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CAM Manufacturing Incorporated


CAM Manufacturing Incorporated

CAM Manufacturing Incorporated

Ohio, , United States

Engineering Products - Manufacturer,
Proprietorship Firm Since 1986

CAM Manufacturing came to life in 1986 when Terry Brill and one of his Bellbrook High School buddies, John McConnaughey, set up a machining shop in Terry's garage. Terry, who was working part time as a Tool & Die apprentice, decided that he needed to take more control of his career destiny and decided working for someone else wasn't going to accomplish that. In striking out on his own, he elicited the help of John who was also working in the Tool and Die trade. Together they built the foundation of a company that was to continue to grow and become an innovative market leader.

Every good company has certain characteristics and qualities that set it apart, and CAM Manufacturing is no different. Terry and John realized early on that to be successful, they would have to put their customers first. This meant dedication to quality products delivered in a timely manner and applied consistently over time. Securing various quality designations along with internal quality inspection procedures, CAM is a "full release" supplier to some prominent companies. The significance of this is that their customers rely on them to certify the quality of their work so materials can go from "dock to stock" at the customer site. CAM meets with its larger customers about every three months. These meetings are designed to allow long range planning for both companies and to remove any in-efficiencies in their business relationships. At the beginning, Terry realized the advantages of computerizing the business and manufacturing operations and did so when it was very uncommon in our industry. In an ongoing effort to provide timely information and management controls, the company utilizes a LAN based accounting and information system. Enhancements to routing, scheduling, estimating, and job cost modules are being made on an ongoing basis The purpose of these changes is to reduce the time a job is in the system and to provide a more concise analysis of profit on a job by job basis. This is very important, because much of the company's business is repeat work. Information entry will be moved closer to the source of data, so that information delays and duplication of work is reduced.
Another good example of CAM management overcoming even potential obstacles to growth is in the area of human resource planning. Working with state, city and school agencies, the company has made an ongoing commitment to providing technical training for young people. We always have at least one and sometimes as high as six, co-op employees. This relationship allows young people to gain technical experience while working and provides CAM with energetic people that become a real asset to the production staff. In addition to normal benefits, 401K plans, and pensions the company offers a good working environment. The company sponsors an employee luncheon once a month. This becomes a monthly communication forum where ideas and information are passed freely between employee and company. An employee suggestion program has been implemented in which the employee can realize cash reward commensurate with the cost savings his suggestion will make. Although the chain of command is utilized for problem resolution, Terry, as President, maintains an "open door" policy for employees seeking a higher level of arbitration. CAM has been innovative in other areas as well from perishable tool management to getting floor planning of raw materials from vendors. Negotiated blanket pricing and flexible multi shift production also provide cost savings and added production availability options.

Products :

Manufacturers of :- The services offered by CAM, allow the company to provide a wide assortment of solutions for their customers. Because of the variety of capabilities, most operations can be performed "in house" and coordinated by the engineering, production and quality staffs. Please explore our various areas of expertise. CNC Machining : CAM offers a broad array of CNC machining capabilities in milling, turning and wire EDM. Whatever the needs, from small intricate details to large castings, CAM can produce parts from a wide variety of materials, including high temperature alloys. 20 CNC Machining and Turning Centers Temperature Controlled Environment Prototype to Production Runs Nickel and Titanium Alloys Machining of Castings & Forgings Rotary Indexing and 4th Axis 3D Unigraphics Programming Software. Special Equipment : "Design and Build" is the way to describe this service. CAM has the ability to create special equipment from customer concepts or specifications. Whether it is manual, semi-automatic or operated with programmable controllers, CAM can provide it. Turnkey Manufacturing Build Machines and Equipment To Specification Custom Design From Customer Concept In House Drafting and Design Jig, Fixtures, Inspection Equipment and Gages. Welding & Fabrication : CAM has the ability to produce a broad selection of welded and fabricated assemblies. 10, 000 sq ft High Bay Work Area Certified Staff Welders MIG, TIG and Stick Welding Stainless, High Temperature Alloys, Aluminum and Steel Tubular Machine Frames and Bases Tool Room and Mold Base Structural Steel Components Racking and Work Holding Aerospace, Medical and Commercial. Tool Room : The tool room at CAM has the ability to produce any detail using a complement of manual and computer controlled equipment. Complete Array of Manual Equipment 2 and 3 Axis ProtoTracs Stainless, Tool Steels, Aluminum, Plastic and Exotics OD Grinding, Jig Grinding and Surface Grinding Close Tolerance Dimensions-Short or Long Runs Any Fixture, Jig, Gage or Detail Prep.

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CAM Manufacturing Incorporated

4119 Infirmary Road, Miamisburg
Ohio - 45342 () United States

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