test Kit, Ultrasonic Steel Thickness, Gloss Meters, Hardness Tester, Prosonic Steel Thickness Meter, Novo Gloss, Pencil Hardness Tester.

Diverse Technologies, UK
Ferrite Meters MF300F measure ferrite numbers, ferrite percent fully calibrated and delivered with calibration certification. The DIVERSE ferrite detector is suitable for measuring the ferrite number of stainless steels including super duplex alloys. This hand held, battery operated Ferrite Meter with its rugged probe is designed for laboratory and workshop use.

The Ferrite number is recommended by the Welding Research Council and the International Institute of Welding as a measure of the ferrite content of alloys and weld deposits.

Measurements of the Ferrite Number together with the Ferrite percentage are displayed on the unit and can also be sent via an RS232 link to a P.C. Model also available upto 300 deg. Measurements.

DeFelsko, USA
Defelsko Corporation is World Leader in coating thickness gages. Excellent, Proven Company manufactures Coating & Measuring Instruments such as Dew Point Meter to measure and record climatic parameters as per Swedish standard ISO 8502-4 for air temperature, surface temperature, relative humidity, dew point temperature and difference between surface and dew point temperature. PosiTector 6000-Simple, durable, accurate to measure coating thickness on both ferrous and non-ferrous metals, accurately and quickly. PosiTector 6000 is also suitable for underwater inspection. PosiTector-UTG for measuring the effect of corrosion or erosion on Tanks, Pipes, Pipes, or any structure where access is limited. PosiTector 100- this is rugged gage easily and accurately measures single or multiple layers coating thickness on Metal, Concrete, Wood, Plastic, Glass, and Ceramics. PosiTest- Handy, easy and accurately measures coatings such as paint, enamel, plastic, galvanizing, metalizing, plating etc on steel. Posipen - Pocket type easy and accurately measures coatings such as paint, enamel, plastic, galvanizing, metalizing, plating etc on steel. PosiPen is ideal for measurement on small, hot or hard-to-reach surfaces. Pull-Off Adhesion Tester- Measures adhesion of coatings to metal, masonry and other substrates- Revolutionary self-alignment feature brings new meaning to adhesion measurements. Instrument / Probes are traceable to NIST, USA.

MTI Instruments, USA
MTI Instrument is a worldwide leader in the design, manufacture and service of non-contact measurement systems. MTI Instruments products consist of electronic, computerized general gauging instruments for position, displacement and vibration applications, semiconductor products for wafer characterization of semi-insulating and semiconducting wafers and portable balancing systems for aircraft engines. MTI Instruments manufactures General Instruments, Semiconductor Products, and Aviation Products. Caltech Engineering Services distributes MTI's Applications Laser, Fiber-optic and Capacitance measuring systems for a wide variety of displacement, position, vibration and dimensional gauging applications.

Superb Engineers, India
Superb Engineers, Mumbai based exclusive company manufactures and provides a full range of corrosion testing equipments. Superb Engineers help to minimize the corrosion related problems, and to qualify materials in sour gas production, gas treating plants, and petroleum refineries. Capabilities include many ASTM Standard and NACE Recommended Test Methods. Equipments has been used with proven performance for critical applications and testing specification of Oil & Natural Gas Corporation (ONGC), Engineers India Ltd (EIL), KNPC, NKK, PTTEP, TOTAL and many others.

Equipments and services are highly suitable for dedicated H2S laboratory. Equipments are designed to provide state-of-the-art H2S testing capabilities, while providing for the safe and efficient handling of H2S. Custom designed facilities for testing in H2S environments are also available.

Superb Engineers can provide equipments to perform tests in high-temperature and pressure H2S environments requiring alloy autoclaves, for testing of salt spray, cyclic corrosion, humidity, constant load, corrosion fatigue, and fracture mechanics testing, electrochemical tests that can be performed at high temperature and pressure include potentio-dynamic, accelerated corrosion, polarization, polarization resistance, and electrochemical impedance spectroscopy. Such tests have been used to evaluate inhibitor efficiencies and pitting characteristics of alloys.

