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Alphonso Corporation Pvt Ltd


Alphonso Corporation Pvt Ltd

Alphonso Corporation Pvt Ltd

Sialkot, , Pakistan

Engineering Products - Manufacturer, Export / Import,
Pvt. Ltd. Firm Since 1980

Alphonso Corporation Pvt. Ltd. (ACL) was established in 1980 with the basic purpose to manufacture and export of surgical, Dental, Manicure and all sorts of Scissors in outclass quality. The company was started on a small scale but sooner it gained momentum and started get privilege and good repute to its good service and quality.

Main Activities of the company was and are, to produce Surgical, Dental, Manicure and all sorts of Scissors as per the international standards, requirement of buyers, and in a superb quality to satisfy the expectations of the buyers, Even today, it is "Motto" of the company, and basis of our all policies framed.

In 1996 the company successfully documented quality system according to "Good " manufacturing practices (GMP)" as required by Food and Drug Authority. USA.

During the year 1999, Company won many significant achievements in the shape of getting certification for ISO 9001 (Certificate issued by TUV Cert Anlagentechnik GmbH) Germany.

In addition to all this ALPHONSO CORPORATION PVT LTD. Is member of:

Sialkot Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SCCI)
The Surgical Instruments Manufacturers Association of Pakistan

Products :

We are the real manufacturer and exporter of quality Dental, Surgical, Manicure Instruments and Barber Scissors of all sorts. We have the complete manufacturing process own from Forging to Packing so that's why we can supply high quality, quantity and competitve prices easily and timed delivery is also important. Our Product Range : A) Dental Instruments : * Conservative Dentistry : -Amalgam Plugger -Woodson Double Ended -Probe Explorer -Marquette Size 0/1 Double Ended -Wax Curver Double Ended -Double Ended -Single Ended -Probe -Front Surface, Cone Socket -Double Sided Mirror Heads -Hand Form, Cone Socket -Round Handle, Cone Socket -Merriam Forceps -Self Locking Serrated Tips -Grittman Wax Traver -Explorer, Single Ended -Crown Remover With 3 Tips & Weight * Pliers Crown Removers Baade Crown Tractor Crown Removing Three Prong Ligature Cutter Carbide Tipped Retrieval of Files, Points, Reamers & Root Fragments Reynolds Contouring Pliers Wire Band & Claps Forming Pliers * Root Elevator : Molars Root Elevator Cross Bar Left Root Elevator East West Left Root Elevator Slight Angle Root Elevator Bone Preservation Root Elevator Root Tip Right Side Root Elevator Kratzman Universal Root Elevator B) Manicure Instruments : * Manicure Kits : Box Large Box Small * Cuticle Nippers : Cuticle Nipper Single Spring Cuticle Nipper Double Spring Cuticle Nipper Spring Gripped Cuticle Nipper Scissor Style Handle Box Joint Cuticle Nipper Lap Joint Single Spring Gripped Cuticle Nipper Scissor Style Handle Flat Jaws Cuticle Nipper Box Joint Double Spring With Safety Lock * Nail Nippers : Ingrown Nail Nipper Straight Jaws Box Joint Double Spring Nail Nipper Concave Jaws Lap Joint Barrel Spring Safety Lock * Pushers & Files : Cuticle Pusher Double Ended Cuticle Pusher Double Ended Pterygium Pusher Double Ended with Chisel Pusher Double Ended With Knife Nail Buffer Three Ways Sapphire Nail Files Set of Rasp Files Set of Cuticle Pushers Icle Pusher Double Ended * Manicure Scissors : Toe Nail Scissor Curved Sturdy Blades Cuticle Scissor Set of Stork Scissors Sharp Fine Point Blades Gold Plated Cuticle Scissors Probe / Sharp Blade * Tweezers : Slanted Tweezer Pointed Professional Tweezer Pointed Professional Tweezer Pointed Professional Tweezer Curved Edge Professional Tweezer Slanted Professional Tweezer Slanted Curved Professional Tweezer Pointed Coloured Professional Tweezer Straight Professional Tweezer Pointed / Slanted Professional Tweezer Fine Point Curved Tipped Tweezer Fine Point Straight Tipped Tweezer C) Scissors : * Barber Scissors * Salon Scissors * Shears Scissors * Thinning Scissors * Misc Scissors : Utility Scissors in Different Colors House Hold Scissor D) Surgical Instruments : * Amalgam Carriers/Periodontal : Retro Amalgam Carrier Kirkland Gingival Knife Double Ended Buck Gingival Knife Double Ended Buck Gingival Knife Double Ended Goldman Fox Gingival Knife Double Ended Goldman Fox Gingival Knife Double Ended * Forceps : Stiegletz Forceps 45 Degree Allis Tissue Forceps Curved Adson Tissue Forceps Carbide Tipped Adson Tissue Forceps 1 x 2 Teeth Articulating Paper Forceps Curved Articulating Paper Forceps Straight * Needle Holders : Needle Holder Carbide Tipped Boynton Straight Needle Holder Castro Viejo Micro Straight Round Handle Tungsten Carbide Crilewood Needle Holder Crilewood Needle Holder Serrated Derf Needle Holder Carbide Tipped Mathieu Needle Holder Carbide Tipped * Bone Curettes : Bone Curette Scoop Cross Cut Bone File Double Ended Bone Curette Fine Double Ended Bone Curette Double Ended Bone Curette Octagonal Grip Double Ended Single Cut Bone File * Bone Rongeurs : Blumenthal 30 Degree Curved Rongeurs Blumenthal Rongeurs Right Angled Bone Nibbler Friedman Micro Bone Rongeurs Curved Kerrison Forceps Luers-Bone Rongeurs * Special Bone Instruments : Bone Holding Forceps Collins-Bone Mallet Cruciate Repair (Crimping) System Deschamps Needles Flat Chisel Kern-Bone Holding Forceps Liston Bone Cutting Forceps Martins-Cartilage Forcesp * Retractor/Speculum : Pederson Veginal Speculum Gelpi Self Retaining Retractor Hohlman Retractor Catania Retractor Knurled Handle Retractor Volkmann Retractor Weitlaner Self Retaining Retractor

Contact Info

Alphonso Corporation Pvt Ltd

P.O.Box 1251, Sialkot - 51310. Street No. 01 Near Railway Crossing, Muzaffar Pur, Sialkot.
Sialkot - 92/51310 () Pakistan

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