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Robotic Equipments


Robotic Equipments

Robotic Equipments

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Engineering Products - Manufacturer,
Proprietorship Firm Since 1965

Established in 1965 as Omega Engineering Private Limited, Robotic Equipment today in its new avatar is an ISO 9001:2000 certified provider of Material Handling and storage solutions. Our company was established by two partners Mr R.S. Umrigar and Mr F.R. Umrigar who are associated with material handling and storage equipments for the last forty years. We provide total material handling solutions consisting of conceptualization as well as formulation of material handling and storage systems.

After completing four decades in this business, it is evident that we have come this far in the industry due to our absolute commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. We believe in maximising profits through customer satisfaction and therefore aim to deliver superior quality products to our customers. Our stringent quality control mechanisms inspect all the in -coming and out going materials and ensure that none of them is defective in any way. The senior management of the company ensures flawless execution of certain basic fundamentals which include careful selection of vendors, proper procurement of raw material, defect free manufacturing and ultimately efficient marketing combined with timely delivery of products. Strict adherence to these principles has enabled our company to achieve all the success that we have achieved today.

We deploy the most modern machinery and all our equipments are manufactured at the new modern plant at Khupri, Tal Wada, Dist Thane about 70 km from Mumbai. The wooden pallets are manufactured at Valsad about 200 kilometers from Mumbai. Our administrative and marketing office is located at Vikhroli, a suburb of Mumbai. All these facilities boast of the latest technology which is manned by highly qualified and skilled people. In order to compete in the global market it is important that we acquire a technological edge over our competitors in the domestic market . The technological advantage so gained will prove to be very useful while competing in the global market.

Products :

Manufacturers pallets, wooden pallets, and pallet handling equipments: PALLETS :- - Mild Steel - Stainless Steel / Aluminum Pallets - Box/Cage Pallets - Collapsible Pallets - PU Coated Wooden Pallets - Special Pallets PALLET TRUCKS:- -Hydraulic Pallet Trucks -Hydraulic Pallet Truck -GMP -Winch Operated Pallet Truck -Mechanical Elevating Truck -Skid Jack and Semi-live Skid Pallets PALLETTE STACKER:- -Fixed Forks - Adjustable Forks -Platform -Fold Up Platform over Forks - Hook / Boom -Reel Boom - Reel Forks -Roller Top Platform -Operator Platform -Order Picker Platform SCISSOR lIFT PLATFORM:- -Plain or checkered Plate Platform -Roller Top Platform -Platform with Railings -Ball Top Platform --Turn-table Platform Intermediate Products container (IPC):- - Cylinder SS-316 containers with conical bottom and socket for handling by IPC lifter. - Lid having clamping ring and suction pipe inlet with tight fitting cover. - Fitted with diaphragm/butterfly valve as required. - Pipe trolley with UHMW Polymer wheels on swivel brackets - Compatible with all types of IPC lifters. IPC Lifter - Service Floor Mounted:- - Lift IPC off the trolley on ground level, swings it through required arc and holds the IPC suspended over compression machine charging port. - Only Stainless Steel Lifting cum rotating shaft enters the main equipment floor from the ceiling through a bush. - Electro hydraulic lifting and indexing mechanism and guide masts to be located on the service floor above the equipment floor. Components in service floor to be in m.S. For cost saving. Programmed push button control in SS control station in the equipment floor. No Floor space in the equipment floor occupied. - Fully automatic IPC Lifter-single Rotating Column:- - Fixed between ground floor and the ceiling of the equipment floor suitable where no service floor is available. Programmed push button Controls. Occupies only about one square foot floor area in the equipment floor. Tapered roller bearing for effortless manual rotation. Column and lifting boom in SS-304. Overhead electromechanical drive SS-304 clad. IPC Lifter - Mobile Counterbalaced:- - One lifter can serve more than one compression machine. Can be rolled away after completing work for parking in convenient location. Masts and lifting boom in SS-304. Electrohydraulic powerpack and m.S. Counterweight to be clad in SS-304. UHMW polymer wheels with ball bearing. DRUM HANDLING EQUIPMENTS AND DRUM TILTERS:; DRUM HANDLING EQUIPMENTS:- - All the drum handling equipment are designed for standard 205 litres m.S. Drum. However, most can be adopted for other drums. - A. Drum Trolley - - Three wheeled trolley for inclined handling of closed top or partially filled open top drums. - Self-picking - self-deposition. - One man operation. Drum Organizer and Stacker - DOSt -:- - Picks up drum vertically off the floor or pallet, transports to destination, lifts to the required height and deposits where required. - Can handle open drums, hazardous/high temperature liquids, etc without spillage. - Can stack drums vertically one above the other without the use of pallets. - Can place drums on mezzanines, catwalks, platform, etc. - One man, safe operation. - Available with electrohydraulic, flameproof electrohydraulic battery powered lift and manual hydraulic lift models. - GMP - stainless Steel models available. - 250 Kg, 350 Kg and 500 Kg capacity with lift upto 4 meters. - DOSt - the most user-friendly drum stacker. High level Rear Dumper:- - Receives drum - brought by a drum trolley - at ground level, locks in position by quick action clamps, lift upto predetermined receiving vessel height and automatically tilts tom the rear for emptying the contents into the receiving vessel. - Electrohydraulic operation with quick cycle time. - Ideal for charging a number of drums in the same receiving vessel in quick succession. - Stationary or mobile unit to serve a number of receiving vessels of the same height. - 250 kg., 350 kg and 500 kg capacities with dumping level upto 4 meters. - Tilting angle 40? between drum axis and horizontal. - Stainless Steel pouring lip or full stainless steel GMP models available. High Level Front Dumper:- - picks drum off the floor or pallet by clamping in half opening clam shell type drum cradle, lift above the receiving port height, moves over the receiving port and rotates the drum to empty the contents. - Electrohydraulic operation with quick cycle time. - Drum can tilt upside down through 180? Can be held tilted at any angle. - Universal application. Can serve a number of receiving vessels with varying heights. - 250 kg, 350 kg and 500 kg capacities with dumping level upto 4 meters with telescopic masts. - No pouring lips to minimize contamination. - Stainless Steel GMP models available. Pallet Dispenser:- Mobile Aero Bridge:-

Contact Info

Robotic Equipments

115, Diamond Centre,
L.B.S. Marg, Vikhroli (West)
Mumbai - 400 083 (Maharashtra) India

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