Commonly sold equipments are for Stress Corrosion Cracking SSCC proof rings. SSC testing is generally conducted using tensile, four point bent, C-ring and DCB specimens as per NACE TM0177-96.

HIC / SOHIC Evaluations is carried in wet H2S test facility equipment to conduct hydrogen induced cracking (HIC) per NACE Standard TM0284-96. Meets requirements with ISO, API, ASTM, EFC and NACE standards. We offer workshops on corrosion testing, sample preparation, evaluation, and more.

Caltech?s supplied corrosion-monitoring equipment, corrosion coupon with largest selection of corrosion monitoring test coupons are available in any size or shape, probe system, and a chemical and sampling system are latest tools in Industry.

Caltech Engineering Services provides material selection, corrosion testing, failure analysis, welding, micro structural characterization, and comprehensive laboratory, field testing, consulting in Corrosion-monitoring probes and instrumentation. Test coupons, holders, racks, and electrodes, for use in the oil, gas, petrochemical, water, nuclear, and civil industries.

We also provide pre-weighing and post exposure analysis services. By evaluating coupons, observing the mils-per-year corrosion rate of an exposed coupon, valuable information can be provided regarding the material's life expectancy. At Caltech, We have established procedures as per ASTM for cleaning and analyzing the corrosion coupons, Welded coupons, Stressed Coupons are to study corrosion rates for material, and properties between welded and non-welded metals.

Generally choice of technique for initial preparation of the coupon surface, and for cleaning the coupon after use, is critical in obtaining useful data. Both the relevance and reproducibility of weight loss data are highly sensitive to the inherent suitability of these techniques, and to the care with which they are executed.

Surface finishing methods vary across a broad range for specific applications. Blasting with glass bead, sand, or other aggregate can provide an acceptable finish for some applications. Sanding with abrasive belts, or surface or double disc grinding with abrasive stones also provides an excellent surface for evaluation. Cleaning of specimens before weighing and exposure is critical to remove any contaminants that could affect test results. NACE Recommended Practice RP-0775 and ASTM G-1, G-4 gives detail on surface finishing and cleaning of weight-loss coupons.

Mostly these are used in Repair and replacement of pipeline section, during installation of sleeves, Hot tapping operation, Pipeline excavation, sand padding and back-filling, Pipeline coating removal sand/short blasting and re-coating, Hydro-testing, other maintenance works like maintenance of electrical and mechanical equipment, Valve maintenance, Maintenance of cathodic protection system.

Products :

