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Hardik International


Hardik International

Hardik International

Bangalore, Karnataka, India

Engineering Products - Manufacturer, Trader,
Proprietorship Firm Since 1986

? HARDIK ? Has been involved in Manufacturing, Developing, Supplying of Orthopedic & Maxillofacial Implants and Surgical Instruments.

The establishment of Hardik International was in year 1986, Located in Bangalore, INDIA. We are the Manufacturer of complete range of Orthopedic & Maxillofacial Implants and Surgical Instruments, and By this time due to hard work and effort in the Orthopedic field, we have secured for ourselves a position of reliability and prominence as a Manufacturer and Supplier of High Quality of International standards and specifications and well accepted by Orthopedic & Maxillofacial Implants and Surgical Instruments Fraternity.

We are Specialized in Manufacturing for all types of Orthopedic fractures and bone damage, correction of congenital and other deformities of the spine and limbs, And the replacements of joints such as the Hips and knees and also We basically handle A to Z in the Orthopedic Surgery specialty.

All Implants & Instruments is under stringent quality control. & All Implants Manufactured of stainless steel of 316L Grade & Titanium Metals.

The Manufacturing has the required infrastructure and all testing facilities to ensure the best quality of products is provided to the customer.
Quality wise and cost wise the entire range of products is highly cost effective with adequate discount being allowed in the final pricing so that the products are within reach of the patients and affordability for the entire user.

Quality, Delivery and Cost shall be guiding philosophy through continual improvement for the delighting customer, is Our Company?s Quality policy.

We are marketing our products all over India & in developed and under developing countries.

In the same manner we thank our surgeons & distributors, dealers networks and we invite more & more people and surgeons to join our hope to spread our product out to the others countries of the world.

Products :

