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Vinay Trading Company


Vinay Trading Company

Vinay Trading Company

Ambala, Haryana, India

Engineering Products - Manufacturer, Export / Import,
Proprietorship Firm Since 1962

Vinay Trading excels as a Manufacturer and Exporter of Scientific instrument, Laboratory equipment, Laboratory glassware & Plasticware, Lab microscopes, Dairy equipments for Milk testing, Material Testing equipments, Agriculture lab testing Equipments, Bee Keeping and Poultary Equipments, Educational Research aids, Surgical instruments and Hospital furniture . Established in 1962, the company has successfully made a prominent position for itself owing to high quality precision equipments with an on-schedule delivery together with very competitive prices.

Vinay Trading focuses on total quality management at all levels of production. The instruments and other equipments conform to the international quality standards. The company possesses fully equipped infrastructure facilities with a team of qualified professionals who continuously perform to give out their best.

Products :

Manufacturer and Exporter of Scientific instrument, Laboratory equipment, Laboratory glassware & Plasticware, Lab microscopes, Dairy equipments. Educational Labware:- -Physics Laboratory -Current Electricity -Primary/Secondary Cell -Battery Eliminators -Battery Chargers -Power Supplies -Resistance Box -Rheostats -Key & Switches Commutators -Electric Bell -Ammemeters -Voltmeters -Galvanometers -Ohms Law Apparatus -P.O Box -Decade Resistance Box -Meter Bridge -Potentiometer Eletrostatics:- -Electroscope -Discharger -Leyden Jar -Apinus Condensers -Whimshurst Machine -Charging Rods -Van De Graaf Generators Heat:- -Conductivity Apparatus -Expansion Apparatus -Pyrometers -Bar Breaking Apparatus -Calorimeters -Joule?s Calorimeter -Steam Generators -Steam Heaters -Steam Boiler -Lab Thermometer -Oxygen Generators -Ring and Ball -Bar and Guage -Linear Expansion App. -Thermal Conductivity Apparatus -Lee?s and Charlton?s Apparatus. -Constant level Tank -Hope?s Apparatus -Newton?s law Apparatus. -Chemical Thermometer -Steam engine -Petrol/Deisel Engine. Light:- -Optical Benches -Lenses -Lensholders -Mirrors & Slabs -Ray boxes -Diffraction gratings -Prisms & Biprisms -Telescopes -Slitss -Periscope & Magnifiers. -Searle?s Goniometer -Newtons colour disc -Pin hole Camera -Magnascope -Photo measuring microscope -Interferrometer -Co-ordinate Measuring microscope Mechanics:- -Inclined planes -Dynamic Trolleys -Parallologram Law of Force -Center of Gravity Apparatus -Pendulums -Inertia apparatus -Hooke?s Law Apparatus -Young Modulus Apparatus. -Nicholson?s Hydrometer -Hare?s Apparatus -Specific gravity bottle -Overflow vessels -Air Pump -Bell Experiment Apparatus -Boyle?s Law Apparatus -Magdeburg apparatus -Pressure string -Pendulum, Bobs and Sphere -Cube of metal -Cylenders of metal -Cylenders of metal Sound:- -Sonometer -Tuning Fork -Resonence apparatus -Resonance Boxes -Striking Hammers -Wave Propogation apparatus -Organ Pipes -Melde?s Apparatus -Slinky Springs -Ripple Tank -Slotted Weight -Reflection of Sound Apparatus -Wooden Hammer -Spiral Spring -Kundt?s Tube -Elongation of spring Audio-Visuals:- -Overhead projectors -Episcopes -Micro slide projectors -Screens -Transparencies -Slides -CRV & Rexine Charts Magnetism and ElectroMagnetism.:- -Bar Magnets -Alnico Permanent Magnets -Compasses -Magnetometers -Dip Circles -Induction Coils -Electromagnets solenoids -Tangent Galvanometer -Galvanoscopes Measurement:- -Meter Scale -Vernier caliper -Optical lever -Stop Clock -Stop watch -Digital Stop Clock -Ticker Tape timer -Physical Balance -Chemical Balance -Analytical balance -Triple Beam Balance -Dispensing Balance -Spring balance -Lever Balance -Forceps -Analytical Weight box -Physical weight Box Fractional Weight set:- -Slotted Weight -Drawing Board -Black Board instrument Box -Crystal Set -Riders aluminium Meteorological Instruments:- -Fortin?s Barometer -Barometer Tube -Mercury -Aneroid barometer -Rain Guage -Max-Min Thermometer -Wet and Dry Thermometer -Wall Thermometer -Anemometer -Vilocity and Direction Anomometer -Wind Vane Miscellaneous products:- -Solar