Manufacturer & Exporter OF Cathodic protection equipments, paint testing instruments, welding inspection gauges, ndt inspection instruments, corrosion testing instruments. Cathodic Protection Instruments & Equipments:- CE/IT Underground Insulation Tester RF/IT Insulator Tester QC Current Interrupter Copper Sulfate Electrodes CPV-4 Voltmeter CPV-2 Voltmeter CI-50 Current Interrupter Current Interrupter Quasar Holiday Detector AP-W Holiday Detector AP-S1 PRM Peak Voltmeter PD Short Locator/ Holiday Detector Pipe & Cable Locator Model 505 GO-FER Mark V Ranger Pipe & Cable Locator Holiday Detector AP-S2 CS-10 Portable Current Supply QC-100A Current Interrupter M1/AC In-Plant Thin Film Holiday Detector M/1 Thin Film Handy Holiday Detector Protective Coating Material:- #1 Wax-Tape for underground pipeline #2 Wax-Tape for aboveground piping PRE-CON Casing Water Conditioner FILL-COAT #1: Hot-Installed Casing Filler FILL-COAT #2: Cold-Installed Casing Filler SHORT-STOP: Casing End Insulator SEAL-WRAP Casing End Seal Cold Applied Coating - Fill Putty Cold Applied Coating - GRAYCOAT Cold Applied Coating - TEMCOAT Marine Pile Protection - PILE-SHIELD Adhesion Testers:- PosiTest Pull-Off Adhesion Tester Cross Hatch Cutter Cross Hatch Cutter Accessories Hydraulic Adhesion Tester Fe Salt & Chloride Testing:- Chloride Test Kit Fe Salt Test Kit Potassium Ferricyanide Test Kit Bresle Test Kit Hardness Tester:- Pencil Hardness Tester Paint Test & Inspection Kits:- Paint Inspectors Kit Paint Test Kit Gloss Meters:- Gloss Novo Ferritoscope:- Ferrite meter Coating Thickness Measurement:- PosiTector 6000 PosiTest PosiPen Coating Thickness Gauge Coating Thickness Meters- Eban 2000 Coating Thickness Meters- Eban 3000 Data Analysis Program Printer Paint Evaluation Tool (PET) Tricomb Stainless Steel / Plastic wet film gaugess Calibration Foil Blast Surface Profile Testing:- Testex Tape Testex Snap Gauge Testex Kit Digital Surface Profile Gauge Analogue Surface Profile Gauge ISO Surface roughness comparator Holiday / Pinhole Testing:- Holitech Holiday Testers Extension Rods Circular Brushes Conductive Rubber Probe Pintech Multi-Voltage Pinhole Detector Circular Sponges Temperature / RH% Dewpoint:- Infrared Thermometer Magnetic Thermometer RH%-Dewpoint Meter PosiTector Dew Point Meter Whirling Hygrometer Universal Dew Point / RH % Slide Calculator Corrosion Testing Equipments and Accessories:- Alloy autoclaves to perform tests in high-temperature, H2S environments Salt spray Testing Cyclic corrosion Humidity, Constant load, Corrosion fatigue, and fracture mechanics testing Electrochemical tests (High temperature & pressure) Potentio-dynamic Accelerated corrosion Polarization Polarization resistance and electrochemical impedance spectroscopy Complete range of Testing equipments as per NACE Standards Stress Corrosion Cracking SSCC proof rings as per NACE TM0177-96 Four point bent test rigs or jigs or fixtures as per ASTM / NACE C-ring testing equipment and accessories DCB specimens as per NACE TM0177-96 HIC / SOHIC Evaluations per NACE Standard TM0284-96 Corrosion Coupons Experts for material selection, corrosion testing, failure analysis, welding, microstructural characterization, and comprehensive laboratory, field testing, consulting in Corrosion-monitoring probes and instrumentation Test coupons, holders, racks, and electrodes, for use in the oil, gas, petrochemical, water, nuclear, and civil industries Pre-weighing and post exposure analysis services as per ASTM Ultrasonic Steel Thickness;- Prosonic Steel Thickness Meter PosiTector UTG Coating Thickness Measurement on Metal, Concrete, Wood, Plastic, Ceramic and more:- PosiTector 100 Series Electronic Spray Gun Testing:- Powdatest Electrostatic Gun Voltmeter Hi Tech General Gauging Instruments:- Microtrak II 2000 Fotonic Sensor Accumeasure System 1500 Microtrak 7000 Accumeasure 5000 Accumeasure 9000 Inspection Accessories:- Inspection Manual ISO8501-1, SIS 055900 Standard ISO Surface roughness comparator Pipeline Pigs, Cups, Discs, Spheres, Detectors, Launcher & Receivers:- Steel Mandrel pigs Polyurethane Spheres Polly ? pigs Replacement cups & Discs Turbo Pigs Cleaning pigs Batching ? Gauging pigs Conical cup pigs Pig / Sphere Detectors The Argus Pig Valve Standard pig launcher / Receiver (This information is only provided by request. Kindly click here to send a request) Pig Tracker Salt Removal / Cleaning / Passivator / Testing solutions:- CHLOR-RID Soluble Salt Removal CHLOR-RID Hold Blast Surface passivator and soluble salt remover CHLOR-WASH Concentrated multi-purpose cleaner and salt removers CHLOR-TEST Chloride Test Kit (Chloride field Test more accurate at field) CHLOR-TEST CSN Test Kit (Chloride / Sulfate / Nitrate Ion Tests for Surfaces)

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Caltech Engineering Services

D-104, Twin Arcade, Military Road, Marol, Andheri (East),
Mumbai - 400059 (Maharashtra) India

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