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la porte, , United States

Engineering Products - Manufacturer,
Proprietorship Firm Since 1951

ThermcO was founded in 1951 by Robert D. Richardson, a pioneer in gas analysis instrumentation, and holder of many patents. Through the years, we have grown to become one of the world's major gas mixing companies, shipping products worldwide. ThermcO is still a family owned company, dedicated to paying close attention to customer's requirements.

ThermcO's first products were specialty gas analyzers. We developed gas mixing systems during the 1960's for welding and heat treating applications. One of our early developments was to engineer and manufacture gas mixing systems used to improve shielding gases for the welding of submarines. We have grown over the years, mixing and analyzing gases for many different industries including the automotive, military, heat treating, food packaging, semi-conductor, and pharmaceutical.
Our gas mixers and gas analyzers continue to set high standards for accuracy, quality, and dependability. We continually strive to meet our customer's needs with technical support and thorough documentation.

In 1992, ThermcO was named The Small Business Exporter of the Year for the State of Indiana. We had exported to over 29 nations around the world, and had been exporting to Japan for over 20 years.

In 1999, we designed and built a state-of-the-art manufacturing plant for our growing business. New and larger areas for research, manufacturing, testing, and shipping were brought on line, enabling us to increase production and serve our customers better.

Our family of talented and dedicated employees helps to make our products and services stand out in the industry. Their attention to detail, concern for quality, and extensive experience have lead to the continuous improvement and the longevity of our products.

ThermcO has many satisfied customers, some being the most prestigious corporations around the world. Our experienced engineering staff works closely with customers on many complex design projects, to insure the best solutions for particular applications.

Products :

A pioneer in gas analysis instrumentation, and holder of many patents. Gas Mixers: APPLICATIONS WELDING SHIELD GASES ThermcO gas mixers are used for mixing 2 and 3 gases for MIG and TIG welding applications. Because ThermcO mixers use a surge tank design, the flow rate can be changed from full flow to zero flow while maintaining a correct mixture. No minimum flow is required. Most gas mixers allow the user to adjust the gas mixture, and all larger 2 gas mixers have a built-in gas analyzer. FOOD PACKAGING Mixers are available to mix N2/CO2 and O2/CO2 for food packaging. All these gas mixers contain built-in gas analyzers with alarms to assure that a correct mixture is being created. All wetted parts are cleaned for food service. FURNACE ATMOSPHERE Many heat treat processes require a mixture of H2 and N2 to create an atmosphere in a furnace. ThermcO gas mixers meet the applicable requirement of NFPA 86, "Standard For Industrial Furnaces Using A Special Processing Atmosphere". All ThermcO H2/N2 gas mixers contain a built-in gas analyzer with appropriate alarms. ThermcO has been manufacturing these types of gas mixers since 1969. LEAK DETECTION Gas mixers for He/N2 or He/Air are common for leak detection of parts such as compressors or coils. Some leak detection gas mixers are built for elevated pressures. ThermcO has experience building gas mixers with up to 500 PSIG mixed gas pressures. BLANKETING ATMOSPHERES Some processes require a mixture of N2/O2 or N2/Air to create a blanketing atmosphere over a chemical. ThermcO gas mixers can closely control these mixtures to optimize safety and minimize usage of the more expensive gas component. OTHER APPLICATIONS Airbag Leak Detection Molten Mg Blanketing Lamp Filling Laser Gases Plasma Welding -Gas Analyzers: APPLICATIONS ThermcO manufactures thermal conductivity based gas analyzers for the industrial gas industry. These gas analyzers are used for several applications, including: CYLINDER FILL PLANTS The ThermcO Model 6900 gas analyzer measures all of the standard two gas mixtures that would be created in a cylinder filling plant. This patented analyzer is calibrated at the factory for nine different common ranges of gas mixtures. Linearization of each range is accomplished in the analyzer, and the analyzer reads out the gas analysis directly on the digital display. The analyzer does not have to be calibrated for each usage; calibration is recommended once per year. The Model 6801 is an analog multi-range gas analyzer which is less expensive than the Model 6900. The Model 6801 can measure many of the common two gas mixtures used in cylinder filling plants. CHECKING GAS MIXERS ThermcO portable multi-range gas analyzers are often used to check gas mixing systems in the field. These analyzers are easily portable and very rugged. The analyzer can be hooked up to a gas mixer and read out continuously as the flow conditions change with the mixing system.

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P.O. Box 309
La Porte - IN 46352 () United States

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