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Fizzonasco, , Italy

Engineering Products - Manufacturer,
Proprietorship Firm Since 0

Italtec is one of the world?s most respected manufacturers of laboratory solutions for engineering and technical education, supplying universities, technical institutes, schools, military training establishments, etc. In more than 30 countries.

Products :

We are Manufacturers of Following Products. Our Products are : AC High Power Variable Transformers Voltage AC Variators Ammeter Clamp from 10 to 1300 A Ammeters for AC & DC Analog - Digital Servo Analogue & Digital Tachometers Antenna trainer (A) Antenna TRAINER (B) Analogue Multimeter Autotransformers Back to index Benches for electric motor assembly Brake Generators Bread Board Capacitor Box Capacitive Loads 0, 1; 0, 3;kVAr Capacitive Loads 1-2kVAr Capacitive Loads 3-5kVAr Capacitive Loads 0, 1; 0, 3; 1; 3; 5kVAr Central Zero Voltmeter Chemical Process Control pH Connecting Leads Copper for winding Current Transformer Data acquisition of electrical signals DC-AC Machine Regulator Decade Capacitor Box Decade Inductor Box Decade Resistor Box Digital-Analog Servo Dynamo Digital Power Meters Digital Phase Meter Digital Thermometer Electric Installations Electrodynamics Power Meters Electronic Power Meter Electrical Machines DC & AC Electrical Measure Benches Electrical Machine Test Benches Electromechanics Working Benches Electronic Power Meter Electronic - Laboratory Benches and Power Supply Desks Energy Meter 1-Phase Energy Meter 3-Phase Electrodynamics Voltmetrs Electrodynamics Ammeters Electromagnetic Brakes Electric Plant Benches Flux and Level Control Frequencymeter (digital) Frequencymeter 44-66Hz Function Generators Function generator (High Power) Galvanometers for D.C. Electric Machine Groups Groups of Industrial Electric Machines Ground Terminals Ground Terminals CE Ground Meter High Power Variable Transformers Hydraulic Learning Systems High Insulation Probe Hydraulics Inductive Loads 0, 1; 0, 3;kVAr Inductive Loads 1-2kVAr Inductive Loads 3-5kVAr Inductor Box Insulation Meters Insulated Terminals Laboratory Ammeter Class 0, 5 Laboratory Furniture Laboratory Benches (List) Leads Logic Analyzer Logic Probe Luxmeter Kit for Practical Domestic Installations Kit for Practical Industrial Installations Kit for Domestic Installations Kit for Industrial Installations Kit for Alarm Installations Kit for Video Installations Kit for EIB Installations Kit for Assembly Electronic Apparatus Kit for basic electricity & electronics Kit for Electric Motors Assembly Kit for Transformer Assembly Mechanic, - CNC Lathe Mechanic, - CNC Mill Mechanic, - Robotics & Workcell Megahommeter Measure Instruments Class 0, 5 Measure Instruments (Panel Type) Microwave Systems Microstrip Systems Milling Machine CNC Motor Winding Machines and accessories Motor Winding Machines Mobile Iron Voltmeters Class 0, 5 Motor and Transformer test Benches Motor Winding Machines (A) Motor Winding Machines (B) Motor Winding Machines (C) Motor Winding Machines (D) Multimeter Digital Network analyser Network analyser (Top model) NTSC T.V. Trainer Null - Voltmeter Optical fiber Oscilloscope 20MHz Oscilloscope 40MHz Oscilloscope 60 MHz Oscilloscope (digital) up to 500Ms/s Ovens for Electromechanics Panel Ammeters Panel Meters Paper Less Recorder (panel type up to 6 channels Phase Shift Generator Phase Shifter Phase Sequence Indicator Power supply Unregulated Power supply for laboratory (A) Power supply for laboratory (B) Power supply (weeled) Pneumatic Learning Systems Power Factor Meter Printed Circuit Workshop Printed Circuit Board (manufacture) P.C.B. Machines Process Control Regulated Power supply (A) Regulated Power supply (B) Reed Frequencymeter Rheostat linear with 1, 2 & 3 elements Rheostat toroidal Refrigeration Learning Systems Resistance Decade Box Resistive Loads 0, 1; 0, 3;kVAr Resistive Loads 1-2kVAr Resistive Loads 3-5kVAr Resistor Box Robot (A) Robot (B) Robot (Pneumatic Robot) Sweep Function Generator Security Leads CE Security Terminals CE Security Terminals from 10 to 100A Shunt Single Phase Generators Single & Three-phase measuring System Servosystem (Analogue) Servosystem (Digital) Servo for a.C & d.C. Servo with pneumatic regulator Servosystem modular for DC & AC Slip Ring Motors 0, 1 - 50kW Solder Iron & Solder Station Special Electric Machines Spectrum Analyzer Squirrel Cage Motors 0, 1 - 50kW Stator Winding Machines Starter Rheostat 0, 3-0, 5kW Starter Rheostat 1kW Starter Rheostat 3kW Tacho-Generator Temperature controls Three Phase Generators Three Phase Network Analyser Telecommunications Telephony Temperature Process Control Temperature Process Simulator Terminals for Electronics Test leads CE Torque Meters Transformers 1PH & 3PH Transformateurs 1PH & 3PH Transmission Line Simulator Transducer Didactic Systems Three Phase Shifter Transfer Function Analyser Transformer winding Machines 2-5kVA Transformer Winding machines 0 - 2kVA Transducers T.V. Trainer Unregulated Power Supply Variable Autotransformers 1-PH & 3-PH Voltage AC Variators Variable Transformers High Power Voltmeter for D.C. Voltmeter (Panel Type) Voltmeters Electrodynamics Winding Machines Winding Machines (manual) Yagi (antenna) Yagi (antenna)

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Via Privata Liguria 3,
Milano, Fizzonasco

Fizzonasco - 20090 () Italy

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