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Palmer Manufacturing and Tank Company


Palmer Manufacturing and Tank Company

Palmer Manufacturing and Tank Company

Garden, , United States

Engineering Products - Manufacturer, Services,
Pvt. Ltd. Firm Since 1944

At Palmer Manufacturing and Tank Company we have a strong commitment to build only high quality fiberglass tanks and steel tanks. Our engineers can help design any one of the following to meet your specifications: containment tanks, double walled tanks, elevated bottom tanks, heated tanks, insulated tanks, mixing tanks, oilfield tanks, stainless steel tanks and underground tanks.

Palmer Mfg has been building steel tanks since 1944 and fiberglass tanks since 1972. We are known for our high quality products and our strong commitment to excellence in the tank industry. While most companies specialize in steel or fiberglass, we have the uniqueness of specializing in both.
Our steel tanks meet the strictness of codes set forth by Underwriters Laboratories, American Petroleum Institute and the Steel Tank Institute.

Our fiberglass tanks are manufactured using various types of resins that are designated for the type of application needed; along with different types of orientations, diameter, finishes and resistance to corrosion that will aid in the manufacturing of the proper tank to fit each one's needs.

Palmer Mfg has a fleet of trucks (equipped with cranes) to provide our customers with timely, cost efficient delivery and setup.

Below are the specifications of our Garden City plant :-

(3) Buildings with a total of 17, 800 square feet
(2) Entech helical winders w/Venus chopper and pumping system
(12) High volume Venus chopper guns
(12) Mandrels to produce tanks from 300 gallons to 42, 000 gallons
(5) Sectional molds for field erected tanks from 8, 800 gallons to 300, 000 gallons
Available with insulation, Heat Traced or Hotfoil Heat Panels
Glass Craft Urethane foam machine

(3) buildings with 32, 300 square feet
(1) Press break - 80 ton
(1) Press break - 300 ton
(1) 1/4 inch x 12 foot shear
(1) 1/2 inch x 10 foot roll
(1) 1/4 inch x 6 foot roll
(1) Iron worker - 40 ton
(4) Sub Arc automatic welders
(48) Arc welders
(1) Heli Arc welders
(2) Plasma torches
Tanks available w/insultion, Heat Traced or Hotfoil Heat Panels
Tanks available in capacities of 100 gallon to 50, 000 gallon
Sand blasters
Paint guns - Airless and conventional
Internal coating systems available
External painting systems available

We will furnish additional information that may be specifically requested to enable prequalification.

Products :

We provide Services of strong commitment to build only high quality fiberglass tanks and steel tanks. Our engineers can help design any one of the following to meet your specifications: containment tanks, double walled tanks, elevated bottom tanks, heated tanks, insulated tanks, mixing tanks, oilfield tanks, stainless steel tanks and underground tanks. Engineering :- Palmer Manufacturing and Tank is committed to designing and fabricating premium quality products while minimizing the time elapsed between order origination and vessel delivery. Palmer engineers work actively with suppliers to insure top quality products and state of the art designs. Up-to-date computer hardware as well as current design and manufacturing software are utilized to achieve the engineering and manufacturing goals required by Palmer management. Included are CAD drafting software, production control software, and various computer design packages. Vessel designs are evaluated for integrity by analyzing each component of the vessel individually and then considering external loading such as wind and seismic conditions. To assist with state and local requirements, Palmer Manufacturing also offers review by a registered Professional Engineer licensed in the state of the customer's request. Design specifications and drawings will be made available to the customer upon confirmation of the order. Standards licensed to Palmer Mfg :- API-12F API-12P STI-P3 ACT-100 ASME SECTION VIII UL-58 UL-142 Other Manufacturing Standards Utilized by Palmer Mfg : API-620 API-650 UL-1316 AWWA-D100 ASTM D-3299 ASTM D-4097 Fiberglass Tanks :- Fiberglass is often utilized as a replacement for steel. It's reduced weight and corrosion resistance offers a cost-effective means for vessel fabrication. To satisfy customer needs, Palmer Manufacturing offers a wide selection of resins, optional lining reinforcements and three different manufacturing processes. Palmer's fiberglass plant works closely with both its resin and reinforcement suppliers to maintain quality products and state-of-the-art manufacturing procedures. As a result, Palmer was the first company in the United States to use Parabeam (a three dimensional woven glass fabric) in vessel fabrication. RESIN SELECTION :- Palmer Manufacturing maintains on site storage of various resins to facilitate a variety of chemical environments. Specialty resins are also available as required. Palmer's works closely with the resin suppliers to verify chemical compatibility. Some of the considerations in selecting the appropriate resin are as follows : Chemical to be stored Concentration PH Levels Operating Temperature On Site Resins : Ashland - Hetron 922 Vinyl Ester Aropol 7142 - Isophthalic Polyester Ashland - Ortho Other Resins Available :- Ashland - Hetron 970 & 980 Ashland - Hetron 197, FR992 Vinyl Ester Dow - Derakane 411, 440, 470, 510 Reichold - Dion 9100, 9200 Reichold - Atlac 382, 580, 4010A HAND LAY UP (contact molding) (ASTM 4097) :- Hand lay-up requires a manual application of both the glass reinforcement and resin. This fabrication procedure is utilized primarily for low to medium volume applications. The process requires that the resin be applied to the fiberglass reinforcement by pouring, brushing and/or spraying. The use of thermo-set resin allows for the product to cure out at room temperature. CHOP SPRAY (contact molding) (ASTM 4097):- Chop Spray-up is a process where continuous strands of fiberglass are fed into a chopper gun, chopped into strands approximately one to two inches long and sprayed onto a mold. Resin is applied along with the chopped strands as part of the spray process. Hand rolling is utilized to improve resin consistency and remove trapped air. As with the hand lay-up, the use of thermo-set resin allows for curing at room temperature. FILAMENT WINDING (ASTM 3299):- The third process, filament winding, requires the wrapping of multiple, continuous strands of fiberglass onto a rotating mandrel. Resin is applied by either spraying or pulling the fiber strands through a resin bath. Special winding machines position the strands in a predetermined pattern to increase strength along the stressed axis. Typically atmospheric vessels are wound at an angle approximating 90 degrees to the vessel axis, also called hoop winding. The filament winding process is commonly combined with the chop spray process, providing monolithic vessel walls with superior strength and improved liquid retention. PARABEAM :- Parabeam is a three dimensional woven glass fabric, which after resin impregnation yields a sandwich type laminate. This 3D design provides a lightweight laminate with excellent strength and stiffness characteristics. The parabeam fabric is utilized within various wall structures to increase strength and stiffness and/or provide an intersticial space for double wall vessels. The 3D fabric is used in conjunction with other reinforcement materials (c-veil, nexus, mat, woven roving, etc.) to provide the desired physical and chemical properties. The open core between the two laminate faces provides the necessary intersticial space required for leak detection.

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Palmer Manufacturing and Tank Company

2814 West Jones Avenue
Garden - 67846 () United States

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