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New delhi, Delhi, India

Engineering Products - Manufacturer, Export / Import,
Proprietorship Firm Since 1992

Since 1992 ABM TOOLS has been in the business of manufacturing & exporting different types of Industrial Tools / Machine Tool Accessories, Hand Tools & DIY Tools, Engineer's Precision Tools, Cutting Tools, Plumbing Tools, Garden / Agricultural Tools, Woodworking / Carpenter Tools, Jeweller's & Watchmaker's Tools, Tweezers, Leather Tool Kits, Bags, Apron, Tool Holder, Working Gloves, Punches, Vices and Clamps, Saws and Blades, Lubrication Equipments, Chisels & Wrecking & Bars, Cutters & Pincers, Hammers, Spanners, Wrenches & Pliers, Machine Tools and Material Handeling Tools / Equipments, Fasteners and Fasteners Machinery. Our Company has been supplying Precision Tools to model engineers and Professionals all over World for over eleven years. Throughout that time the company ethos has remained unchanged as regards its personal approach to customer relations. Now it has become the world's trusted Indian source for a wide and comprehensive range of Precision Tools at very competitive prices. We also provide packing our products in our customer's brand name.

The Company is capable to builD CUSTOM DESIGN tools as per Order / Specification.
Quality Control:
Our tools are manufactured as per international standards like ANSI, BS, DIN etc. Each component is thoroughly tested prior to assembly and accuracy tests are made throughout the construction process.

We provide packing as per customer's desire like shrink wrapping, skin packing, pouch packing etc. We also provide value added services like colored packing & bar coding

Prompt Shipment of Orders.

Sister's Concern :
Manufacturer & Exporter Of : Nuts, Bolts, Screws, Rivets, Anchor Fasteners
Machinery for Nuts, Bolts, Screws, Rivets and other Wire Products,
Machine Tools & Material Handeling Tools / Equipments

Products :

Manufacturers, Exporters and Global Suppliers of Hand Tools, Industrial Tools, Diy Tools, Cutting Tools, Garden Tools, Woodworking Tools, Enginers Precision Tools. Products :