Manufacturing, Developing, Supplying of - Orthopedic & Maxillofacial Implants and Surgical Instruments. Oral Maxillo-Facial Surgery::- Implants for Micro Surgery - 1.5mm Micro Cortex Screws - Micro Straight Plate with Bridge 1.5mm - Micro Straight Plate 1.5mm - Micro Orbital Plate 1.5mm Curved - Micro Orbital Plate with Bridge 1.5mm Curved - Micro L Plate with Bridge 1.5mm 90* - Micro T Plate With Bridge 1.5mm - Micro T Plate Head 3 Hole 1.5mm - Micro I Plate 1.5mm 4 Hole - Micro I Plate 1.5mm 6 Hole - Micro Angled Plate 1.5mm - Micro X Plate 1.5mm - Micro Y Plate 1.5mm - Micro Y Plate with Bridge 1.5mm - Micro Double Y Plate 1.5mm - Micro Double Y Plate with Bridge 1.5mm - Micro Z Plate 1.5mm Implants for Facial Surgery - 2.0mm Cortex Screws - Straight Plate 2.0mm - Straight Plate with Bridge 2.0mm - Orbital Plate 2.0mm Curved - Orbital Plate with Bridge 2.0mm Curved - L Plate with Bridge 2.0mm 90* - T Plate 2.0mm - T Plate With Bridge 2.0mm - T Plate Head 3 Hole 2.0mm - I Plate 2.0mm 4 Hole - I Plate 2.0mm 6 Hole - Angled Plate 2.0mm - X Plate 2.0mm Y Plate 2.0mm - Y Plate with Bridge 2.0mm Double - Y Plate 2.0mm Double - Y Plate with Bridge 2.0mm - Z Plate 2.0mm Implants for Mandible Surgery - Straight Reconstruction Plate 2.0mm - Angled Reconstruction Plate 2.0mm - 2.4mm Cortex Screws - 2.7mm Cortex Screws - Straight Reconstruction Plate 2.7mm - DCP 2.7mm - LCDCP 2.7mm - EDCP 2.7mm Eccentric Dynamic Compression - Mandible Reconstruction Plate 2.7mm - Angled Reconstruction Plate 2.7mm Spinal / Pelvic Systems::- Universal Spine System - USS Monoaxial Screw - USS Polyaxial Screw - USS Connecting Rod 5mm - USS Connecting Rod 3mm for Standard Transvers Connector - USS Connecting Block for standard Transvers Connector - USS Staple for Anterior Fixation - USS Pedical Hook - USS Supra Laminar Hook - USS Infra Laminar Hook - USS Transvers Process Hook LEFT - USS Transvers Process Hook RIGHT - USS Inner Screw - USS Outer Nut - USS Cage - USS Washer Steffi System - Steffi Plate - Steffi Screw 4.5 mm - Steffi Screw 5.5 mm Harrington System - Harrington Distraction Rod - Harrington Distraction Sharp Hook Upper - Harrington Distraction Sharp Hook Lower - Harrington Distraction Blunt Hook Upper - Harrington Distraction Bulunt Hook Lower Conventional Spine System - Hart Shill 5.0mm Rectangle for Thoracic and Lumber Spine - Hart Shill 4.0mm Rectangle for Cervical Spine - Drummer's Wire - Notched Spinal Plate - Casper Spine Plate - Cervical H Plate - 4.0mm Cervical Screw with Head Locking Screw Pelvic System - Cortical Screw 3.5mm (Self Tapping) - Cortical Screw 4.5mm (Self Tapping) - Pelvic Straight Reconstruction Plate 3.5mm - Pelvic straight Reconstruction Plate 4.5mm - Pelvic Narrow D.C. Plate 4.5mm ORTHOPEDIC IMPLANTS::- Mini Fragment Plates and Screws For Foot & Hand Surgery - 2.7mm Cortex Screws - Washer 7.0mm for Small Bone Screws - DCP 2.7mm - Quarter Tubular Plate 2.7mm - L - Plate 2.7mm - T - Plate 2.7mm Small Fragment For Small Bone Surgery - Washer 10.0mm for Small Bone Screws - 3.5mm Cortical Screw - 3.5mm Cancellous /Cortical Screw ( Full Thread ) - 3.5mm Cancellous Screw ( Short Thread - 4.0mm Cancellous Screw ( Full Thread ) - 4.0mm Cancellous Screw ( Short Thread ) - 3.5mm LCDCP Shaft Screw - One ? Tubular Plate 3.5mm - Small Compression Plate 3.5mm - DCP - Small 3.5mm - LC - DCP - Small 3.5mm - Small T Plate, Right Angled 3.5mm - Small T Plate, Oblique Angled 3.5mm - Small T Ellis Plate, 3.5mm - Cloverleaf Plate 3.5mm - Calcaneal Plate 3.5mm - Straight Reconstruction Plate 3.5mm - Small Y Plate 3.5mm - Small Hook Plate 3.5mm Large Fragment For Large Bone Surgery - Washer 13.0mm for Large Bone Screws - 4.5mm Cortical Screw - 4.5mm LCDCP Shaft Screw - 4.5mm Malleolar Screw - 6.5mm Cancellous Screw 16mm Thread - 6.5mm Cancellous Screw 32mm Thread - 6.5mm Cancellous Screw Full Thread - Semi-Tubular Plate 4.5mm - Narrow Compression Plate 4.5mm - Narrow D.C. Plate 4.5mm - Narrow LC-DC Plate 4.5mm - Broad Compression Plate 4.5mm - Broad D.C. Plate 4.5mm - Broad L.C.D.C. Plate 4.5mm - T ? Buttress Plate 4.5mm - T ? Plate 4.5mm - L ? Buttress Plate 4.5mm - L ? Plate 4.5mm - Spoon Plate 4.5mm - Lateral Tibial Head Buttress Plate 4.5mm - Condylar Buttress Plate 4.5mm - Cobra Head Plate 4.5mm - Narrow Hook Plate 4.5mm - Cloverleaf Plate 4.5mm - Straight Reconstruction Plate 4.5mm - Sherman Y ? Plate 4.5mm Interlocking Nails and Bolts - Locking Screw 2.9mm - Locking Screw 3.9mm - Locking Screw 4.9mm - Locking Screw 6.5mm - Plug Screw for Nail Head - Universal Tibial Nail - Universal Femoral Nail - Tibial. Nail - Femoral. Nail - Unreamed Tibial Nail - Unreamed Femoral Nail - Reconstruction Femoral Nail - Supracondylar Multiple Hole Nail - Supracondylar Five Hole Nail - Unreamed Humeral Nail - Enders Nail - Kuntscher Clover Leaf Nail ( K-Nail ) - Humeral V Nail - Tibial V Nail - Rush Nail - Square Nail - Radius Square Nail Ulna External Fixators / Distractors::- - Mini External Fixator - Small External Fixator - Large External Fixator - Illizarov Ring Fixator - Ognesyan Ring Fixator - Limb Lengthening Fixator - Bone Distractors Instruments::- - Austin Moore Hip Instruments - Interlocking Instruments - Mini Fragments Instruments - Small Fragments Instruments - Large Fragments Instruments - DHS / DCS Instruments - Angled Blade Plate Instruments - Cannulated Screw Instruments - Screw Removal Instruments - Universal Spine System Instruments - Steffi System Instruments - Harrington system Instruments - Laminectomy Instruments Pelvic Instruments - Wires & Pins Instruments - Staples Instruments General Instruments::- - Bone Holding Forceps - Reduction Forceps - Bone Nibblers - Bone Cutters - Chisel / Osteotome / Gouge - Bone Hook / Curretts / Levers - Bone Retractors - Plaster Cutting Instruments - Maniscus Instruments - Rib Spreaders - Bone Drills - Miscellaneous Instruments

Contact Info

Hardik International

No. 17, Ground Floor, Paxal Tower
K.R. Road, Opp. Vanivilas Hospital

Bangalore - 560002 (Karnataka) India

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