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Tremcon Environmental Management


Tremcon Environmental Management

Tremcon Environmental Management

Australia, , Australia

Engineering Products - Services, Export / Import,
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TremcOn Environmental Management (TE) is a member of the TremcOn Group, an Australian entity predominately operating overseas. TremcOn employs a high class team of specialised professionals around the world with offices in Australia, SE Asia, Philippines, India, and Nigeria and conducts business in over 30 countries. The TremcOn group owns and operates TremcOn Pty Ltd, TremcOn Environmental Management Pty Ltd (TE), TremcOn Aquatics Pty Ltd (TA), and TremcOn Equipment Pty Ltd within Australia. The TremcOn group of companies also incorporates TremcOn Trading (TT) and TremcOn Commodities (TC). Combined, these entities specialise in the following fields; environmental management/solutions and consulting (air, land and water), import / export, construction, project management, steel milling, water treatment, marine services, aquatic eco-system management and recycling.

TremcOn Environmental Management as an entity was incorporated through the vision and passion of associated Directors and affiliated business professionals from around the world. TremcOn’s objective was to combine several well established businesses from multiple fields and operate under one name, creating one entity.

We have a long history of working with Government Agencies and Institutions, as well as private enterprise. Whilst this work encompasses environmental management, ecology, water quality, toxicology and site remediation, we have become known for our ability to assess, evaluate and interpret environmental issues in the context of local conditions and the requirements of Environmental Legislation, Regulations, and Guidelines. We now have a proud reputation for offering cost-effective solutions to complex environmental problems throughout the world.

Our problem solving expertise has been sought by large international and national companies, numerous Government Agencies and Institutions, and private industry.

TremcOn’s team comprises an elite group of business professionals located in Australia and around the world. With experience in the fields of import/export, construction, aquatics eco-system management, project management, steel milling, marine services, landscape gardening, recycling, environmental consulting, commercial diving, Clearance Diving (Royal Australian Navy), dam construction & maintenance, irrigation water management, golf course / canal / residential lake developments, monitoring and marketing TremcOn’s members have had the pleasure of working with numerous companies and Government bodies.

Over the year tremcOn has been introduced to many cultures and methods of business, which has prompted the move into a wide range of diverse businesses.
With the professionalism and experience demonstrated by all team members tremcOn has created numerous relationships and alliances based on Australian business principles and its own personal guarantee.

Products :

