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Powder Technology Incorporated


Powder Technology Incorporated

Powder Technology Incorporated

Burnsville, , United States

Engineering Products - Services,
Public. Ltd. Firm Since 1980

Powder Technology Incorporated (PTI) is a materials processing company with expertise in the total spectrum of particle modification and specialization in pulverization, size reduction, classification, screening and blending.

Since the company founding in 1980, PTI has focused on meeting and exceeding customer needs and expectations through expanding expertise and broadened capabilities in materials modification and treatment. This focus has produced incremental growth and positioning as an industry leader. In addition to the Minnesota processing plant, which specializes in the processing and analysis of dry materials, PTI has ownership interest in one other custom processor which enhances PTI's processing capacity in particulate materials processing using spray drying, prilling, grinding, coating and micro-encapsulation technologies.

PTI is the leading manufacturer and distributor of ISO grades of test dust and custom test contaminant distributions. Please read the ?History of Test Dust? for PTI?s role in producing the four grades of ISO 12103-1 Test Dust.

Engineering expertise, excellence in the development and implementation of confidential proprietary procedures and thorough analytical investigation and evaluation at every stage of materials processing, provide key differentiation from competitors and value added services to PTI customers.

Products :

Our Services: POWDER TECHNOLOGY INCORPORATED STANDARDS OF ANALYSIS Powder Technology Inc. Is pleased to cooperate with companies to discern the feasibility of new products, applications, use of waste material, and manufacturing efficiency through the use of specially designed and modified processing equipment. To view a list of materials that PTI has experience in processing click on the Materials page. If your material does not fit into any of the material catagories listed please call Jeff Friederichs at 1-800-718-8737or contact him by email to discuss your materials processing needs. Industrial Materials Processing: Milling, size classification, screening and blending of dry powders and materials Micro-encapsulation of Liquids: Encapsulation of droplets of oil or aqueous solutions in capsules [10 micron - 2mm] Continuous Liquid Coating: Liquid coating, such as organosilanes, onto particles with a high degree of uniformity and without agglomeration Dry Powder Coating (MAIC): Application of small particles onto larger particles without the use of solvents, added binders, or post fusing steps Polymer Coating: Deposit layer of polymer [0.0001 - 0.1] onto particles without utilizing solvents Evaporative Dispersion Process: Aqueous dispersions of polymer particles [0.5 - 20 micron] without the use of surfactants Particle Spheroidization: Melting or fusion of the surface of particles to remove asperities Micro-fluidization: Sub-micron particle generation utilizing pressure up to 30, 000 psi Spray Drying: Atomization in a heated chamber of aqueous, solvent-based, or slurries to final particulate form Cryo-Milling: Milling of heat sensitive and non-friable materials into fine, nominal 100 mesh median size Ultra High Pressure Homogenization: Homogenized solutions [15, 000 - 57, 000 psi] Food Grade Processing: Size reduction and size classification of foodstuffs and agricultural products in a facility approved and inspected by FDA and state Department of Agriculture. -PTI's broad spectrum of particle modification is supported by excellence in industry standard specialization in pulverization, size reduction, classification, screening and blending. -PTI is also a leading manufacturer and distributor of ISO grades of test dust and custom test contaminant distributions. Our Products: -SIEVE SIZE -ANALYSIS -PROCESS LIST SA1A2 -HORIBA LA-930 PARTICLE -SIZE ANALYSIS -PROCESS LIST HORIBA -MICROTRAC PARTICLE -SIZE ANALYSIS -PROCESS LIST A2B2 -COULTER MULTISIZER IIe PARTICLE SIZE ANALYSIS -PROCESS LIST A2F2 -GRADED CRUSHED QUARTZ FRACTIONS -PRODUCT LIST PP4D2 -CRUSHED QUARTZ -MIL E-5007C SPEC -PRODUCT LIST PP6E2 -CRUSHED QUARTZ -MIL-STD-810E SPEC -PRODUCT LIST MIL810E3 -IRON OXIDE -FRACTIONS -PRODUCT LIST FO2F2 -IRON AND -ALUMINUM CHIPS* -PRODUCT LIST PP8B2 -ARIZONA TEST DUST -FRACTIONS -PRODUCT LIST PP2G3 -ISO 12103-1 ARIZONA TEST DUST CONTAMINANTS FINE & COARSE GRADES -PRODUCT LIST PP2G2 -ISO 12103-1 ARIZONA TEST DUST CONTAMINANTS ULTRA FINE & MEDIUM GRADES -PRODUCT LIST PP7C2 -ARAMCO TEST DUST -PRODUCT LIST AR2 -Japanese Industrial Standard Test Dust-Classes 1, 2, 3, 7, 8 and 11 -SOFTC-2A STANDARDIZED OIL FILTER TEST CONTAMINANT -PRODUCT LIST LC4 -SECOND CUT COTTEN LINERS -Glass Bead distributions by reques

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Powder Technology Incorporated

14331 Ewing Avenue South
Burnsville - MN 55306 () United States

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