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Nottingham, , United Kingdom

Engineering Products - Manufacturer,
Public. Ltd. Firm Since 0

TQC is a privately owned company based in Nottingham, who for over 25 years have been providing innovative turnkey solutions to special engineering applications. These automated systems are to the design, manufacturing and testing requirements of many companies.

Highly qualified and experienced TQC mechanical and electrical engineers are supported by on site manufacturing and proving facilities. Computer based project management, modern control techniques and CAD facilities are all in frequent use to achieve successful bespoke solutions for your engineering projects.

As every aspect of electrical, mechanical and software design, together with project development and manufacture is conducted on site, we are able to take full responsibility for your projects. Computer listings of parts, wiring diagrams and other maintenance information enables us to offer an efficient after sales support service.

TQC has the ability to help you to:
Improve Performance of your Machines and Your Company
Increase Throughput
Improve Quality Control
Reduce Losses Through Product Validation
Reduce Labour Intensity and Cost
Design & Develop New Products for Your Company

If you have a special project which requires design and development expertise or you are considering improvements to your production in the near future, then we can help! Call us and we will be happy to offer our professional advice & visit you at your site.

Products :

Our services are as follows Leak Testing: Component leak testing (pdf 317Kb) Nolek S9 leak test unit (pdf 370Kb) Nolek TS500 leak test unit (pdf 138Kb) Nolek KD2 calibration unit (pdf 193Kb) Nolek automatic connectors (pdf 508Kb) Series 20 standard leak testing fixture (pdf 157Kb) Series 40 standard leak testing fixture (pdf 159Kb) Series 40 standard twin station leak testing fixture (pdf 220Kb) Shower head leak test (pdf 168Kb) Medical filter leak test (pdf 196Kb) Leak location / detection dunk tank (pdf 160Kb) High pressure audit leak test and datalogging system (pdf 176Kb) High speed leak testing (pdf 217Kb) Fuel tank leak test unit (pdf 236Kb) Plastic fuel rail leak & burst test unit (pdf 124Kb) V6 manifold leak test (pdf 239Kb) 'chilled beam' portable dry leak test unit (pdf 186Kb) Plastic sump pipe leak test (pdf 201Kb) Water valve leak test (pdf 220Kb) Flexible leak test facility (pdf 205Kb) Test Machines: Electric motor stator testing (pdf 165Kb) Hydraulic / burst testing (pdf 310Kb) Component leak testing (pdf 317Kb) High speed leak testing (pdf 217Kb) Fuel tank leak test unit (pdf 236Kb) V6 manifold leak test (pdf 239Kb) 'chilled beam' portable dry leak test unit (pdf 186Kb) Process resistance measurement (pdf 178Kb) Turbocharger flow test (pdf 325Kb) Performance testing (pdf 214Kb) Assembly Automation: Production line automation (pdf 253Kb) Pallet assembly system for plastic components (pdf 480Kb) Pallet assembly system for metal pressings (pdf 471Kb) Rotary assembly & test machines & system (pdf 531Kb) Adhesive dispensing (pdf 271Kb) Integrated robot systems (pdf 561Kb) Plug feed & 100% check machine (pdf 187Kb) Plastic Machines: Plastic components processing & assembly (pdf 238Kb) Plastic components punching & degating (pdf 240Kb) Automotive bumper assembly & check 1 (pdf 238Kb) Automotive bumper assembly & check 2 (pdf 165Kb) Automotive bumper assembly & test (pdf 155Kb) Automotive bumper polishing fixture (pdf 207Kb) Plastic sump pipe insertion & test (pdf 201Kb) Platen transfer assembly system for plastic parts (pdf 480Kb) Air Decay Leak Testing provides the following benefits: Quantifiable result Calibration to ISO9000 etc. Fast clean and dry test Easily incorporated into automatic or manual line Automated pass/fail limits Automatic pass/fail marking Data outputs for SPC analysis

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Hooton Street, Carlton Road,

Nottingham - NG3 2NJ () United Kingdom

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