  • Industrial Tools / Machine Tools Accessories : (a) Machine Accessories (b) Magnetic and Dressing Tools (c) Tap Wrenches and Die Stock Handles (d) Tool Holders and Boring Bars
  • Cutting Tools : Adjustable Hand Reamers Boring Tools Carbide Boring Tools HSS Centre Drill Counter Sink and Deburring Tools (Zero Flute) End Mill Cutters (Single End Two Flute) End Mill Cutters (Single End Multiple Flute) End Mill Cutter (Double End Two Flute) End Mill Cutter (Double End Four Flute) Miniature Double End Mill Cutters Morse Taper Finishing Reamers (Straight Flute) Repairman's Taper Reamer Chucking Reamers Straight Shank Taper Pin Reamer Taper Pipe Reamer Round and Hex Dies Dies Single Angle Dove Tail Cutter Single Angle Shank Type Cutter Single Flute Counter Sink Three Flute Counter Sink Six Flute Counter Sink Hand Taps Cut off Blades Tool Bits (Square and Round) Woodruff Cutter (Key Way)
  • Engineer's Precision Tools : (a) Gauges (b) Measuring and Marking Tools
  • DIY / Hand Tools / Striking Tools (a) Chisels and Wrecking Bars (b) Cutters and Pincers (c) Hammers (d) Spanners (e) Wrenches and Pliers
  • Punches : Automatic Centre Punch Brass Punches (Non Sparking) Centre Punches Centre Punches (Round and Square) Drive Pin Punches (6 Inch Long) Drive Pin Punches (4 Inch Long) Long Drive Pin Punches (8 Inch Long) Nail Punches Parallel Pin Punches (Short Reach) Parallel Pin Punches (Long Reach) Leather Punches (Hollow Punches) Letter and Number Sets (Letter and Figure Sets) (Steel Stamps) Marking Punches Prick Punches Starting Punches (Heavy Duty) Taper Punches (Aligner Punches) Transfer Punches Universal Transfer Punch and Aligner Utility Punch and Scriber
  • Saws and Blades : Hacksaw Blade Hacksaw Frame (Economy) Hacksaw Frame (Wooden Handle) Rectangular Pipe Hack Saw Handy Adjustable Hacksaw Handy Adjustable Hacksaw (Heavy) Mini Hacksaw Frame Tubular Hacksaw Frame Tubular Hacksaw With Plastic Handle Tubular Hacksaw With Aluminium Handle Mini Saw Plastic Handle Junior Hacksaw Frame (Single Frame Construction) Junior Hacksaw Frame (Wooden Handle) Junior Hacksaw (Tapered Frame) Junior Hack Saw with Wooden Handle Coping Saw Frame Coping Saw Blade Wood Saw (Carpenter Saw)
  • Vices and Clamps : C or G Clamp (Drop Forged) C or G Clamp (Ductile) C or G Clamp (Sheeted) (Welded / Pressed) F Clamp (Bar Cramps) T Bar Cramps Corner Clamp Parallel Clamps (Tool Maker's) Chain Pipe Vice Pioneer Vice With Stand Pipe Vice Self Locking Pipe Vice Self Locking With Stand 2 PC Milling Machine Vice Milling Machine Vice (Heavy Duty) Baby Bench Vice (Table Vice) (Fixed and Swivel Base) Bench Vices Drill Press Vice (Heavy Duty) Drill Press Vice (Multiside Use) Drill Press Vice (Precision Grinding Vice) Precision Grinding Vice Toolmakers Precision Steel Vice Toolmakers Precision Screw less Vice Unigrip Machine Vice (Heavy Duty) Universal Vice Woodworking Vice Compound Sliding Table (Milling and Drilling Table) Horizontal Vertical Rotary Table (Rotary Milling Table) Swivel Angle Plates Tilting Table Adjustable Angle Plate 2 Way Universal Tilting and Swiveling Angle Vice (Machine Vice) Toolmaker's Universal Angle Vice With Two Way Movement 3 Way Universal Tilting And Swivel Angle Vice Self Centering Vice Drill Vice (German Type)
  • Garden / Agricultural Tools : (a) Garden / Agricultural Tools (b) Spade, Fork, Shovel, Mattock
  • Woodworking / Carpentry Tools : Carpenter Hobby Tool Kit (5 Pc) Block Plane (Cast Iron) Block Plane (Sheeted) Hobby Brass Plane Jack Plane (Plain Base and Corrugated Base) Jack Plane Blade Jack Plane (Sheeted) Bevel Square (Cast Iron) Adjustable Bevels Brass Vernier Callipers Economy Vernier Calliper Wood Working Caliper Carpenter Try Square Wooden Base Cast Iron Breast Drill Machine Hand Drill Machine Hand Drill Machine (Special) Drill Chuck Prong Drive Circle Cutter Lace Bobben Drive Flat Wood Bit Marking Gauge Wooden Mallet Mitre Box Mitre Square Paint Mixer Spoke Shave Plane Saw Set Plier (German Type) Saw Set Plier (Pistol Type) Stainless Steel Gouges Stainless Steel Chisels Wood Working Chisels Miniature Chisel Tool Kit (HSS) Coping Saw Frame Coping Saw Blade Wood Saw C or G Clamp (Drop Forged) C or G Clamp (Ductile) C or G Clamp (Sheeted (Welded / Pressed) T Bar Cramps Corner Clamp F Clamp (Bar Cramps) Woodworking Vice
  • Jeweller's and Watchmaker's Tools : (a) Jeweller's Hammers (b) Pin Vices and Pin Chuck Sets (c) Tweezers (d) Watchmaker's Tools
  • Leather Tool Kits, Bags, Aprons, Tool Holders, Working Gloves
  • Plumbing Tools : Adjustable Wrench Basin Wrench Chain Pipe Wrench Drainer Wrench Pipe Wrench (Stillson Type) Pipe Wrench (Rigid Type) (Heavy Duty) Pipe Wrench (Spanish Type) Pipe Wrench (Swedish Type) Locking Plier / Self Grip Plier Slip Joint Plier Water Pump Plier (Box Type) Water Pump Plier (Channel Type) Water Pump Plier (Groove Joint Type) Water Pump Plier (Slip Joint Type) Chain Pipe Vice Pioneer Vice (With Stand) Pipe Die Set Pipe Vice Self Locking (With Stand) Pipe Vice Self Locking Ratchet Pipe Die Set
  • Lubrication Equipments : Aluminium Oil Glass Window Oil Windows Drop Sight Feed Oil Lubrication Grease Cups (Moto Type) Grease Cups (Nut Type) Pin Type Grease Nipple Press Button Oiler (Drive Fit) Oil Hole Cover (Drive Fit) Spring Lid Oil Cups and Elbow Oiler Spring Lid Small Olier Grease Guns (Lever Type) Grease Guns (Lever Type - Cast Head and Steel Head) Grease Guns (Pistol Type) Grease Guns (Push Type and Mini Lever Type) Oil Cans (WS Type and PT Type) Oil Cans (Pistol Type and Snap Type) Hand Rotary Pump (Barrel Pump) Barrel Pump (Light Duty) Suction Guns and Oil Guns Hydraulic Couplers Hydraulic Flexible Connectors (Z Type Couplers) Hydraulic Couplers Pin Type Oil Filter Wrench (Heavy) Oil Filter Wrench (Light) Oil Filter Wrench (Special)
  • Screw Drivers and Nut Drivers : Screw Drivers - Engineer's Pattern Screw Drivers - Electrician's Pattern Screw Drivers - Philips Head Nut Drivers

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    79A, Pocket GG-1,
    Vikas Puri
    New Delhi - 110018 (Delhi) India

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