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Hsinchu, , Taiwan

Engineering Products - Manufacturer,
Proprietorship Firm Since 2000

ZyTemp, established in July 2000, is a premier provider of infrared temperature measurement devices, which originally started from a small team of engineers specializing in infrared thermometry. This company is now emerging as one of the world's most well-known manufacturers of contact and non-contact infrared thermometers (IRT). Our growing product line includes various IRTs that can be used in an expansive array of scientific, professional, academic, and personal applications.

A Strong and Highly Experience Technical Team
ZyTemp is comprised of technical professionals with experience in the fields of opto-electronics, semiconductor, and biotechnologies. We have been successful in product management, development, and production because of our expert knowledge in electronics, machinery, software, firmware programming, quality control and manufacturing. We have designed and manufactured all of our production and test equipment.
Our Driving Force

ZyTemp has seen suppliers sell antiquated IR technologies at high costs, but we at ZyTemp realize that IRTs should not be nearly as expensive as they are today. We purpose to drive down such costs, thus making it increasingly affordable for all users in the mainstream marketplace.

These types of cost revolutions occurred for the microwave oven, quartz watch, VCR, and TV; now, it's time for the IRT.

Excellence Abounding
Since our company's conception, ZyTemp has made significant strides in engineering and production. For example, ZyTemp has innovated a sub-micron IC fabrication technology to provide a cost-effective solution for our products. We have also successfully utilized SoC (System-on-a-chip) ASIC technology in our IRTs. Thus, we have been able to integrate most of the traditional PC board components onto a single ASIC. This has given us a competitive advantage in crafting an accurate and reliable low-cost product. We have also designed a proprietary automatic batch calibration testing process (BCP) that allows 128 sets of IRTs to be simultaneously calibrated, at a rate of one set per eight seconds!

Low Voltage Technology
ZyTemp products operate from a 3 Volt power supply, while many other older IRTs still require a 9 Volt supply.
A small button battery (CR2032), which is used in most of our IRTs, can provide up to 40 hours of continuous operation! The TN3 IRT uses two (2) alkaline AA batteries that can operate continuously for 24 days.

Thermal Shock Immunity
ZyTemp's products can faithfully withstand a thermal shock of 10degC/18degF. (Please refer to the standardized test method described in EN12470, Paragraph 7.6.) Our products are adept in maintaining accuracies under widely changing environmental conditions. For example, the errors from environmental changes of older IRTs can reach 1.6degC, requiring up to 30 minutes to stabilize, while ZyTemp's TN1 error differential is only 0.7degC, needing only 7 minutes to restabilize.

Products :

Manufacturer Of Infrared Thermometer, Thermocouple Thermometer. Our Products Ranges:- Infrared Hand Held Products:- TN00 Infrared thermometer smaller than your finger TN1 Anti-Thermal-Shock; Compact TN105c Anti-Thermal-Shock; Compact TN105B Anti-Thermal-Shock; Compact TN2 Compact and cost effective; Double Action Laser TN3 Ultra Long battery life (24days continuous operation) TN4 High Performance (Infrared + Thermocouple, 2in1) TCT1 2 in1 design (Infrared + Thermocouple), foldable probe TCT103F 2 in1 ; Food Grade TCT3 2 in 1; FDA Zone Display (Under development, 2005Mar) TNF06 Flashlight + Infrared Thermometer (Under development, 2005Mar) Infrared Products:- Infrared Hand Held Products Infrared Module Products Infrared Fix Mount Products Infrared Gas Monitor Products

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1F, No.3, Industrial E. 9th Rd., Science-Based
Industrial Park,
HsinChu - 300 () Taiwan

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