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Mitsubishi Materials Corporation


Mitsubishi Materials Corporation

Mitsubishi Materials Corporation

Tokyo, , Japan

Engineering Products - Manufacturer,
Public. Ltd. Firm Since 1950

By the early 1940's, the original Mitsubishi zaibatsu (Mitsubishi Company), founded in the early 1870's, had expanded into virtually every sector of the economy, including mining, heavy industry, oil refining, chemicals, banking, real estate, insurance, even aircraft manufacture. It was the biggest most powerful industrial combine in pre-war Japan.
Then, with the advent of World War II, everything changed. After the war, the single organization was dissolved into scores of independent companies that were no longer subject to central control.
The common misconception abroad however, is that Mitsubishi is still one giant company. This is not so. It is a collection of dozens of autonomous companies. Some of them have been around for more than a century, while others have grown up in the last few years.

Mitsubishi Materials Corporation

Mitsubishi Materials Corporation has been around in various guises since the late 1800's. However it was not created under its new designation until December, 1990, with the merger between Mitsubishi Metal Corporation and Mitsubishi Mining and Cement Co., Ltd. The Mitsubishi Metal Corporation grew out of 1950 allied break-up (essentially the separation of coal and metal mining interests) of the old Mitsubishi Mining Company. The original compay was formalized in 1918 but traces it's ancestry back as far as 1871.
From the time of the split, for a full forty years, Mitsubishi Metal Corporation and Mitsubishi Mining (became Mitsubishi Mining and Cement Co. Ltd. In 1973) forged their futures alone, only to recombine their individual strengths and re-establish the original partnership in 1990 under the name, Mitsubishi Materials Corporation.

Products :

Our Products: -Cement: Our cement operations process growing volumes of coal ash, blast furnace slag, sewage sludge, scrap tires, and other waste as raw materials and fuels. Cement therefore is an important part of our larger corporate commitment to shaping a recycling-based industrial society. Innovative production technology Re-use of Industrial Wastes as Ingredients of Cement Raw Materials Alliance with Ube Industries, Co., Ltd. Global network NOx-absorbing blocks -Aluminum: Mitsubishi Materials is a leading Japanese supplier of aluminum beverage cans. We also supply aluminum components for automobiles and other products and thereby contribute to energy-saving weight reductions. -Nonferrous Metals: Mitsubishi Materials is a global leader in nonferrous metals. The company pioneered the world's first continuous-smelting process for copper--a process that is cleaner, more energy-efficient, and less expensive than other smelting technologies. We and licensees use the Mitsubishi Process at sites in Canada, the Republic of Korea, and Indonesia, as well as at our Naoshima Smelter in Japan. -Fabricated Metal Products: Our fabricated metal products are indispensable in manufacturing a vast range of industrial products. They include hard-metal cutting tools for metalcutting, rock tools for mining and civil engineering, wear parts, such as rolls and PCB drills for IT industries; sintered metal components and small motors for automobiles and electrical appliances; and diamond tools for specialized cutting and polishing equipment. -Advanced Materials:P Our rich experience in developing materials has spawned numerous products that support advanced, high-tech functions. Our business in this sector comprises three product categories: Electronic devices, such as surge and noise filters and temperature sensors; Electronic materials, such as Gold bonding wire and sputtering targets; Chemicals, such as functional powders, and pigments. -Energy and System: Nuclear power is a nonpolluting source of electricity. And Mitsubishi Materials has been conducting research on nuclear power for more than 30 years. We participate in the entire cycle of ensuring clean, safe nuclear-generated power, from mining and processing uranium to processing used nuclear fuel. -High Performance Alloy We develop specialty alloys to fulfill demanding needs for withstanding corrosion, heat, and wear in diverse applications. Those are nickel, cobalt, titanium, and zirconium base alloys. They render service in automobiles, aircraft, electrical equipment, and numerous other products. And we continue to develop new applications for high-performance alloys. Principal applications: .Sheet, rod, tube, forgings, wire, and welded assemblies of alloys of nickel, cobalt, or titanium .Precision castings of alloys of nickel or cobalt .Bevel gears and other precision forgings .Metal Foam / Porous Metal .Special-function materials, such as coatings for video tape and hydrogen-absorbing alloys -Precious Metals Gold Our Naoshima Smelter has the largest production capacity in the orient for precious metals. The Mitsubishi Gold produced there has a global reputation for purity and quality. In addition to marketing ingots, we sell jewelry and other consumer products made from precious metals. Those products feature unique, high-technology processes developed at Mitsubishi Materials.

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Mitsubishi Materials Corporation

Corporate Communications&IR Dept.
1-5-1, Ohtemachi, Chiyoda-ku,
TOKYO - 100-8117 () Japan

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