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Walzen Irle GmbH


Walzen Irle GmbH

Walzen Irle GmbH

Netphen (deuz), , Germany

Engineering Products - Services,
Public. Ltd. Firm Since 1820

WALZEN IRLE is a world-wide leading company in the production of rolls for various areas of industry. WALZEN IRLE stands for over more than 180 years of experience, technological competence and continuous research and development in the production of rolls.
The traditional and consequently close cooperation with machine builders and operators of constructions has lead to permanent and successful improvements of the Walzen Irle technologies and has made them an innovative technology leader.
Walzen Irle belongs to the Irle-Group and is a 100 % subsidiary of
Irle-Deuz GmbH.

Rolls "made in Deuz" are used world-wide and have made a name for themselves for sophisticated technology and highest quality.

This standard is a commitment: technological perfection and permanently new developments have been our tradition - for over 180 years.

The history of the company reaches far back into the 17th century.

At that time the first generation of the family turned their interest toward iron and made the mining and processing of it their profession and ambition.

In 1820 the first chilled cast iron rolls were produced by casting in chilled moulds, in 1884 the first rolls for the paper- and cardboard production were produced.

IRLE also produced ? according to their own patent ? the worlds first centrifugal cast rolls.

Also due to personal ambition and entrepreneurial initiative of the following generations could the reputation and today's world-wide prestige be achieved.

A high performance company with international importance ? that's what Walzen Irle GmbH are today

Products :

Our Services are as follows -Rolls for the steel- / iron Industry Our rolls for the steel industry are manufactured according to the utmost modern metallurgy and technical treatment standards and by experienced and qualified experts. The certified quality control management system guarantees testing of all manufacturing steps and has contributed to our reputation world wide. -Rolls for Strip Products The properties for working- and back-up-rolls for the production of flat products have to be adapted to the specific demands of the rolling mill. -Rolls for Section Mills To determine the correct roll material for the profile-steel rolling mills one has to compare the specific rolling mill conditions and the material properties of the roll. -Properties of the roll material Mechanical properties (tensile- and bending strength, high thermal strength, modulus of elasticity) Surface hardness - radial hardness drop Wear resistance Fire-crack resistance Gripping capacity (Friction coefficient) Oxidation stability -Rolls for pipe manufacture We supply rolls for warm rolled seamless pipes as well as form pipes, welding pipes and driving pipes for pipe welding devices. We can deliver the following: skew rolls, plug rolls, stretch reducing rolls, free running rolls, straightening- and sizing rolls, as well as binding for Diescher rolling stands. -Rolls for the Paper Industry -Rolls for the Rubber and Plastic Industry The properties of the rolls for the plastic and rubber industry have to be adjusted to the respective application conditions. The following important points must be heeded: Breaking strength from journals and core material Thermal conductivity Surface quality and wear resistance of the roll barrels Machining of Barrels and journals Barrel shape Surface quality Cold- and warm concentricity values -Rolls for the Food Industry They determine the quality of the products to be produced and the economic efficiency of the production. Rolls influence the process profitability due to their long lifetimes, reliability, wear- and service costs as well as cooling- or heating performances of thermal rolls. -Wear Resistant Finished Casting Wear resistant finished casting by Walzen Irle is used in industrial areas in which wear plays a cost intensive role. We deliver to companies which work in the following areas: Machine engineering Flat-/profile steel Pipe Wire Aper Rubber Plastic Food Brick Re-cycling Rough ceramic Building material industry and conveyor technique industry. -Rolls and cast parts for crushing and grinding mills -Wear resistant parts for sand- and pebble conveyors -Wear resistant parts for the processing of abrasive bulk goods

Contact Info

Walzen Irle GmbH

P.O. Box 31 61

Netphen (Deuz) - D-57244 () Germany

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