and Lunar Eclips -Phases of Moon -Four Globe Apparatus -Day and Night Apparatus -Solar system -Tide Apparatus -Magnetic Globe -Dynamo AC / DC -Electric Motor -Demonstration Telephone Biology Laboratory :- -Microscopes -Mounted Specimens -Prepared Microscopic Slides -Balances -Class work materials -Fiber Glass Models -Skeleton Models -Magnifiers -Dissecting Equipments -Centrifuges -Over head projectors -Micro Slide projectors -Slide projectors -Transparencies -CRV & Rexene charts -Museum preserved specimens Electronics Laboratory:- -Diodes -Triodes -Pentodes -Transistors -I.C.S -Boolean algebra -Signal generators -Frequency generators -Microprocessor -Microcontroller trainers -Universal programmer Chemistry Laboratory:- -Balances -Burners -Ovens and Incubators -Heating Baths -Hot Plates -Rubber Tubings -Stands and Clamps -Testing solutions -Chemicals -Reagents -Staning Rack -Glassware Laboratory Glassware and Plastic Labware: -Sintered Glassware:- -Membrane filter holder assembly -Filter apparatus -Buchner filters -Pipe line filters -Conical filters -Cricibles, gooch type Calibrated Glassware:- -Burette -Pipette -Cylinders -Volumetric Flasks etc. General Lab. Glassware & Plastic ware:- -Beakers -Flasks -Funnel -Bottles -Test Tubes Etc. - Dairy & Milk Testing Equipments:- -Butyrometer -Lock stopper -Mojjonier Flask -Reichert Wollney?s App. -Polenske?s App. -Tilk Measures -Gerber?s Fat Testing machine -Butter churners -Butter Table -Cream separators -Milk Cans -Milk adulteration Kit -Milk testing kit Miscellaneous Products:- -Glassware Drier -Test tube stands -Burrette Stand -Chromatography Apparatus -Culture Flasks -Essential oil determination Apparatus -Tubular Vial various sizes. -Glassware Washer:- -Standard Joints Glassware -Distillation Apparatus -Quartz Glassware -Thermometers & Hydrometers -Clamps & Stand -Kipps Apparatus -Low Actinic Amber colour Glassware -Silica Laboratory ware -Petroleum testing Apparatus -Glassware Rubber Tubing -Rubber Stopcorks -Glassware clamp and Stands Material Testing Equipments (Quality control Instruments): -Material Testing:- -Lab Pulverizer -Lab Jaw Crusher -Torsion Testing machine -Tensile Testing Machine -Pendulum Impact Teating Machine Bitumen:- -Ring and Ball App. -Standard Penetrometer -Ductility testing app. -Stripping Testing app. -Centrifuge Extractor -Marshall Stability Test app. Asphalt:- -Core Cutting/Drilling machine -Rock/concrete cutting Machine -Concrete Floor Saw Aggregate:- -Thickness guage -Measures -Riffle sample divider -Aggregate Crushing Value app. -Aggregate impact tester -Deval Attrition Tester -Los Angles Abrasion Testing Machine Cement / Concrete / soil:- -Cement Sampler -Permeability apparatus -Vicat Needle apparatus -Le Chatelier Mould -Slump test apparatus -Concrete mixer -Moulds -Hydraulic Jack -Compression testing machine -Grain size Analysis -Plummet Balance -Soil hydrometer -Soil Testing Kit Vocational training products:- -Shears -Dr Plunger -Jetting Equipment -Pipe Cutters -Radiator Valve Wrench -live Removing Tool -Garden tools -Pruning shears -Lopping ills -Nailers -Saws -Various Lathes Agriculture Lab Testing, Bee keeping and Poultry equipments: Seed Testing Lab:- -Digital Moisure meter -Rice Sheller -Rice Polishers -Grain/Rice Sizing device -Rice Miller -Paddy Cleaner/Seed Grader -Seed Hand Test Sieves -Seed Sieve Shaker -Seed Blower - Digital Seed Counter -Seed Germinators -Laboratory Aspirators -Hot Air Seed Drier -Seed/ Grain Divider -Purity Work Box --Dehumidifier Sampling Triers Bee keeping equipments:- -Bee Hives -Bee Wax Sheets - Smoker -Honey Extractors -Queen Excluder Metel/ Plastic -Uncapping Knife -Apiculture Protective Clothing -Refractometer -Wax Printer --Queen cages, catchers Hive Tools Bee Wire Apiculture Beginner?s kit Poultry Equipments:- Egg Laying Nest Deebeaker Egg cooler Bird cage And others Microscope and Optical Instuments: -Student Microscope -Medical Microscope -Inclined Microscope -Monocular -Binocular - Trinocular -Advance Research Microscope -Dissecting Microscope -Overhead Projector -Rotary Microtome

Contact Info

Vinay Trading Company

3493, D. C. Road,
Ambala - 133 001 (Haryana) India

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