We are Provided Services of Environmental management/solutions and consulting (air, land and water), import / export, construction, project management, steel milling, water treatment, marine services, aquatic eco-system management and recycling. We are Specialising in the fields of :- - Mine site restoration :- - Air pollution control - Aquatic and marine systems - Inland / off shore oil platforms - Irrigation water management - Dam construction and maintenance - Golf course / canal / residential lake developments - Water management; and - Aquatic plant removal Our Products are :- TremcOn Environmental Management (TE) is truly a value added company striving to produce valuable value added products from each project for our clients. This has major advantages of being able to deliver both sustainable growth and triple bottom line enhancement. 1.AIR SOLUTIONS :- -Legislative Requirements (Compliance) -Environmental Site Audits and Reports -Submissions to Government Agencies -Data Evaluation and interpretation -Monitoring and Analysis -Risk Analysis -Habitat Surveys (Adjacent Vegetation, Habitats, Ecosystems, etc) -Environmental Management Plans -Environmental Impact Assessments -Environmental Solutions -Climatic Assessment -Topographic Assessment -Ambient Air Analysis -Air Particulate Chemical Analysis -Air Particulate Size Distribution Analysis -Gas Analysis (SOX, NOX, COX, etc) -Mercury Analysis -CO2 Sequestration Techniques 2.LAND SOLUTIONS :- -Contaminated Site Investigations, Assessment and Remediation -Acid Sulphate Analysis, Interpretation and Remediation -Acid Rock Drainage Analysis, Interpretation and Remediation -Soil Assessment, Evaluation and Treatment -Soil Geotechnical Properties -Legislative Requirements -Erosion / Sediment Management Control -Ecosystem Assessment -Vegetation Management -Vegetation Assessment – Ecosystem Health; Ecosystem Identification; Taxonomic Classification -Vegetation Surveys and Mapping -Soil Management Plans -Site Audits and Reports -Submissions to Governments and Governmental Agencies -Environmental Audits and Reporting -Data Evaluation and Interpretation -Terrain Evaluation, Mapping and Planning -GIS – Mapping, Interpretation, Reporting -Constructed Geomorphology - Evaluation, Assessment , Interpretation and Mapping -Natural Geomorphology - Evaluation, Interpretation, Assessment and Mapping -Monitoring and Analysis -Environmental Monitoring and Analysis using Remote and Field Based Reflectance Spectroscopic Techniques -Risk Analysis -Habitat Surveys -Coastal Processes - Evaluation, Assessment and Remediation (Estuaries, Salt Flats, Dunes, Beach Ridges, Coastal Erosion) -Environmental Compliance -Environmental Management Plans -Environmental Impact Assessments -Environmental Solutions -Geotechnical Investigations, Evaluations, Assessments and Remediation -Whole of Catchment Investigation, Evaluation, Assessment and Remediation -Mineralogical Investigations, Evaluation, Assessment and Remediation -Clay Mineralogical Investigations, Evaluation, Assessment and Remediation -Forensic Analysis – soils, minerals, paint, oils, fuels and aqueous media for private and legal purposes. -Monitoring and Analysis – Potential Acid Sulphate Soils; Terrestrial, Estuarine, Coastal and Riverine Vegetation; -Landfill – Gas Monitoring, Cap Coherence, Compliance, Assessment, Monitoring and Remediation -Landfill – Gas Generation possibilities 3.WATER SOLUTIONS :- -Water Quality Assessment and Remediation -Water Quality Treatment -Acid Mine Water Analysis, Interpretation and Remediation -Legislative Requirements -Site Reports – Evaluation, Assessment, Interpretation and Remediation Options -Submissions to Government Agencies -Environmental / Site Audits and Reporting -Data Evaluation and Interpretation -Surface Hydrogeochemistry - Evaluation, Monitoring, Assessment, Interpretation and Remediation Options -Groundwater Hydrogeochemistry – Evaluation, Monitoring, Assessment, Interpretation and Remediation Options -Hydrology – Assessment, Evaluation and Remediation Options -Fluvial Geomorphology – Evaluation, Assessment, Interpretation and Remediation Options -Ecosystem Assessment – Evaluation, Monitoring, Interpretation and Remediation Options -Groundwater Dependent Ecosystems – Evaluation, Monitoring, Assessment, Interpretation and Remediation Options -GIS – Mapping, Holistic Evaluations, Data Interpretation and Manipulation -Terrain Evaluation (Channel Morphology; Channel Migration; Paleochannels; Continental Shelf; Deltas; Coastal Flats; Reef Flats; Riverine and Coastal Sand Deposition, Erosion and Movement; Riverine Vegetation) – Evaluation, Assessment, Monitoring, Remediation Options. -Marine Impacts - Reefs; Open Ocean Waters; Reefal Waters (oil spills, pollution; physical contact damage; developments; pontoon shading; structures; anchor sites)– Investigations, Monitoring, Assessment, Remediation -Sediment Monitoring – Rivers, Waterways, Channels, Creeks, Stormwater Drains, Reefs, Sea Bed, Harbours, Coastal Flats) - Investigations, Monitoring, Assessment, Remediation -Monitoring and Analysis – Fresh and Saline Aquatic Vegetation; Mangroves; Riverine Vegetation; Potential Acid Sulphate Soils -Risk Analysis -Habitat Surveys -Coastal Processes – Evaluation, Monitoring, Mapping and Assessment -Environmental Management Plans -Environmental Compliance -Environmental Impact Assessments -Environmental Solutions -Hydrobiological Investigations, Evaluation Assessments and Monitoring. -Catchment Impacts – Holistic Investigations, Evaluation, Assessment, Mapping, Monitoring. -Aquatic Plant Assessment -Aquatic weed Assessment, Monitoring and Remediation. -Aquaculture Pondwater Evaluation, Assessment, Monitoring and Remediation -Stormwaters – Discharge Evaluation, Assessment, Monitoring and Control -Natural Wetlands –Evaluation, Assessment, Monitoring and Mapping -Constructed Wetlands - Design, Evaluation, Assessment, Monitoring and Mapping 4.FORENSIC SERVICES :- Analysis, interpretation, assessment and evaluation of soils, metals, paints, oils in aqueous media etc, for both private and legal purposes. 5.CHEMICAL SERVICES :- -CHEMICAL ANALYSIS AND INTERPRETATION (Sub-Contracted As Appropriate) -ORGANIC ANALYSIS -LEACHING (TCLP) TESTS -PETROLEUM HYDROCARBONS (total), BTEX, PAH and PCBs. -MICROBIOLOGICAL ANALYSES (As Appropriate)SOIL PARAMETERS -AMBIENT AIR ANALYSIS -WATER ANALYSIS -USEPA PRIORITY POLLUTANT METALS ANALYSIS, RCRA (Resource, Conservation and Recovery Act) -MINERALOGICAL ANALYSIS -INDUSTRIAL MINERAL ANALYSIS: Assessment and evaluation, including ASBESTOS minerals -LANDFILL GAS: In-field analysis, evaluation and assessment -FUEL ANALYSIS: Using GC-MS -PAINT PIGMENT ANALYSIS: For private and legal purposes.

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Tremcon Environmental Management

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